1955-56 Parkhurst: dr.alex


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Rank 9
Weighted GPA 7.490
Complete 92.41%
Set Rating 6.477
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04045500101HARRY LUMLEY 
04045500202SID SMITH7ST1037
04045500303TIM HORTON71720
04045500505RON STEWART7ST1135
04045500606JOE KLUKAY8152
04045500707MARC REAUME4450
04045500808JIM MORRISON8181
04045500909PARKER MACDONALD779
040455010010TOD SLOAN870
040455011011JIM THOMSON8140
040455012012RUDY MIGAY8151I have a psa7 if you''re interested.
040455013013BRIAN CULLEN8110
040455014014HUGH BOLTON72813
040455015015ERIC NESTERENKO851
040455016016LARRY CAHAN8140
040455017017WILLIE MARSHALL8110Thank-you Natan.
040455018018DICK DUFF71410
040455019019JACK CAFFERY62117
040455020020BILLY HARRIS8140
040455021021LORNE CHABOT OTG 
040455022022HARVEY JACKSON OTG7193
040455023023TURK BRODA OTG880
040455024024JOE PRIMEAU OTG8151
040455025025GORDIE DRILLON OTG7.529I have a PSA 5 if you're interested
040455026026CHUCK CONACHER OTG8120I have a PSA 6 or PSA 5 if you're interested
040455027027SWEENEY SCHRINER OTG8101
040455028028SYL APPS OTG71813
040455029029TEEDER KENNEDY OTG72512
040455030030ACE BAILEY OTG8110Thank-you Paul Sacco
040455031031BABE PRATT OTG7179I have a Psa 5 if you're interested
040455032032HAROLD COTTON OTG7278I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040455033033KING CLANCY8110
040455034034HAP DAY7147
040455035035DON MARSHALL8150I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040455036036JACKIE LECLAIR850
040455037037MAURICE RICHARD72915
040455038038DICKIE MOORE8111
040455039039KEN MOSDELL61525
040455040040FLOYD (BUSHER) CURRY7215
040455041041CALUM MACKAY8171
040455042042BERT OLMSTEAD8172i have a Psa 7 if you're interested
040455043043BERNIE GEOFFRION8152I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040455044044JEAN BELIVEAU8210
040455045045DOUG HARVEY8191
040455046046BUTCH BOUCHARD8111
040455047047BUD MACPHERSON71213I have a Psaq 6 if you're interested
040455048048DOLLARD ST.LAURENT8192
040455049049TOM JOHNSON8250
040455050050JACQUES PLANTE 
040455051051PAUL MEGER72513
040455052052GERRY MCNEIL8262
040455053053JEAN-GUY TALBOT 
040455054054BOB TURNER8100I have a Psa 6 if you'reinterested
040455055055NEWSY LALONDE OTG71613
040455056056GEORGES VEZINA OTG8160
040455057057HOWIE MORENZ OTG 
040455058058AUREL JOLIAT OTG61536
040455060060SYLVIO MANTHA OTG893
040455061061BATTLESHIP LEDUC OTG8172I have a Psa 7 if you're interested
040455062062BABE SIEBERT OTG8171
040455063063BILL DURNAN OTG72617
040455064064KEN REARDON OTG8180
040455065065JOHNNY GAGNON OTG8161I have a Psa 5 if you're interested
040455066066BILLY REAY OTG8160
040455067067TOE BLAKE7165
040455068068FRANK SELKE5.5135
040455069069HUGH BEATS HODGE7156I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040455070070LUM STOPS BOOM BOOM7185
040455071071PLANTE IS PROTECTED8130
040455072072ROCKET ROARS THROUGH62917I have another PSA 6 if you're interested
040455074074BELIVEAU BATS PUCK8111I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040455076076CURRY SCORES AGAIN8160
040455077077JAMMED ON THE BOARDS61818
040455078078MONTREAL FORUM62117
040455079079MAPLE LEAF GARDENS51928