All-Time Giants: Tom D

Tom D

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About this set: My buddy Frank got me started on this set at the National 2013 in Chicago - he is such a great friend and the All-Time Giants fan!

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Tom D
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
026735007071935 NATIONAL CHICLE KEN STRONG544854485
0208480530531948 LEAF CHARLEY CONERLY 
020250005051950 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE 
0202510210211951 BOWMAN ARNIE WEINMEISTER42418624186
0202510910911951 BOWMAN EMLEN TUNNELL42623426234
0292520160161952 BOWMAN LARGE/SMALL FRANK GIFFORD32231437543
0282520280281952 BOWMAN LARGE/SMALL KYLE ROTE458721164
0282520850851952 BOWMAN LARGE/SMALL ANDY ROBUSTELLI6413799108
0201550280281955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN MEL HEIN6128248128248
0201550640641955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN BENNY FRIEDMAN42433424334
0201560410411956 TOPPS ROOSEVELT BROWN887138713
0201570230231957 TOPPS DON CHANDLER898149814
0201570830831957 TOPPS JIM PATTON81151311513
0201590150151959 TOPPS DEL SHOFNER 
0201590510511959 TOPPS SAM HUFF7160207160207
0201600190191960 TOPPS ERICH BARNES745784578
02017650905091976 TOPPS BRAD VAN PELT841314131
02017714601461977 TOPPS HARRY CARSON81384713847
02018022502251980 TOPPS PHIL SIMMS91962319623
02018243404341982 TOPPS LAWRENCE TAYLOR95379553795
02018512001201985 TOPPS JOE MORRIS974207420
02029312901291993 BOWMAN JESSIE ARMSTEAD 
02749333103311993 ULTRA MICHAEL STRAHAN10890890
02279616701671996 SP AMANI TOOMER 9185185
28639713701371997 SP AUTHENTIC TIKI BARBER731103110
02018511101111985 TOPPS CARL BANKS 8.5320320
22720420502052004 TOPPS CHROME ELI MANNING 91299912999
Emlen Tunnel is saying, "Whoop!"
Posted @ 11/16/2013 3:11 PM By calvis
iants fan started this set!
Posted @ 8/6/2013 6:45 PM By frank741
It's about time the All Time G
Posted @ 8/6/2013 6:44 PM By frank741