1948-49 Leaf - Basic: PWT 1948 Leaf

PWT 1948 Leaf

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 5.589
Complete 56.12%
Set Rating 3.219
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About this set: Working on 1948 - 1949 leaf set need to grade a low grade Hermansk and trying to upgarde 13 regular print cards to 7's or better (12 6's and 1 5). Also trying to upgrade 3 short prints to 4's or better (2 3's and 1 2)

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PWT 1948 Leaf
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01084800101JOE DI MAGGIO678707870
01084800303BABE RUTH 
01084800404STAN MUSIAL 
01084800505VIRGIL TRUCKS512201220
01084800808SATCHEL PAIGE 
010848010010PAUL TROUT546814681
010848011011PHIL RIZZUTO 
010848013013CASIMER MICHAELS7136136
010848014014BILLY JOHNSON 
010848017017FRANK OVERMIRE640644064
010848019019JOHN WYROSTEK7115115
010848020020HANK SAUER3854854
010848022022AL EVANS 
010848026026SAM CHAPMAN650585058
010848027027MICKY HARRIS 
010848028028JIM HEGAN 
010848029029ELMER VALO 
010848030030BILL GOODMAN7107107
010848031031LOU BRISSIE723122312
010848032032WARREN SPAHN760786078
010848036036AL ZARILLA513201320
010848038038TED KLUSZEWSKI671797179
010848039039EWELL BLACKWELL747154715
010848042042KENT PETERSON7442512
010848043043EDDIE STEVENS217631763
010848045045KEN KELTNER312441244
010848046046JOHNNY MIZE 
010848047047GEORGE VICO 
010848048048JOHNNY SCHMITZ611141114
010848049049DEL ENNIS 
010848050050DICK WAKEFIELD 
010848051051ALVIN DARK519301930
010848053053JOHN VANDERMEER8222222
010848055055TOMMY HENRICH410421042
010848056056LARRY JENSEN 
010848057057BOB McCALL731173117
010848059059LUCIUS APPLING 
010848061061JAKE EARLY 
010848062062EDDIE JOOST610161016
010848063063BARNEY MCCOSKY414481448
010848068068ED MILLER616141614
010848070070HONUS WAGNER 
010848072072HANK EDWARDS 
010848073073PAT SEEREY 
010848075075DOM DIMAGGIO416381638
010848076076TED WILLIAMS6121127121127
010848077077ROY SMALLEY738213821
010848078078WALTER EVERS614191419
010848081081GEORGE KUROWSKI 
010848082082JOHNNY LINDELL 
010848083083BOBBY DOERR734233423
010848084084SID HUDSON654405440
010848085085DAVE PHILLEY417351735
010848086086RAPLH WEIGEL633503350
010848091091RALPH KINER8235235
010848095095GEORGE STIRNWEISS636703670
010848097097MARTIN MARION 
0108481020102GENE HERMANSKI7652416
0108481040104EDWARD STEWART 
0108481060106LOU BOUDREAU 
0108481080108MATTHEW BATTS7239239
0108481110111GERALD PRIDDY 
0108481130113EMIL LEONARD6109109
0108481170117JOE GORDON644534453
0108481200120GEORGE KELL7115115
0108481210121JOHN PESKY611101110
0108481230123CLIFFORD FANNIN510381038
0108481250125ANDY PAFKO642384238
0108481280128WARREN ROSAR8214214
0108481290129KIRBY HIGBE414461446
0108481310131SID GORDON416441644
0108481330133TOMMY HOLMES417321732
0108481370137HARRY WALKER612111211
0108481380138LARRY DOBY620162016
0108481390139JOHNNY HOPP 
0108481420142DANNY MURTAUGH418491849
0108481430143DICK SISLER 
0108481440144BOB DILLINGER 
0108481490149HENRY MAJESKI 
0108481530153FLOYD BAKER7123123
0108481580158HARRY BRECHEEN67676
0108481590159MIZELL PLATT 
0108481600160BOB SCHEFFING 
0108481610161VERNON STEPHENS 
0108481630163FREDDY HUTCHINSON6106106
0108481650165DALE MITCHELL5829829
0108481680168PHIL CAVARETTA513141314
*0108481020102GENE HERMANSK - no longer required 
*0108481362136CLIFF ABERSON (SHORT SLEEVE) - no longer required 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.

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I love this set! I have many dupes available as you may have too.
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