1950 Bowman: Ryan E. Barber

Ryan E. Barber

Current Statistics
Rank 21
Weighted GPA 7.000
Complete 52.38%
Set Rating 3.878
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About this set: Since 2000. Look out, after a four year hiatus I am back in 2011.

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Ryan E. Barber
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01025000101MEL PARNELL71517What can I say!
01025000202VERN STEPHENS 
01025000303DOM DiMAGGIO 
01025000404GUS ZERNIAL 
01025000505BOB KUZAVA719174th in ROY voting in ''49
01025000606BOB FELLER 
01025000707JIM HEGAN 
01025000808GEORGE KELL72728Nice, looks to be early PSA case.
01025000909VIC WERTZ 
010250010010TOMMY HENRICH 
010250011011PHIL RIZZUTO76340Good thing he was a broadcaster, not a HOF'er based on stats.
010250012012JOE PAGE 
010250013013FERRIS FAIN 
010250014014ALEX KELLNER 
010250015015AL KOZAR 
010250016016ROY SIEVERS 
010250017017SID HUDSON72522A 2 time all-star??
010250018018EDDIE ROBINSON 
010250019019WARREN SPAHN74435A nice backdrop on this card.
010250020020BOB ELLIOTT73126Great deal on this former MVP
010250021021PEE WEE REESE 
010250022022JACKIE ROBINSON 
010250023023DON NEWCOMBE74025Not so good in the WS
010250024024JOHNNY SCHMITZ71427John Albert Schmitz (Bear Tracks)
010250025025HANK SAUER 
010250026026GRADY HATTON72226Traded for Kell and 100M
010250027027HERMAN WEHMEIER 
010250028028BOBBY THOMSON727251-out, 3-run HR in the bottom of the 9th
010250029029ED STANKY72219The Brat or Muggsy, 3 Time All-Star
010250030030EDDIE WAITKUS 
010250031031DEL ENNIS 
010250032032ROBIN ROBERTS 
010250033033RALPH KINER73733Came off a 54 homer year without steroids in 1950.
010250034034MURRY DICKSON 
010250035035ENOS SLAUGHTER 
010250036036EDDIE KAZAK 
010250037037LUKE APPLING 
010250038038BILL WIGHT72424A 3.95 era for not so great teams
010250039039LARRY DOBY76330The card that hooked me (and started a nice little bidding war.
010250040040BOB LEMON 
010250041041WALTER ''''HOOT'''' EVERS73326Thanks to Dougaroo
010250042042ART HOUTTEMAN 
010250043043BOBBY DOERR73824Nicely centered and a clean front and back. Great looking card.
010250044044JOE DOBSON73138Great shot of "Burrhead" Dobson.
010250045045AL ''''ZEKE'''' ZARILLA72632A one time All-Star in ''48
010250046046YOGI BERRA76459Great looking card of Yogi
010250047047JERRY COLEMAN73835All-Star, Manager, Broadcaster.
010250048048LOU BRISSIE 
010250049049ELMER VALO 
010250050050DICK KOKOS 
010250051051NED GARVER73526Thanks to Dougaroo
010250052052SAM MELE73428A better manager than player.
010250053053CLYDE VOLLMER 
010250054054GIL COAN73028Octogenarian
010250055055JOHN ''''BUDDY'''' KERR 
010250056056DEL CRANDALL 
010250057057VERNON BICKFORD 
010250058058CARL FURILLO73840Alot of folks think Furillo should be in the hall.
010250059059RALPH BRANCA 
010250060060ANDY PAFKO74834Two years from 1950 in a 7 and I'd be a rich man.
010250061061BOB RUSH74025Bob Rush the speaker that booms!
010250062062TED KLUSZEWSKI75149The Big Klu
010250063063EWELL BLACKWELL73642Six time all-star, but in ''48 and ''49?!?
010250064064ALVIN DARK74122Great WS record, 3 time All-Star
010250065065DAVE KOSLO 
010250066066LARRY JANSEN73830Thanks to Dougaroo
010250067067WILLIE JONES71819"Puddin Head" Jones.
010250068068CURT SIMMONS73526A world series champ and a good pitcher for twenty years.
010250069069WALLY WESTLAKE 
010250070070BOB CHESNES 
010250071071RED SCHOENDIENST74740HOF in 1989 Albert Fred Schoendienst
010250072072HOWIE POLLETT 
010250075075ROY CAMPANELLA710160Roy Campanella. Enough said.
010250076076REX BARNEY73527He stunk, played for dem bums.
010250077077DUKE SNIDER79745Happy to have this one. Thanks Andy.
010250078078MICKEY OWEN 
010250079079JOHNNY VANDER MEER73718Johnny Two Times
010250080080HOWARD FOX73026Low pop on this marginal pitcher.
010250081081RON NORTHEY72720Hard card to get centered.
010250082082WHITEY LOCKMAN72022Nice attractive card. I have seen a few of these off centered.
010250083083AVAILABLE JONES 
010250084084RICHIE ASHBURN 
010250085085KEM HEINTZELMAN 
010250086086STAN ROJEK73229Top Ten MVP in '48
010250087087BILL WERLE 
010250088088MARTY MARION 
010250089089GEORGE MUNGER 
010250090090HARRY BRECHEEN72326Thanks to Dougaroo
010250091091CASS MICHAELS 
010250092092HANK MAJESKI74322Relatively Low POP on this high numbered card.
010250093093GENE BEARDEN 
010250094094LOU BOUDREAU 
010250095095AARON ROBINSON 
010250096096VIRGIL TRUCKS 
010250097097MAURICE McDERMOTT 
010250098098TED WILLIAMS7103889 of 10 pitchers prefer him frozen.
010250099099BILLY GOODMAN72427A 16 year career .300 hiter.
0102501000100VIC RASCHI 
0102501010101BOBBY BROWN74525"Doc" did well in WS play.
0102501020102BILLY JOHNSON 
0102501030103EDDIE JOOST 
0102501040104SAM CHAPMAN73029Another great painting, I really like the looks of this card.
0102501050105BOB DILLINGER 
0102501060106CLIFF FANNIN 
0102501070107SAM DENTE72328Only 22 Graded.
0102501080108RAY SCARBOROUGH73321A decent pitcher in the late to early 50's
0102501090109SID GORDON 
0102501100110TOMMY HOLMES 
0102501110111WALKER COOPER735268 time all-star great season in '47
0102501120112GIL HODGES77064His history in the game should be enough for the hall.
0102501130113GENE HERMANSKI 
0102501140114WAYNE TERWILLIGER73450Willard Wayne Terwilliger (Twig)
0102501150115ROY SMALLEY 
0102501160116VIRGIL STALLCUP73440Thomas Virgil Stallcup (Red)
0102501170117BILL RIGNEY73731Low 7 population. Nice glasses!
0102501180118CLINT HARTUNG 
0102501190119DICK SISLER 
0102501200120JOHN THOMPSON73541"Jocko" played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ball club that is. His hand loo...
0102501210121ANDY SEMINICK 
0102501220122JOHNNY HOPP 
0102501230123DINO RESTELLI 
0102501240124CLYDE McCULLOUGH73933An All-Star in '48 & '53??
0102501250125DEL RICE 
0102501260126AL BRAZLE 
0102501270127DAVE PHILLEY 
0102501280128PHIL MASI 
0102501290129JOE GORDON 
0102501300130DALE MITCHELL 
0102501310131STEVE GROMEK 
0102501320132JAMES VERNON 
0102501330133DON KOLLOWAY 
0102501340134PAUL TROUT 
0102501350135PAT MULLIN73733
0102501360136WARREN ROSAR72721"Buddy", 5 time AS
0102501370137JOHNNY PESKY 
0102501380138ALLIE REYNOLDS 
0102501390139JOHNNY MIZE75434He stunk when he hit the Yanks.
0102501400140PETE SUDER73239In baseball since 1935, lost a couple years to the service.
0102501410141JOE COLEMAN 
0102501420142SHERMAN LOLLAR72919Hard hitting catcher & 7 Time All-Star
0102501430143EDDIE STEWART73738This card is an 8 if the picture was a little sharper.
0102501440144AL EVANS72729
0102501450145JACK GRAHAM72323Power, but no average
0102501460146FLOYD BAKER 
0102501470147MIKE GARCIA 
0102501480148EARLY WYNN76137I figured I would pick this one up earlier rather than later.
0102501490149BOB SWIFT73332'45 Series Winner
0102501500150GEORGE VICO 
0102501510151FRED HUTCHINSON 
0102501520152ELLIS KINDER73940"Old Folks" was 23-6 in '49
0102501530153WALT MASTERSON72740$12.50
0102501540154GUS NIARHOS73446Constantine Gregory Niarhos
0102501550155FRANK SHEA74034"The Naugatuck Nugget" ?!?
0102501560156FRED SANFORD7473986 Years old August 9,2005
0102501570157MIKE GUERRA 
0102501580158PAUL LEHNER73539Paul Eugene Lehner (Peanuts or Gulliver)
0102501590159JOE TIPTON74043Got a great deal on this one.
0102501600160MICKEY HARRIS74133Final Game September 3, 1952
0102501610161SHERRY ROBERTSON73349Small gum stain on the back of this Cannuck.
0102501620162EDDIE YOST 
0102501630163EARL TORGESON 
0102501640164SIBBY SISTI74544"shunted to Indianapolis"
0102501650165BRUCE EDWARDS 
0102501660166JOE HATTEN73837Batted better in WS than he pitched.
0102501670167ELWIN ROE75859A Brooklyn legend, and fine WS pitcher.
0102501680168BOB SCHEFFING73846First card in my collection with paper loss on it.
0102501690169HANK EDWARDS73643Best season was '46
0102501700170EMIL LEONARD74545Great contrast of colors in this one.
0102501710171HARRY GUMBERT 
0102501720172HARRY LOWREY72843
0102501730173LLOYD MERRIMAN73737Another nice one in a 7 card lot I picked up.
0102501740174HENRY THOMPSON 
0102501750175MONTE KENNEDY72433One mother of an ugly ball player.
0102501770177HANK BOROWY74146A nice action shot.
0102501780178EDDY FITZ GERALD 
0102501790179CHARLES DIERING74549
0102501800180HARRY WALKER 
0102501810181MARINO PIERETTI72433Great picture of a night game!
0102501820182SAM ZOLDAK71827Low pop 7, great centering.
0102501870187LOU STRINGER73537Gave three years to the war in his prime.
0102501890189OWEN FRIEND73630Nice crisp white border.
  190KEN WOOD 
0102501920192BOB CHIPMAN72636Born October 11, 1918 in Brooklyn, NY
0102501930193PETE REISER731273-Time All-Star derailed by WW2
0102501950195PHIL CAVARRETTA75840Thin lipped mother.
0102501970197JOHNNY WYROSTEK73549I like the Brick background of this painting.
0102501980198DANNY LITWHILER73447Very low PSA 7 pop.
0102502070207MAX LANIER74046Nice white borders on this one, kind of a rarity in the 7's.
0102502080208JIM HEARN73435Whats the guy doing in the background?
0102502090209JOHNNY LINDELL74041After a four year hiatus, my first jump back in in 2011.
0102502100210TED GRAY74426An All-Star in 1950
0102502110211CHARLIE KELLER74237Wasnt the same after hurting his back.
0102502120212GERRY PRIDDY73053Low pop as of 02/2006
0102502130213CARL SCHEIB74153Picked up for 13.50. Not a bad deal on this nice card.
0102502140214DICK FOWLER72635Good to see Canada representing.
0102502150215ED LOPAT75458A Gamer.
0102502160216BOB PORTERFIELD73437Erwin Coolidge Porterfield, a one time AS.
0102502170217CASEY STENGEL78969I love the look of this one.
0102502180218CLIFF MAPES76240Clifford Franklin Mapes (Tiger) won 2 world series.
0102502190219HANK BAUER710157HOF material, great manager and player.
0102502210221DON MUELLER76651"Mandrake The Magician"
0102502220222BOBBY MORGAN77048Almost drowned from undertow during spring training, saved by Gene Hermansk...
0102502230223JIMMY RUSSELL75646No copyright on back. Nice lookin' card of a dodger bum.
0102502260226JIM KONSTANTY77149"Graduate of Syracuse with a BS degree"-No wonder he played ball.
0102502270227BOB MILLER75541Not a bad year for a rookie in '50
0102502290229FRANK FRISCH75142Print line across face, does not really detract in person.
0102502300230BILL SERENA7433825 Years old before his first MLB game.
0102502310231PRESTON WARD7574113 dollars for this card. A great deal.
0102502320232AL ''FLIP'' ROSEN77360Al Rosen Rookie, no copyright on back. Cleveland great, this guy could mash...
0102502330233ALLIE CLARK75239Well respected hitter of his time.
0102502350235HAROLD GILBERT74040Tookie Gilbert died young at 38.
0102502360236BOB CAIN75252Hard to find centered
0102502370237BILL SALKELD75562Jocular looking fellow.
0102502380238VERNAL JONES75343AKA "Nippy".
0102502390239BILL HOWERTON74439Close to a qualifier, no copywrite on back as well.
0102502400240EDDIE LAKE74945A Catcher and a Pitcher in ''44
0102502430243JOHNNY GROTH7383919 and in the Big Leagues
0102502440244DALE COOGAN73543No astroturf in this background.
  245AL PAPAI 
0102502460246WALT DROPO73544Nice looking Rookie card. Looks like Teddy Ballgame a bit.
0102502480248SAM JETHROE75645Nice Rookie card of this once promising ball player.
0102502490249GEORGE STRINWEISS75530Former batting champion and speedster. Died tragically in '58 in a train ac...
0102502510251JOHN LESTER MOSS74427This is my favourite looking card so far. Nice deep blue background.
0102502520252BILLY DeMARS73826Thanks to 707 Sportscards.