1960 Armour Coins: JRPeterson


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Weighted GPA 8.229
Complete 86.96%
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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
B997600010 HANK AARON/BRAVES894108Armour Coin of Hank Aaron (Braves) PSA 8 in pale blue.
B997600020 BOB ALLISON7812Armour Coin of Bob Allison PSA 7 in red orange.
B997600030 ERNIE BANKS8122192Armour Coin of Ernie Banks PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600040 KEN BOYER819451960 Armour Coin of Ken Boyer PSA 8 in red/orange.
b997600050 ROCKY COLAVITO81727Armour Coin of Rocky Colavito PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600060 GENE CONLEY91512Armour Coin of Gene Conley PSA 9 in red orange.
B997600070 DEL CRANDALL96227Armour Coin of Del Crandall PSA 9 in yellow.
B997600080 BUD DALEY  
B997600091 DON DRYSDALE/SPACE BETWEEN L AND A81514Armour Coin of Don Drysdale (space between L and A) PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600100 WHITEY FORD94327Armour Coin of Whitey Ford PSA 9 in yellow.
B997600110 NELLIE FOX861125
B997600120 AL KALINE73152Armour Coin of Al Kaline PSA 7 in red orange.
B997600130 FRANK MALZONE/RED SOX95239Armour Coin of Frank Malzone (Red Sox) PSA 9 in dark green (translucent)
B997600131 FRANK MALZONE/BOSTON RED SOX83445Armour Coin of Frank Malzone (Boston Red Sox) PSA 8 in pale blue.
B997600140 MICKEY MANTLE911220Armour Coin of Mickey Mantle PSA 9 in lime Green
B997600150 EDDIE MATHEWS92230Armour Coin of Ed Mathews PSA 9 in red/orange.
B997600160 WILLIE MAYS82044Armour Coin of Willie Mays PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600170 VADA PINSON81243Armour Coin of Vada Pinson PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600180 DICK STUART81732Armour Coin of Dick Stuart PSA 8 in red orange.
B997600190 GUS TRIANDOS96243Armour Coin of Gus Triandos PSA 9 in pale blue.
B997600200 EARLY WYNN82045Armour Coin of Early Wynn PSA 8 in red orange.