All-Time NFL Receivers: Grounds For Divorce II

Grounds For Divorce II

Current Statistics
Rank 8
Weighted GPA 7.813
Complete 96.97%
Set Rating 7.742
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Grounds For Divorce II
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
0202500510511950 BOWMAN TOM FEARS766846684
0202500520521950 BOWMAN ELROY HIRSCH769866986
0201550970971955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN DON HUTSON5108409108409
0201570940941957 TOPPS RAYMOND BERRY6178195178195
02036121502151961 FLEER DON MAYNARD81525915259
0203630720721963 FLEER LANCE ALWORTH7110114110114
0205650410411965 PHILADELPHIA PAUL WARFIELD81553415534
02056519501951965 PHILADELPHIA CHARLEY TAYLOR895299529
02016513301331965 TOPPS FRED BILETNIKOFF71125311253
02017224402441972 TOPPS CHARLIE JOINER9668668
02017528202821975 TOPPS LYNN SWANN8460179460179
02017717701771977 TOPPS STEVE LARGENT93131731317
02017832003201978 TOPPS JOHN STALLWORTH94373843738
02017931003101979 TOPPS JAMES LOFTON910051005
02018119401941981 TOPPS ART MONK96204362043
0201850800801985 TOPPS HENRY ELLARD10240240Acquired via multiple card trade with Scott Graves. From the Graves Collect...
02018532503251985 TOPPS IRVING FRYAR10440440
02018616101611986 TOPPS JERRY RICE97625076250
02018638803881986 TOPPS ANDRE REED95764457644
0206890180181989 SCORE MICHAEL IRVIN1034403440
0206890720721989 SCORE CRIS CARTER1052905290
0206890860861989 SCORE TIM BROWN1046105270
08349222802281992 COLLECTORS EDGE JIMMY SMITH10610610
0202940680681994 BOWMAN ISAAC BRUCE1010001000
022796007071996 SP TERRELL OWENS92923329233
0227960180181996 SP MARVIN HARRISON9498115525137
20149820202021998 LEAF R & S 202 HINES WARD10650650
2863980180181998 SP RANDY MOSS94014940149
2863990960961999 SP AUTHENTIC TORRY HOLT962306230Acquired via multiple card trade with Scott Graves. From the Graves Collect...
22720122302232001 TOPPS CHROME STEVE SMITH ROOKIE REFRACTOR9191191108/999
22720125002502001 TOPPS CHROME REGGIE WAYNE ROOKIE REFRACTOR9303303Serial #d 230/999. $22.58 Ebay raw card purchase, self submitted to PSA
22720421502152004 TOPPS CHROME LARRY FITZGERALD 10340340$16.00 Ebay raw card purchase, self submitted to PSA