1941 Play Ball: Jason Badovick

Jason Badovick

Current Statistics
Rank 9
Weighted GPA 7.006
Complete 95.83%
Set Rating 6.873
JayBad's Sets

About this set: 1941 Play Ball. PSA 7 set is the goal, with a couple 8's here and there for good measure!

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Jason Badovick
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01144100101EDDIE MILLER72119
01144100202MAX WEST 
01144100303BUCKY WALTERS 
01144100404DUKE DERRINGER71817
01144100505BUCK McCORMICK72913
01144100606CARL HUBBELL8306
01144100707HARRY DANNING73021
01144100808MEL OTT75344
01144100909PINKY MAY72918
011441010010ARKY VAUGHAN73827
011441011011DEBS GARMS71711
011441012012JIMMY BROWN73623
011441013013JIMMIE FOXX76154
011441014014TED WILLIAMS77562
011441015015JOE CRONIN73435
011441016016HAL TROSKY73425
011441017017ROY WEATHERLY72120
011441018018HANK GREENBERG76450
011441019019CHARLEY GEHRINGER74947
011441020020RED RUFFING74436
011441021021CHARLIE KELLER8155
011441022022INDIAN BOB JOHNSON73936
011441023023GEORGE McQUINN72726
011441024024DUTCH LEONARD74432
011441025025GENE MOORE71926
011441026026HARRY GUMBERT73718
011441027027BABE YOUNG73520
011441028028JOE MARTY72919
011441029029JACK WILSON72519
011441030030LOU FINNEY73924
011441031031JOE KUHEL72819
011441032032TAFT WRIGHT72619
011441033033HAPPY MILNAR73722
011441034034ROLLIE HEMSLEY72728
011441035035PINKY HIGGINS73528
011441036036BARNEY McCOSKY73319
011441037037BRUCE CAMPBELL72515
011441038038ATLEY DONALD72527
011441039039TOMMY HENRICH72731
011441040040JOHNNY BABICH73420
011441041041FRANK HAYES72822
011441042042WALLY MOSES73817
011441043043ALBERT BRANCATO73420
011441044044SAM CHAPMAN73226
011441045045ELDEN AUKER73524
011441046046SID HUDSON73223
011441047047BUDDY LEWIS73121
011441048048CECIL TRAVIS72919
011441049049BABE DAHLGREN72521
011441050050JOHNNY COONEY72113
011441051051DOLPH CAMILLI72015
011441052052WALTER HIGBE72015
011441053053LUKE HAMLIN71916
011441054054PEE WEE REESE74231
011441055055WHIT WYATT 
011441056056VANDY VANDER MEER72625
011441057057MOE ARNOVICH72013
011441058058FRANK DEMAREE71618
011441059059BILL JURGES73524
011441060060CHUCK KLEIN8272
011441061061VINCE DI MAGGIO73020
011441062062ELBIE FLETCHER72613
011441063063DOM DiMAGGIO73431
011441064064BOBBY DOERR73827
011441065065TOMMY BRIDGES72710
011441066066HARLAND CLIFT72413
011441067067WALT JUDNICH72712
011441068068JACK KNOTT72511
011441069069GEORGE CASE72414
011441070070BILL DICKEY75035
011441071071JOE DiMAGGIO65571
011441072072LEFTY GOMEZ72927
Hi I'm Neil. I sold 1937 o pee chee cards to you.I would like to propose a trade. in the 1941 playball set. I only collect PSA 7's and I have 2 PSA 8's to trade. They are #'s 22 and 40. SMR Value $580 for your PSA 7;s #'s 22,35,38,40 and 41 SMR Value $475. Let me know.My email is neildee2001@yahoo,com l
Posted @ 7/28/2012 12:20 PM By ILIADITERICHS12