1909 Philadelphia Caramel (E95): Adam's E95 Philadelphia Caramel Collection

Adam's E95 Philadelphia Caramel Collection

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About this set: This set was started based on the visual appeal of the cards in this set (Cobb, Crawford) and the fact some players may be unattainable in my T206 set (Wagner, Plank). In addition, its small size and the fact I currently reside in the Philadelphia area also attracted me to these cards.

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Adam's E95 Philadelphia Caramel Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0124090010 CHIEF BENDER 
0124090020 BILL CARRIGAN 
0124090030 FRANK CHANCE31137
0124090040 ED CICOTTE31326
0124090050 TY COBB 
0124090060 EDDIE COLLINS31024
0124090070 SAM CRAWFORD3735
0124090080 ART DEVLIN31219
0124090090 LARRY DOYLE3925
0124090100 JOHNNY EVERS 
0124090110 SOLLY HOFFMAN41013
0124090120 HARRY KRAUSE4MK1039MK is date stamp: "May 8, 1910"
0124090130 TOMMY LEACH3720
0124090140 HARRY LORD 
0124090150 NICK MADDOX 
0124090170 MATTY MCINTYRE3822
0124090180 FRED MERKLE41214
0124090190 CY MORGAN3929
0124090200 EDDIE PLANK 
0124090210 ED REULBACH3817
0124090220 HONUS WAGNER 
0124090230 ED WILLETTS3935
0124090240 VIC WILLIS3.5126
0124090250 HOOKS WILTSE