1969-70 Topps: MarcB 1969

MarcB 1969

Current Statistics
Rank 11
Weighted GPA 8.037
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.037
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MarcB 1969
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
03016900101WILT CHAMBERLAIN89113My own submission!!!
03016900202GAIL GOODRICH88517
03016900303CAZZIE RUSSELL8.5211
03016900404DARRALL IMHOFF87818
03016900505BAILEY HOWELL810524
03016900606LUCIUS ALLEN86611
03016900707TOM BOERWINKLE8585Tough card!!! Thx go to C.L. Peters Collection!!!
03016900808JIMMY WALKER86711
03016900909JOHN BLOCK86611
030169010010NATE THURMOND810830My own submission!!!
030169011011GARY GREGOR810118
030169012012GUS JOHNSON811413
030169013013LUTHER RACKLEY8756
030169014014JON MCGLOCKLIN85816
030169015015CONNIE HAWKINS810928
030169016016JOHNNY EGAN88414
030169017017JIM WASHINGTON810019
030169018018DICK BARNETT812012
030169019019TOM MESCHERY8815
030169020020JOHN HAVLICEK818331Bought this card on Ebay from a guy named Mishahgahs. "Crazy"
030169021021EDDIE MILES812522
030169022022WALT WESLEY87217
030169023023RICK ADELMAN87017
030169024024AL ATTLES88625
030169025025LEW ALCINDOR 812921Cheers to JJetJ!!!
030169026026JACK MARIN87314
030169027027WALT HAZZARD810720
030169028028CONNIE DIERKING810717
030169029029KEITH ERICKSON8.5620
030169030030BOB RULE813232
030169031031DICK VAN ARSDALE88617
030169032032ARCHIE CLARK812421
030169033033TERRY DISCHINGER811615
030169034034HENRY FINKEL811631
030169035035ELGIN BAYLOR810613
030169036036RON WILLIAMS88018
030169037037LOY PETERSON87821Thx JJetJ!!!
030169038038GUY RODGERS89815
030169039039TOBY KIMBALL87015
030169040040BILLY CUNNINGHAM810114My own submission!!!
030169041041JOE CALDWELL88010
030169042042LEROY ELLIS87612
030169043043BILL BRADLEY816418
030169044044LEN WILKENS 8.5210
030169045045JERRY LUCAS812420
030169046046NEAL WALK87013
030169047047EMMETTE BRYANT8677
030169048048BOB KAUFFMAN89112
030169049049MEL COUNTS812325
030169050050OSCAR ROBERTSON812115
030169051051JIM BARNETT89311
030169052052DON SMITH812520
030169053053JIM DAVIS 8709
030169054054WALLY JONES810420
030169055055DAVE BING8.5315My own submission plus a review!!!
030169056056WES UNSELD814623
030169057057JOE ELLIS811013
030169058058JOHN TRESVANT810217
030169059059LARRY SIEGFRIED88419Thx JJetJ!!!
030169060060WILLIS REED9231Thx go to Jsn Miller!!! Playing "up"!!!
030169061061PAUL SILAS811112
030169062062BOB WEISS88015
030169063063WILLIE MCCARTER810116
030169064064DON KOJIS811721
030169065065LOU HUDSON9150Trading up for "Sweet" Lou!!!
030169066066JIM KING810220
030169067067LUKE JACKSON88623
030169068068LEN CHAPPELL88810
030169069069RAY SCOTT810213
030169070070JEFF MULLINS87013Thx JJetJ!!!
030169071071HOWIE KOMIVES810224
030169072072TOM SANDERS86112
030169073073DICK SNYDER810116
030169074074DAVE STALLWORTH8729
030169075075ELVIN HAYES814833
030169076076ART HARRIS86713
030169077077DON OHL8.558
030169078078BOB LOVE88012
030169079079TOM VAN ARSDALE8605Thx JJetJ!!!
030169080080EARL MONROE814926Thx go to Jean Roy!!!
030169081081GREG SMITH89715
030169082082DON NELSON812019
030169083083HAPPY HAIRSTON811323
030169084084HAL GREER8576Tough card!!! My own submission!!!
030169085085DAVE DEBUSSCHERE810813
030169086086BILL BRIDGES89431
030169087087HERM GILLIAM9130My own submission!
030169088088JIM FOX 87212
030169089089BOB BOOZER86511Thx go to Mint State!! Last player card PSA 8 or better!!!
030169090090JERRY WEST815021
030169091091CHET WALKER810620Thx JJetJ!!!
030169092092FLYNN ROBINSON8849
030169093093CLYDE LEE9200My own submission!
030169094094KEVIN LOUGHERY811630
030169095095WALT BELLAMY8887
030169096096ART WILLIAMS86310
030169097097ADRIAN SMITH88624
030169098098WALT FRAZIER812520SGC Cross over!!! Awesome centering!!! Sweet!!!
030169099099CHECKLIST CARD75021My own submission! Thx for the raw card go to Matt and Zack at BH Baseball ...
I would like to buy or trade for your Joe Caldwell PSA9 email [email protected] thank you and please advise e
Posted @ 11/13/2009 2:53 PM By jjeffries
Nice set please contact at [email protected] John J
Posted @ 10/31/2009 3:01 PM By jjeffries