Complete T206 Player Set with Wagner, Doyle, "NY Nat'l", Plank & "Magie": Ron'sQuest


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ED ABBATICCHIO, BROWN SLEEVES1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBROWN SLEEVES010500002052094435Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
FRED ABBOTT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000030615112528Piedmont 350
BILL ABSTEIN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501004061333115Piedmont 350. Also have Orange variation PSA 5
DOC ADKINS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050100504.57221251Piedmont 350
WHITEY ALPERMAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000060517244347Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
RED AMES, HANDS AT CHEST1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHANDS AT CHEST0105020070632108Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
RED AMES, HANDS OVER HEAD1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHANDS OVER HEAD01050200806532814Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 25
RED AMES, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT010501009051685033Piedmont 150
JOHN ANDERSON1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105010100523216941Piedmont 350
FRANK ARELLANES1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500011061654012Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HERMAN ARMBRUSTER1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050201205.513324Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HARRY ARNDT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105010130695189Piedmont 350
JAKE ATZ1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000140620124220Piedmont 350
HOME RUN BAKER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050101505798376Piedmont 350-460. Also have PSA 4 Sw Cap 350 Fact 30
NEAL BALL, CLEVELAND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCLEVELAND0105000170517134934Piedmont 350-460
NEAL BALL, NEW YORK1909-1911 PIEDMONTNEW YORK01050101606542021Piedmont 350
JAP BARBEAU1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050101806.547619Piedmont 350
CY BARGER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050001906123258Piedmont 350
SHAD BARRY, MILWAUKEE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKMILWAUKEE0105000210530155640Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JACK BASTIAN1909-1911 OLD MILL NI25000001662218Old Mill
EMIL BATCH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000230532136144Piedmont 350
JOHNNY BATES1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000240517184239Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 649 OP. Also have PSA 4 P350.
HARRY BAY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000250514113130Old Mill
GINGER BEAUMONT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000260518134534Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
FRED BECK1909-1911 OLD MILL 01050502705135231Old Mill
BEALS BECKER1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050202806503014Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JAKE BECKLEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000290539437683Piedmont 350
GEORGE BELL, HANDS OVER HEAD1909-1911 PIEDMONTHANDS ABOVE HEAD0105010300518104935Piedmont 150
GEORGE BELL, FOLLOW THROUGH1909-1911 PIEDMONTFOLLOW THROUGH01050103106662614Piedmont 350-460
CHIEF BENDER, PITCHING NO TREES1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPITCHING, NO TREES 010502032051165338Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 42
CHIEF BENDER, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050103406282028Piedmont 150
BILL BERGEN, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBATTING0105000350516154144Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
BILL BERGEN, CATCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCATCHING0105000360527164638Piedmont 350-460
HEINIE BERGER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501037059115645Piedmont 350. Also have Sw Cap 350 Fact 30.
BILL BERNHARD1909-1911 OLD MILL NI2500000351273020Old Mill
BOB BESCHER, HANDS IN AIR1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHANDS IN AIR01050203905965239Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
BOB BESCHER, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105000400535226353Piedmont 350
JOE BIRMINGHAM1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105010410516184639Piedmont 150
LENA BLACKBURNE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500042061373314Piedmont 350
JACK BLISS1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050204305765460Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
FRANK BOWERMAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050104406842011Piedmont 350
BILL BRADLEY, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT0105010450519125050Piedmont 150
BILL BRADLEY, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT0105000460520154637Piedmont 350-460
DAVE BRAIN1909-1911 SOVEREIGN 01050404705405939Sovereign 350
KITTY BRANSFIELD1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105010480511123639Piedmont 150. Also have PSA 4.
ROY BRASHEAR1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500049061933511Piedmont 350
TED BREITENSTEIN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500050059113826Old Mill
ROGER BRESNAHAN, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT0105020510513107869Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ROGER BRESNAHAN, WITH BAT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALWITH BAT01050205206425033Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
AL BRIDWELL, NO CAP1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALNO CAP01050205307.52123Al Bridwell (SC350 Fact. 25)
AL BRIDWELL, WITH CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH CAP010500054061563612Piedmont 350-460
GEORGE BROWNE, CHICAGO1909-1911 PIEDMONTBROWNE, CHICAGO0105010551514123531Piedmont 150. Also have a PSA 4
GEORGE BROWNE, WASHINGTON1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBROWNE, WASHINGTON010502055045114973Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
MORDECAI BROWN, CHICAGO SHIRT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALCHICAGO SHIRT0105020560513196094Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
MORDECAI BROWN, CUBS SHIRT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCUBS SHIRT0105000570612131920Piedmont 150
MORDECAI BROWN, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105000580535185442Piedmont 150
AL BURCH, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING010501059051383726Piedmont 150
AL BURCH, FIELDING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKFIELDING0105000600529225746Piedmont 350
FRED BURCHELL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000610610132325Piedmont 350
JIMMY BURKE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050006206842313Piedmont 350
BILL BURNS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000630537176143Piedmont 350
DONIE BUSH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000640532226654Piedmont 350
JOHN BUTLER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000650528114933Cycle 350
BOBBY BYRNE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050006607123164Piedmont 350
HOWIE CAMNITZ, ARM AT SIDE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKARM AT SIDE0105000670528144838Piedmont 350-460
HOWIE CAMNITZ, ARMS FOLDED1909-1911 PIEDMONTARMS FOLDED010501068052095029Piedmont 350
HOWIE CAMNITZ, HANDS OVER HEAD1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHANDS OVER HEAD01050206906522717Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
BILLY CAMPBELL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000700531165435Piedmont 350
SCOOPS CAREY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050107105613419Piedmont 350
CHARLEY CARR1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000720520175331Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
BILL CARRIGAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501073061524010Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 5 P350.
DOC CASEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050007406881913Piedmont 350
PETER CASSIDY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000750527144832Piedmont 350
FRANK CHANCE, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING0105010760518117366Piedmont 350-460
FRANK CHANCE, PORTRAIT RED BACK1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT-RED0105010770513115154Piedmont 150
BILL CHAPPELLE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000790534246758Piedmont 350
CHAPPIE CHARLES1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050208005574155Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
HAL CHASE, WITH TROPHEY1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHOLDING TROPHY01050208104222380103Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
HAL CHASE, PORTRAIT BLUE BACK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT-BLUE01050008205684312585Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 42 overprint
HAL CHASE, THROWING, DARK CAP1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALTHROWING DARK CAP01050208406.533527Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30. Also have PSA 4 Piedmont 350-460.
HAL CHASE, THROWING WHITE CAP1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALTHROWING WHITE CAP010502085059105847Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
JACK CHESBRO1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050208606432317Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ED CICOTTE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105000870527265049Piedmont 150
BILL CLANCEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCLANCEY010500088061261815Piedmont 350
JOSH CLARKE, COLUMBUS1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALCLARKE, COLUMBUS01050208905456545Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
NIG CLARKE, CLEVELAND1909-1911 PIEDMONTNIG, CLEVELAND0105010920515144435Piedmont 150
BILL CLYMER1909-1911 CYCLE 01050809305218152Cycle 350
TY COBB, PORTRAIT RED BACK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT-RED0105000950652437564Piedmont 350
TY COBB, BAT OFF SHOULDER1909-1911 PIEDMONTBAT OFF SHOULDER0105010960561677780Piedmont 350
TY COBB, BAT ON SHOULDER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBAT ON SHOULDER010500097047083115145Piedmont 150
CAD COLES1909-1911 OLD MILL NI2500000647244956Old Mill
EDDIE COLLINS, PHILADELPHIA1909-1911 PIEDMONTPHILADELPHIA01050109905251810764Piedmont 350. Also have a SC 350 Fact 30 PSA 4.
JIMMY COLLINS, MINNEAPOLIS1909-1911 PIEDMONTMINNEAPOLIS0105011000514195873Piedmont 350
BUNK CONGALTON1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011010519187034Piedmont 350
WID CONROY, FIELDING1909-1911 PIEDMONTFIELDING0105011020661217Piedmont 150
WID CONROY, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT0105001030524216348Sweet Cap 350 Fact. 30; also have a PSA 3 American Beauty 350 No Frame
HARRY COVELESKI1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCOVELESKI0105001040610122021Piedmont 150
DOC CRANDALL, NO CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNO CAP010500105061172514Piedmont 150
DOC CRANDALL, WITH CAP1909-1911 CYCLEWITH CAP0105081060710113Cycle 460. Also have American Beauty 460 PSA 4.
BILL CRANSTON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050010705992624Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
GAVVY CRAVATH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001080526195549Piedmont 350
SAM CRAWFORD, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTTHROWING010501109051496152Piedmont 350
SAM CRAWFORD, WITH BAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTWITH BAT010501110051475943Piedmont 350-460
BIRDIE CREE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500111061262514
LOU CRIGER1909-1911 EL PRINCIPE DE GALES 01050611205114231El Principe de Gales
DODE CRISS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001130614123123Piedmont 350
MONTE CROSS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011140516165735Piedmont 350
BILL DAHLEN, BOSTON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBOSTON010500115151994534Piedmont 150
BILL DAHLEN, BROOKLYN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBROOKLYN0105001152428256265Piedmont 350
PAUL DAVIDSON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050011607104176Piedmont 350
GEORGE DAVIS, CHICAGO1909-1911 PIEDMONTCHICAGO0105011170519186968Piedmont 150
HARRY DAVIS, PHIL., DAVIS FRONT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPHIL., DAVIS FRONT0105021180752137Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25. Also have a PSA 6 Red Hindu, an SGC 30 BL460 an...
HARRY DAVIS, PHIL H DAVIS FRONT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPHIL., H.DAVIS FRONT010500119061782817Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 30
FRANK DELAHANTY, LOUISVILLE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDELAHANTY-LOUISVILLE0105001200528287563Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
RAY DEMMITT, NEW YORK1909-1911 PIEDMONTNEW YORK01050112215.5514738Piedmont 350
RAY DEMMITT, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKST. LOUIS0105001222314102835Polar Bear
RUBE DESSAU1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050112304.58191062Piedmont 350
ART DEVLIN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001240524185039Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
JOSH DEVORE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001250616142925Piedmont 350-460. Also have AB 460 SGC 70.
BILL DINEEN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDINNEEN010500126061582918Piedmont 350
MIKE DONLIN, FIELDING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKFIELDING010500127051083218Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 30
MIKE DONLIN, SEATED1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKSEATED0105001280524214952Piedmont 150
MIKE DONLIN, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT010500129061363115Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
JIGGS DONAHUE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDONAHUE010500130069101217Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 25
WILD BILL DONOVAN, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT01050213105.545731Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
WILD BILL DONOVAN, THROWING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKTHROWING0105001320619103520Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
RED DOOIN1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050213306631915Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
MICKEY DOOLAN, BATTING1909-1911 OLD MILLBATTING01050513406103013Old Mill. Also have a PSA 3 Drum!
MICKEY DOOLAN, FIELDING1909-1911 PIEDMONTFIELDING01050113506832317Piedmont 350
MICKEY DOOLAN, DOOLIN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDOOLAN0105001360525124727Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 30
GUS DORNER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501137061883817Piedmont 350
PATSY DOUGHERTY, ARM IN AIR1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKARM IN AIR010500138061783116Piedmont 350
PATSY DOUGHERTY, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105001390614123121Piedmont 150
TOM DOWNEY, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING01050114006523416Piedmont 350-460
TOM DOWNEY, FIELDING1909-1911 PIEDMONTFIELDING0105011410526207454Piedmont 350
JERRY DOWNS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050114205.5213439Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4 Sovereign 350.
JOE DOYLE, N.Y. HANDS ABOVE HEAD1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKN.Y. HANDS ABOVE HEAD0105001430420117453Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
LARRY DOYLE, N.Y. NATL PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKN.Y. NAT'L, PORTRAIT010500144061362512Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
LARRY DOYLE, N.Y. NATL THROWING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALN.Y. NAT'L, THROWING01050214506551511Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
LARRY DOYLE, N.Y. NATL, WITH BAT1909-1911 TOLSTOIN.Y. NAT'L, WITH BAT01051014605405550Tolstoi
JEAN DUBUC1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500147061362013Piedmont 350
HUGH DUFFY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500148062584516Sovereign 460
JACK DUNN, BALTIMORE1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBALTIMORE01050214906333616Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JOE DUNN, BROOKLYN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBROOKLYN010500150061162712Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30. Also have a Carolina Brights PSA 6
BULL DURHAM1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050115106761619Piedmont 150. Also have PSA 4 P350.
JIMMY DYGERT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050215205716653Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
TED EASTERLY1909-1911 SOVEREIGN 01050415306203621Sovereign 350
DICK EGAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501154051394531Piedmont 350
KID ELBERFELD, NEW YORK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNEW YORK0105001551433377467Piedmont 150
KID ELBERFELD, WASH., PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWASH., PORTRAIT0105001552513122824Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
KID ELBERFELD, WASH., FIELDING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWASH., FIELDING010500156061662316Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
ROY ELLAM1909-1911 OLD MILL NI25000008414205248Old Mill. Also have a PSA 4 Piedmont.
CLYDE ENGLE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500158061382918Piedmont 350
STEVE EVANS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011590514114544Piedmont 350
JOHNNY EVERS, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105001600527344864Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JOHNNY EVERS, WITH BAT/CHICAGO SHIRT1909-1911 PIEDMONTWITH BAT,CHICAGO ON SHIRT01050116105.52143108Piedmont 350-460. Also have Sovereign 460 PSA 4.
JOHNNY EVERS, WITH BAT CUBS SHIRT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT, CUBS ON SHIRT0105001620520153931Sweet Caporal 150 Factory 30
BOB EWING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500163061462717Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 649 overstrike
CECIL FERGUSON1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050116406142288Piedmont 350
HOBE FERRIS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500165061553014Piedmont 350
LOU FIENE, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105001660533257359Piedmont 350
LOU FIENE, THROWING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKTHROWING010500167061793515Piedmont 350
STEAMER FLANAGAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500168061373015Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ART FLETCHER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500169061172313Piedmont 350. Also have American Beauty 350 w/frame PSA 4(MC).
ELMER FLICK1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011700518136034Piedmont 150. Also have PSA 4 Sweet Cap
RUSS FORD1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001710516165047Piedmont 350-460
ED FOSTER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001720413184658Piedmont 350
JERRY FREEMAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500173061492717Piedmont 350; also have a PSA 4 American Beauty 350 with frame.
JOHN FRILL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001740519164950Piedmont 350-460
CHARLIE FRITZ1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011750610169Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
ART FROMME1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050017606671610Piedmont 350
CHICK GANDIL1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050217705896057Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 42
BOB GANLEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001780418235270Piedmont 150
JOHN GANZEL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050117906853519Piedmont 350
HARRY GASPER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001800772113Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
RUBE GEYER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050118104.582514124Piedmont 350-460
GEORGE GIBSON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500182074567Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
BILLY GILBERT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500183061072120Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30; also have PSA 4.5 Sovereign 150
WILBUR GOODE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKGOOD010500184061692122Piedmont 350
BILL GRAHAM, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKST. LOUIS0105001850523224953Piedmont 350
PEACHES GRAHAM, BOSTON1909-1911 PIEDMONTBOSTON0105011860513113629Piedmont 350
DOLLY GRAY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500187061262512Piedmont 350; also have a Tolstoi PSA 4
ED GREMINGER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050118806301914Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
CLARK GRIFFITH, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBATTING01050018907103146Piedmont 350
CLARK GRIFFITH, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050119007451216Piedmont 150
MOOSE GRIMSHAW1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001910532186246Piedmont 350
BOB GROOM1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105001920521145142Carolina Brights
TOM GUIHEEN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050119305472634Piedmont 350
ED HAHN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105011940511174544Piedmont 150
BOB HALL1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050219506122212Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
BILL HALLMAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500196061633210Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.
JACK HANNIFAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHANNIFIN010500197061382417Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
BILL HART, LITTLE ROCK1909-1911 PIEDMONTLITTLE ROCK010501198051063225Piedmont 350. Also have PSA 4 Old Mill
JIMMY HART, MONTGOMERY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKMONTGOMERY0105001990428257164Piedmont 350
TOPSY HARTSEL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002000529216043Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JACK HAYDEN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002010531227147Piedmont 350
J. ROSS HELM1909-1911 OLD MILL NI250000156651914Old Mill
CHARLIE HEMPHILL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501203061583215Piedmont 150
BUCK HERZOG, BOSTON1909-1911 PIEDMONTBOSTON01050120405954630Piedmont 350-460
BUCK HERZOG, NEW YORK1909-1911 PIEDMONTNEW YORK01050120505694930Piedmont 150
GORDON HICKMAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002060513132933Piedmont 350
BILL HINCHMAN, CLEVELAND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCLEVELAND0105002070522224446Piedmont 150
HARRY HINCHMAN, TOLEDO1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKTOLEDO010500208061492918Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
DICK HOBLITZELL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501209059114346Piedmont 350
DANNY HOFFMAN, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 PIEDMONTST. LOUIS0105012100523175851Piedmont 350
IZZY HOFFMAN, PROVIDENCE1909-1911 PIEDMONTPROVIDENCE010501211052296135Piedmont 350
SOLLY HOFMAN1909-1911 OLD MILL 01050521206401811Old Mill
BOCK HOOKER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012130411105164Piedmont 350
DEL HOWARD, CHICAGO1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALCHICAGO01050221406.52156Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
HARRY HOWELL, HANDS AT WAIST1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHAND AT WAIST010500216062143511Piedmont 350-460
HARRY HOWELL, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT010501217061763415Piedmont 350
MILLER HUGGINS, PORTAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105002190543307656Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
RUDY HULSWITT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012200522117648Piedmont 350
JOHN HUMMEL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002210614113220El Principe de Gales; also have a Red Hindu PSA 3 & AB 460 PSA 4.
GEORGE HUNTER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012220518195641Piedmont 350
FRANK ISBELL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012230512144546Piedmont 150. Also have Brown Hindu PSA 3.
FRED JACKLITSCH1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501224061063021Piedmont 350
JIMMY JACKSON1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050222506513013Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HUGHIE JENNINGS, ONE HAND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKONE HAND SHOWING010500226061583418Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30.
HUGHIE JENNINGS, BOTH HANDS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBOTH HANDS SHOWING0105002270542327349Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 42 overprint
HUGHIE JENNINGS, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT01050222804.52611100Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
WALTER JOHNSON, HANDS AT CHEST1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHANDS AT CHEST0105002290552539682Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30. Also have PSA 4 Polar Bear.
WALTER JOHNSON, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050123004.583813150Piedmont 150
FIELDER JONES, CHI., HANDS AT HIP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCHI., HANDS AT HIPS0105002310513164437Piedmont 350. Also have PSA 4 Sw Cap 150 Fact 30
FIELDER JONES, CHI., PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTCHI., PORTRAIT01050123205.5315342Piedmont 350
DAVY JONES, DETROIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDETROIT0105002330614153529Piedmont 350
TOM JONES, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 PIEDMONTST. LOUIS010501234061041514Piedmont 150
DUTCH JORDAN, ATLANTA1909-1911 PIEDMONTATLANTA01050123504.5861347Piedmont 350
TIM JORDAN, BROOKLYN, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBROOKLYN, BATTING010500236061573115Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
TIM JORDAN, BROOKLYN PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTBROOKLYN, PORTRAIT010501237051994029Piedmont 150. Also have a PSA 4 Sw Cap.
ADDIE JOSS, HANDS AT CHEST1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPITCHING010500238056160104111Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ADDIE JOSS, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050123906362550Piedmont 350
ED KARGER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500240068102322Piedmont 150
WILLIE KEELER, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAITMV750001555126447Piedmont 150
WILLIE KEELER, WITH BAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTWITH BAT0105012420526197764Piedmont 350
JOE KELLEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002430533185838Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
J.F. KIERNAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002440510112724Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4 Old Mill.
ED KILLIAN, PITCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPITCHING0105002450611152224Piedmont 150
ED KILLIAN, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT010501246061392822Piedmont 350
FRANK KING1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501247051274323Piedmont 350
RUBE KISSINGER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002480690176Piedmont 350
RED KLEINOW, BOSTON1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBOSTON010502249151192744Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 25
RED KLEINOW, N.Y., CATCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKN.Y., CATCHING0105002492610102612Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
RED KLEINOW, N.Y. WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKN.Y., WITH BAT010500250067141821Piedmont 350
JOHNNY KLING1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050125106752515Piedmont 150
OTTO KNABE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012520519154738Piedmont 350
JACK KNIGHT, PORTAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050125306143266Piedmont 350. Also have PSA 4.5 Polar Bear.
JACK KNIGHT, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT010500254061242617Piedmont 350
ED KONETCHY, NEAR GROUND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKGLOVE NEAR GROUND0105002560530225651Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HARRY KRAUSE, PITCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPITCHING010500257061894015Piedmont 350
HARRY KRAUSE, PORTAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT0105012580532147346Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4 Tolstoi.
RUBE KROH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500259061042310Piedmont 350
OTTO KRUGER1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALKRUEGER01050226005775237Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JAMES LAFITTE1909-1911 OLD MILL NI25000022412184468Old Mill
NAP LAJOIE, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105002620620183426Sovereign 350
NAP LAJOIE, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTTHROWING0105012630516147474Piedmont 150
NAP LAJOIE, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT0105002640538386469Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JOE LAKE, NEW YORK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNEW YORK0105002650516153541Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
JOE LAKE, ST. LOUIS, WITH BALL1909-1911 PIEDMONTST.LOUIS, WITH BALL010501266051485344Piedmont 350-460
JOE LAKE, ST. LOUIS, NO BALL1909-1911 PIEDMONTST.LOUIS, NO BALL01050126706832614Piedmont 350-460
FRANK LaPORTE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050126806682618Piedmont 350
ARLIE LATHAM1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050226904.54111069Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 25
BILL LATTIMORE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500270061743310Piedmont 350
JIMMY LAVENDER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050127106872218Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.5 Polar Bear.
TOMMY LEACH, BENDING OVER1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBENDING OVER01050227206622913SC 350 Fact. 30. Also have PSA 3 Piedmont 350-460 Fact. 42
TOMMY LEACH, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT010501273051784234Piedmont 150
LEFTY LEIFIELD, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBATTING0105002740665159Piedmont 350
LEFTY LEIFIELD, PITCHING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPITCHING0105022750418158298Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
ED LENNOX1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002760517264650Piedmont 350
HARRY LENTZ (SENTZ)1909-1911 PIEDMONTSENTZ010501277051343422Piedmont 350
GLENN LIEBHARDT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002780619123224Piedmont 350
VIVE LINDAMAN1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050227906331818Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
PERRY LIPE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105002800667119Piedmont 350
PADDY LIVINGSTONE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKLIVINGSTON0105002810531327464Piedmont 350
HANS LOBERT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050128204.59181167Piedmont 150
HARRY LORD1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500283069102215Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HARRY LUMLEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500284061072410Piedmont 150. Also have a PSA 4.5 SC350 Fact 30.
CARL LUNDGREN, CHICAGO1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCHICAGO0105002851418255254Piedmont 150
CARL LUNDGREN, KANSAS CITY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKKANSAS CITY010500285251483024Piedmont 350
NICK MADDOX1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501286061994732Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 5 El Principe.
SHERRY MAGEE, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT01050228725953825Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
SHERRY MAGEE, WITH BAT1909-1911 POLAR BEARWITH BAT010503288049495113Polar Bear
SHERRY MAGEE (MAGIE)1909-1911 PIEDMONTMAGEE01050128713.537319Piedmont 150
BILL MALARKEY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050128906742013Piedmont 350
BILLY MALONEY1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050229006423319Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
GEORGE MANION1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501291051032520Piedmont 350
RUBE MANNING, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBATTING0105002920527255854Piedmont 150
RUBE MANNING, PITCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPITCHING010500293051894121Polar Bear
RUBE MARQUARD, HANDS AT THIGHS1909-1911 PIEDMONTHANDS AT THIGHS0105012940521147857Piedmont 150
RUBE MARQUARD, FOLLOW THROUGH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKFOLLOW THROUGH010500295061182416Sovereign 460. Also have PSA 4 "Red 8" variation.
RUBE MARQUARD, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105002960546408258Piedmont 350
DOC MARSHALL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105012970523175443Piedmont 350
CHRISTY MATHEWSON, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT01050229906523827Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
CHRISTY MATHEWSON, WHITE CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWHITE CAP010500300046168122117Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
AL MATTERN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050130106672922Piedmont 350
JOHN McALEESE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050130206662916Piedmont 350. Also have Sweet Cap PSA 4.5
GEORGE McBRIDE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003030535165845Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
PAT McCAULEY1909-1911 HINDU 01050001285132827Hindu
MOOSE McCORMICK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003050613102917Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
PRYOR McELVEEN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003060614133019Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25; also have an American Beauty 350 w/frame PSA 4
DAN McGANN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050030706842112Piedmont 350
JIM McGINLEY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050130806542115Piedmont 350
IRON MAN McGINNITY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003090632174829Piedmont 350
STONEY McGLYNN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003100520214239Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JOHN McGRAW, FINGER IN AIR1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKFINGER IN AIR0105003110536466770Piedmont 350
JOHN McGRAW, GLOVE AT HIP1909-1911 PIEDMONTGLOVE AT HIP01050131205.5215562Piedmont 350-460.
JOHN McGRAW, PORTRAIT NO CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT NO CAP010500313043455106103Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
JOHN McGRAW, PORTRAIT WITH CAP1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT WITH CAP0105013140514116269Piedmont 350-460. Also have PSA 4 Sovereign 460.
HARRY McINTYRE, BROOKLYN1909-1911 PIEDMONTBROOKLYN0105013150515114336Piedmont 150
HARRY McINTYRE, BROOKLYN & CHICAGO1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBROOKLYN & CHICAGO01050231606743520Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 42
MATTY McINTYRE, DETROIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKDETROIT0105003170525204944Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
LARRY McLEAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501318061032215Piedmont 350
GEORGE McQUILLAN, BALL IN HAND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBALL IN HAND0105003190524185339Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
GEORGE McQUILLAN, WITH BAT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWITH BAT01050032006751412S.C. 350-460 Fact 42 overprint. Also have PSA 4 Uzit back.
FRED MERKLE, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105003210519233645Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
FRED MERKLE, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTTHROWING0105013220631158Piedmont 350-460. Also have a PSA 4 P350-460.
GEORGE MERRITT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501323051353333Piedmont 350. Also have PSA 4 Sweet Caporal 350
CHIEF MEYERS1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 0105023240510145455Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30. Also have a Lenox PSA 4.
CLYDE MILAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501325061333313Piedmont 350
DOTS MILLER, PITTSBURG1909-1911 PIEDMONTPITTSBURG010501326061164134Piedmont 350
MOLLY MILLER, DALLAS1909-1911 PIEDMONTDALLAS0105013270631109Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.
BILL MILLIGAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013280517196544Piedmont 350
FRED MITCHELL, TORONTO1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKTORONTO0105003290516133831Piedmont 350
MIKE MITCHELL, CINCINNATI1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCINCINNATI0105003300618103318Piedmont 350; also have a Cycle 350 PSA 4
DAN MOELLER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003310611102613Piedmont 350
CARLETON MOLESWORTH1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050133206521811Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
HERBIE MORAN, PROVIDENCE1909-1911 PIEDMONTPROVIDENCE0105013330520114833Piedmont 350
PAT MORAN, CHICAGO1909-1911 PIEDMONTCHICAGO0105013340523165642Piedmont 350
GEORGE MORIARTY1909-1911 SOVEREIGN 01050433505.531537Sovereign 350. Also have PSA 4 Polar Bear
MIKE MOWREY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013360520144644Piedmont 350
DOM MULLANEY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050133706311713Piedmont 350
GEORGE MULLIN, MULLEN1909-1911 PIEDMONTMULLIN0105013380510153637Piedmont 350
GEORGE MULLIN, THROWING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALTHROWING01050233905614131Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
GEORGE MULLIN, WITH BAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTWITH BAT0105013400413167659Piedmont 350
DANNY MURPHY, BATTING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBATTING01050234106832911Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 25
DANNY MURPHY, THROWING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALTHROWING01050234206412315Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
RED MURRAY, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING010501343061563119Piedmont 350
RED MURRAY, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105003440530175638Piedmont 350-460
CHIEF MYERS, MEYERS BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTMEYERS, BATTING0105013450525145531Piedmont 350
CHIEF MYERS, MEYERS FIELDING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKMEYERS, FIELDING0105003460522145532Piedmont 350; also have Broadleaf 350 PSA 4
BILLY NATTRESS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003470612122717Piedmont 350
TOM NEEDHAM1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 0105023480671287Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
SIMON NICHOLLS, HANDS ON KNEES1909-1911 PIEDMONTHANDS ON KNEES01050134905.5113338Piedmont 350
SIMON NICHOLLS, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNICHOLLS, BATTING0105003500682195Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HARRY NILES1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003510526185334Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
REBEL OAKES1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050135205983932Piedmont 350
FRANK OBERLIN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003530771132Piedmont 350
PETER OBRIEN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013540520166638Piedmont 350
BILL OHARA, NEW YORK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNEW YORK0105003551656148Piedmont 350
BILL OHARA, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 POLAR BEARST. LOUIS01050335524165238Polar Bear. Also have a PSA 3.
RUBE OLDRING, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING0105013560510104444Piedmont 350-460
RUBE OLDRING, FIELDING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKFIELDING0105003570518174839Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
CHARLEY OLEARY, HANDS ON KNEES1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHANDS ON KNEES0105003580526195642S.C. 350-460 Fact 42 overprint. Also have SGC 60 Broadleaf 460!
CHARLEY OLEARY, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT010500359069112126Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 649 overprint
WILLIAM J. ONEIL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013600418306066Piedmont 350
AL ORTH1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501361051483620Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.
WILLIAM OTEY1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003620421214859Piedmont 350
ORVAL OVERALL, HANDS AT FACE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHAND FACE LEVEL010500363061472410Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory 42
ORVAL OVERALL, HANDS AT WAIST1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALHANDS WAIST LEVEL01050236406542513Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
ORVAL OVERALL, PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPORTRAIT01050236505843834Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
FRANK OWEN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003660529214755Piedmont 150
GEORGE PAIGE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003670421215162Piedmont 350
FRED PARENT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050136804.58251479Piedmont 150
DODE PASKERT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013690531147142Piedmont 350
JIM PASTORIUS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003700515133333Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
HARRY PATTEE1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050237105732832Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 25. Also have a PSA 4 Piedmont 150.
FRED PAYNE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050037204304872115Sovereign 460. Also have a Black Lenox PSA 2.
BARNEY PELTY, VERTICAL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKVERTICAL0105003740524105639Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
HUB PERDUE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003750418214655Piedmont 350
GEORGE PERRING1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501376061043610Piedmont 350
ARCH PERSONS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050137705652525Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
FRANCIS PFEFFER1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501378059145160Piedmont 350-460
JAKE PFIESTER, SEATED1909-1911 PIEDMONTPFIESTER, SEATED01050137906542322Piedmont 350
JAKE PFIESTER, THROWING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPFIESTER, THROWING01050238006451812Sweet Cap 350 Fact. 30. Also have PSA 2 Piedmont Fact 42.
JIMMY PHELAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003810520193639Piedmont 350
EDDIE PHELPS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050138204.57291166Piedmont 350
DEACON PHILLIPPE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003830619124521Piedmont 350
OLLIE PICKERING1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013840513103232Piedmont 350
PHIL POLAND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003860526135334Piedmont 350
JACK POWELL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105013870524135339Piedmont 150
MIKE POWERS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003880520224736Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 25. Also have a PSA 4
BILLY PURTELL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003890526185941Piedmont 350
AMBROSE PUTTMANN1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALPUTTMANN01050239005554833Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
LEE QUILLEN1909-1911 CAROLINA BRIGHTSQUILLIN01051139105206141Carolina Brights. Also have PSA 5 Piedmont 350
JACK QUINN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003920525195446Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
NEWT RANDALL1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501393052385626Piedmont 350
BUGS RAYMOND1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105003940526145034Piedmont 350
ED REAGAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500395051192522Piedmont 350
ED REULBACH, GLOVE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKGLOVE SHOWING0105003960514163332Piedmont 150
ED REULBACH, NO GLOVE1909-1911 PIEDMONTNO GLOVE SHOWING010501397051096443Piedmont 350
DUTCH REVELLE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050139805573630Piedmont 350
CHARLIE RHODES1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050240105576548Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
CLAUDE RITCHEY1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050240204.56141182Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
LOU RITTER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500403061823511Piedmont 350
IKE ROCKENFELD1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050040406122179Old Mill
CLAUDE ROSSMAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050040506771819Piedmont 350
NAP RUCKER, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT01050140604.52181068Piedmont 150
NAP RUCKER, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTTHROWING01050140704.5318989Piedmont 350
DICK RUDOLPH1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050140806.514112Piedmont 350
RAY RYAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050040906852010Old Mill
GERMANY SCHAEFER, DETROIT1909-1911 EL PRINCIPE DE GALESDETROIT01050641007.51015El Principe de Gales
GERMANY SCHAEFER, WASHINGTON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWASHINGTON0105004110523144540Piedmont 350-460
GEORGE SCHIRM1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 0105024120611199Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
LARRY SCHLAFLY1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050141306732715Piedmont 350
ADMIRAL SCHLEI, BATTING1909-1911 SOVEREIGNBATTING010504414071075Sovereign 460
ADMIRAL SCHLEI, CATCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCATCHING01050041507581412Piedmont 350
ADMIRAL SCHLEI, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT010501416051384338Piedmont 350-460
BOSS SCHMIDT, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT010500417061993421Piedmont 350
BOSS SCHMIDT, THROWING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKTHROWING0105004180619153426Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 25
OSSEE SCHRECKENGOST1909-1911 PIEDMONTSCHRECKENGOST010501419061082818Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 6 Tolstoi.
WILDFIRE SCHULTE, FRONT1909-1911 PIEDMONTFRONT VIEW010501420051142716Piedmont 150. Also have a PSA 4
WILDFIRE SCHULTE, BACK1909-1911 TOLSTOIBACK VIEW01051042104.5101386Tolstoi
JIM SCOTT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004220536147136Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
CHARLES SEITZ1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500423051583418Piedmont 350
CY SEYMOUR, BATTING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBATTING0105004240784126Piedmont 350
CY SEYMOUR, PORTRAIT1909-1911 POLAR BEARPORTRAIT01050342505214435Polar Bear
CY SEYMOUR, THROWING1909-1911 POLAR BEARTHROWING01050342606212217Polar Bear
SPIKE SHANNON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004270530155736Piedmont 350
BUD SHARPE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501428061033314Piedmont 350
SHAG SHAUGHNESSY1909-1911 OLD MILL NI2500004051593133Old Mill
AL SHAW, ST. LOUIS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKST. LOUIS010500430061161917Piedmont 150
HUNKY SHAW, PROVIDENCE1909-1911 PIEDMONTPROVIDENCE0105014310428155660Piedmont 350
JIMMY SHECKARD, GLOVE SHOWS1909-1911 PIEDMONTGLOVE SHOWING010501432061023617Piedmont 350-460
JIMMY SHECKARD, NO GLOVE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKNO GLOVE SHOWING010500433061292416Piedmont 150
BILL SHIPKE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004340616102415Piedmont 150
JIMMY SLAGLE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050143506962115Piedmont 350. Also have an SGC 70 Broadleaf 350.
CARLOS SMITH, SHREVEPORT1909-1911 PIEDMONTSHREVEPORT01050143605743021Piedmont 350
FRANK SMITH, CHI, F. SMITH1909-1911 PIEDMONTCHICAGO, F. SMITH01050143706853217Piedmont 150
FRANK SMITH, CHI, WHITE CAP1909-1911 PIEDMONTCHI., WHITE CAP01050143815463834Piedmont 350. Also have PSA 4.
FRANK SMITH, CHICAGO & BOSTON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCHICAGO & BOSTON010500438251444013Piedmont 350-460. Also have a PSA 4
HAPPY SMITH, BROOKLYN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBROOKLYN010500439061292717Piedmont 350-460
HEINIE SMITH, BUFFALO1909-1911 PIEDMONTBUFFALO01050144006972914Piedmont 350
SID SMITH, ATLANTA 1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKATLANTA0105004410415274864Piedmont 350
FRED SNODGRASS, BATTING1909-1911 PIEDMONTBATTING010501442052296625Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.
FRED SNODGRASS, CATCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCATCHING0105004430525185761Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 25
BOB SPADE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004440517153842Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30
TRIS SPEAKER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004450556658899Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4.
TUBBY SPENCER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500446075285Piedmont 150
JAKE STAHL, GLOVE SHOWS1909-1911 PIEDMONTGLOVE SHOWS01050144705744423Piedmont 350
JAKE STAHL, NO GLOVE1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALNO GLOVE SHOWS01050244805675041Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
OSCAR STANAGE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105014490527227269Piedmont 350
DOLLY STARK1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 01050045006511810Piedmont 350
CHARLIE STARR1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105014510525146144Piedmont 350
HARRY STEINFELDT, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105004520530154841Piedmont 150
HARRY STEINFELDT, WITH BAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTWITH BAT01050145306722710Piedmont 350-460
JIM STEPHENS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004540535216645El Principe de Gales
GEORGE STONE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004550613102417Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
GEORGE STOVALL, BATTING1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALBATTING0105024560510125052Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact. 30
GEORGE STOVALL, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105004570613172724Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 25
SAM STRANG1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004580526235051Piedmont 350
GABBY STREET, CATCHING1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCATCHING010500459061973114SC 350-460 Fact. 42. Also have a proof card with missing colors.
GABBY STREET, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105004600792156Piedmont 350
BILLY SULLIVAN1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500461061362515Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ED SUMMERS1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050146206863415Piedmont 350
BILL SWEENEY, BOSTON1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBOSTON0105004630525204344Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JEFF SWEENEY, NEW YORK1909-1911 PIEDMONTNEW YORK01050146406732621Piedmont 350
LEE TANNEHILL, CHI., L. TANNEHILL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCHI., L. TANNEHILL010500466061162817Piedmont 150
LEE TANNEHILL, CHI., TANNEHILL1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCHI., TANNEHILL0105004670529256357Piedmont 350-460
DUMMY TAYLOR1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050246806632915Sweet Caporal 350 Fact 30
FRED TENNEY1909-1911 OLD MILL 01050000486101820Old Mill
TONY THEBO1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004700513152028Piedmont 350
JAKE THIELMAN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501471051493130Piedmont 350
IRA THOMAS1909-1911 EL PRINCIPE DE GALES 01050647205204130El Principe de Gales
WOODIE THORNTON1909-1911 OLD MILL NI250000455.5316331Old Mill
JOE TINKER, BAT OFF SHOULDER1909-1911 PIEDMONTBAT OFF SHOULDER01050147406723829Piedmont 350-460
JOE TINKER, BAT ON SHOULDER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBAT ON SHOULDER010500475078498Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 30
JOE TINKER, HANDS ON KNEE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKHANDS ON KNEES0105004760527215539Piedmont 350
JOE TINKER, PORTRAIT1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT010500477045549110114Piedmont 350
JOHN TITUS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004780519114227Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 25
TERRY TURNER1909-1911 SOVEREIGN 01050447905504931Sovereign 350
BOB UNGLAUB1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004800614102417Piedmont 350
JUAN VIOLAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTVIOLA01050148106111210Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4 Old Mill.
RUBE WADDELL, PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTPORTRAIT0105014820515106651Piedmont 350
RUBE WADDELL, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTTHROWING01050148306.514125Piedmont 150
HEINIE WAGNER, BAT ON RIGHT SHOULDER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKBAT ON RIGHT SHOULDER010500485061232613Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 42 overprint
BOBBY WALLACE1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004870544356762Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 30
ED WALSH1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004880617132722Piedmont 350. Also have a PSA 4
JACK WARHOP1909-1911 SWEET CAPORAL 01050248905835858Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JAKE WEIMER1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 0105004900520184249Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
JAMES WESTLAKE1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501491051054235Piedmont 350
ZACK WHEAT1909-1911 SOVEREIGN 01050449205557999Sovereign 460
DOC WHITE, CHICAGO PORTRAIT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALCHICAGO, PORTRAIT01050249406.530314Sweet Caporal 150 Fact. 30. Also have a PSA 5 Piedmont 150
FOLEY WHITE, HOUSTON1909-1911 OLD MILLHOUSTONNI250000485752822Old Mill. Also have Piedmont PSA 4
JACK WHITE, BUFFALO1909-1911 PIEDMONTBUFFALO010501496061022819Piedmont 350
KAISER WILHELM, WITH BAT1909-1911 SWEET CAPORALWITH BAT010502498051245129Sweet Caporal 350 Fact. 30
ED WILLETT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 0105014990523116034Piedmont 350
ED WILLETT, WILLETTS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKWILLETT010500500062563811Piedmont 350-460
JIMMY WILLIAMS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACK 010500501061262414Piedmont 150
VIC WILLIS, PITTSBURG1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT0105005020524195340Piedmont 350
VIC WILLIS, ST. LOUIS, THROWING1909-1911 PIEDMONTST. LOUIS, THROWING010501503051587665Piedmont 350-460
VIC WILLIS, ST. LOUIS, WITH BAT1909-1911 PIEDMONTST. LOUIS, WITH BAT01050150405.5461132Piedmont 350
OWEN WILSON1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501505051094238Piedmont 350
HOOKS WILTSE, PORTRAIT, NO CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT, NO CAP0105005070523135230Sweet Caporal 150 Fact 25
HOOKS WILTSE, PORTRAIT, WITH CAP1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKPORTRAIT, WITH CAP0105005080652157Sweet Caporal 350-460 Fact 30. Also have a PSA 4
LUCKY WRIGHT1909-1911 PIEDMONT 010501509061063416Piedmont 350
CY YOUNG, CLE. GLOVE SHOWS1909-1911 UNKNOWN BACKCLEV., GLOVE SHOWS010500510047388150170Piedmont 350
CY YOUNG, CLE. BARE HAND SHOWS1909-1911 PIEDMONTCLE. BARE HAND SHOWS01050151104.56379111Piedmont 350
CY YOUNG, CLE. PORTRAIT1909-1911 PIEDMONTCLEVELAND, PORTRAIT0105015120518116866Piedmont 150
IRV YOUNG, MINNEAPOLIS1909-1911 PIEDMONTMINNEAPOLIS0105015130516103626Piedmont 350
HEINIE ZIMMERMANN1909-1911 PIEDMONT 01050151406443810Piedmont 350