1993 Magic the Gathering Alpha (MTG): Arnold-NL // MtG Alpha Set

Arnold-NL // MtG Alpha Set

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Rank 8
Weighted GPA 8.485
Complete 73.79%
Set Rating 4.658
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About this set: 

Hello all.

I started playing Magic: the Gathering in 1997 (Weatherlight) and stopped playing in 2008.
From then on i started collecting and now i got 29 complete set's, 2 complete foil set's and a few nearly complete set's.

And now my Alpha collection...
Well, it's just my little dream. In 2009 i bought my first PSA graded Alpha card and started collecting more and more Alpha cards.
In 2012 i got my first few own Alpha cards graded. I still got several cards to be graded, but i'm going slow on this set.

Maybe i'll finish this set someday...

03/14/2012 Start my set registry.
02/04/2014 All commons PSA8, PSA9 or PSA10.
Current goal: All uncommons PSA8, PSA9 or PSA10.

For Sale / Trade:
All cards i have for sale / trade can be found in my tradeset.

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Arnold-NL // MtG Alpha Set
 ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
8011930011 AIR ELEMENTAL81414Graded from own collection
8011930031 ANIMATE ARTIFACT81328Graded from own collection
8011930041 ANIMATE DEAD91412Graded from own collection
8011930051 ANIMATE WALL 
8011930061 ANKH OF MISHRA 
8011930071 ARMAGEDDON 
8011930081 ASPECT OF WOLF992Purchase on eBay
8011930101 BAD MOON 
8011930091 BADLANDS 
8011930111 BALANCE 
8011930121 BASALT MONOLITH81816Purchase from ABUgames
8011930131 BAYOU 
8011930141 BENALISH HERO81434Purchase from ABUgames
8011930151 BERSERK83835Graded from own collection
8011930171 BLACK KNIGHT91810Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011930191 BLACK VISE82120Purchase from ABUgames
8011930201 BLACK WARD81213Graded from own collection
8011930211 BLAZE OF GLORY 
8011930221 BLESSING8.5221Purchase from ABUgames
8011930231 BLUE ELEMENTAL BLAST92715Graded from own collection
8011930241 BLUE WARD9159Purchase from ABUgames
8011930251 BOG WRAITH82012Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011930261 BRAINGEYSER 
8011930271 BURROWING82122Purchase from ABUgames
8011930281 CAMOUFLAGE81413Purchase from ABUgames
8011930291 CASTLE91610Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011930301 CELESTIAL PRISM9164Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011930311 CHANNEL8.5222Purchase from ABUgames
8011930321 CHAOS ORB 
8011930331 CHAOSLACE8.5216Purchase from ABUgames
8011930351 CIRCLE OF PROTECTION/BLUE9301Graded from own collection
8011930361 CIRCLE OF PROTECTION/GREEN9207Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011930371 CIRCLE OF PROTECTION/RED92512Purchase on eBay
8011930381 CIRCLE OF PROTECTION/WHITE10180Purchase on eBay
8011930391 CLOCKWORK BEAST8.5211Purchase on eBay
8011930401 CLONE91913Graded from own collection
8011930411 COCKATRICE7229Purchase on eBay
8011930421 CONSECRATE LAND81819Purchase from ABUgames
8011930431 CONSERVATOR9194Graded from own collection
8011930441 CONTRACT FROM BELOW8921Graded from own collection
8011930451 CONTROL MAGIC9205Graded from own collection
8011930461 CONVERSION91710Purchase from ABUgames
8011930471 COPPER TABLET81125Purchase from Elemental Chess, Thanks
8011930481 COPY ARTIFACT 
8011930491 COUNTERSPELL 8.5117Graded from own collection
8011930501 CRAW WURM9379Graded from own collection
8011930511 CREATURE BOND82317Graded from owl collection
8011930521 CRUSADE 
8011930531 CRYSTAL ROD8.5217Purchase from JDJ-Sapphire, Thanks
8011930541 CURSED LAND9186Graded from own collection
8011930551 CYCLOPEAN TOMB 
8011930561 DARK RITUAL83411Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011930571 DARKPACT 
8011930581 DEATH WARD9238Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011930591 DEATHGRIP81529Purchase from ABUgames
8011930611 DEMONIC ATTORNEY82212Purchase on MCM
8011930621 DEMONIC HORDES 
8011930631 DEMONIC TUTOR84132Purchase on eBay
8011930641 DINGUS EGG 
8011930651 DISENCHANT9305Purchase from ABUgames
8011930661 DISINTEGRATE93018Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011930681 DRAGON WHELP9166Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011930691 DRAIN LIFE10170Purchase on eBay
8011930701 DRAIN POWER 
8011930711 DRUDGE SKELETONS92412Purchase on eBay
8011930721 DWARVEN DEMOLITION TEAM9197Purchase from ABUgames
8011930731 DWARVEN WARRIORS10220Graded from own collection
8011930741 EARTH ELEMENTAL92012Graded from own collection
8011930751 EARTHBIND92025Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011930761 EARTHQUAKE7243Graded from own collection
8011930771 ELVISH ARCHERS9124Graded from own collection
8011930781 EVIL PRESENCE9155Purchase on eBay
8011930791 FALSE ORDERS9246Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011930801 FARMSTEAD81112Graded from own collection
8011930811 FASTBOND 
8011930821 FEAR9289Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011930831 FEEDBACK9153Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011930841 FIRE ELEMENTAL81318Purchase from Elemental Chess, Thanks
8011930851 FIREBALL83329Graded from own collection
8011930861 FIREBREATHING9317Graded from own collection
8011930871 FLASHFIRES9225Graded from own collection
8011930881 FLIGHT9254Purchase from ABUgames
8011930891 FOG9180Graded from own collection
8011930901 FORCE OF NATURE83113Graded from own collection
8011930911 FORCEFIELD8198Purchase on MCM
8011930921 FOREST10340PSA10, Version B, Path
8011930931 FORK81920Purchase on eBay
8011930941 FROZEN SHADE92012Graded from own collection
8011930951 FUNGUSAUR 
8011930961 GAEAS LIEGE81419Purchase on eBay
8011930981 GIANT GROWTH9140Graded from own collection
8011930991 GIANT SPIDER9238Purchase on eBay
8011931001 GLASSES OF URZA81614Purchase from ABUgames
8011931011 GLOOM81027Purchase from ABUgames
8011931021 GOBLIN BALLOON BRIGADE9103Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931031 GOBLIN KING 
8011931051 GRAY OGRE9226Graded from own collection
8011931061 GREEN WARD8727Purchase from ABUgames
8011931071 GRIZZLY BEARS9297Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011931081 GUARDIAN ANGEL8.5220Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011931091 HEALING SALVE93011Purchase on eBay
8011931101 HELM OF CHATZUK81322Purchase from ABUgames
8011931111 HILL GIANT9286Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011931121 HOLY ARMOR9302Graded from own collection
8011931131 HOLY STRENGTH82815Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011931141 HOWL FROM BEYOND9216Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011931151 HOWLING MINE8.5316Purchase from ABUgames
8011931161 HURLOON MINOTAUR9297Graded from own collection
8011931171 HURRICANE81813Purchase from Elemental Chess, Thanks
8011931181 HYPNOTIC SPECTER83146Purchase from ABUgames
8011931191 ICE STORM82136Purchase from ABUgames
8011931201 ICY MANIPULATOR82133Graded from own collection
8011931221 INSTILL ENERGY82019Purchase from Elemental Chess, Thanks
8011931231 INVISIBILITY92516Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011931241 IRON STAR9198Graded from own collection
8011931251 IRONCLAW ORCS9298Graded from own collection
8011931261 IRONROOT TREEFOLK9280Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931281 ISLAND 10380PSA10, Version A, Purple sky
PSA9, Version B, Blue sky
8011931291 IVORY CUP81129Purchase from ABUgames
8011931301 JADE MONOLITH81320Graded from own collection
8011931311 JADE STATUE81423Purchase from ABUgames
8011931321 JAYEMDAE TOME81812Purchase on eBay
8011931331 JUGGERNAUT81128Graded from own collection
8011931341 JUMP10200Purchase on eBay
8011931351 KARMA82225Graded from own collection
8011931361 KELDON WARLORD81214Purchase from ABUgames
8011931371 KORMUS BELL 
8011931381 KUDZU81516Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011931391 LANCE8828Graded from own collection
8011931401 LEY DRUID82321Graded from own collection
8011931411 LIBRARY OF LENG81420Purchase on eBay
8011931421 LICH 
8011931431 LIFEFORCE81225Graded from own collection
8011931441 LIFELACE81411Purchase on eBay
8011931451 LIFETAP1070Purchase on eBay
8011931461 LIGHTNING BOLT93720Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011931491 LIVING LANDS 
8011931471 LIVING WALL81613Graded from own collection
8011931501 LLANOWAR ELVES81949Graded from own collection
8011931511 LORD OF ATLANTIS81331Purchase on eBay
8011931521 LORD OF THE PIT 
8011931541 LURE9280Graded from own collection
8011931721 MAGICAL HACK81812Purchase on eBay
8011931591 MANA SHORT 
8011931601 MANA VAULT 
8011931621 MEEKSTONE8.5114Purchase from ABUgames
8011931631 MERFOLK OF THE PEARL TR9292Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931641 MESA PEGASUS9348Graded from own collection
8011931651 MIND TWIST 
8011931571 MONSS GOBLIN RAIDERS9152Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931771 MOUNTAIN10390PSA10, Version A, Red sky
PSA9, Version B, Blue sky
8011931661 MOX EMERALD 
8011931681 MOX JET 
8011931671 MOX PEARL 
8011931691 MOX RUBY 
8011931701 MOX SAPPHIRE 
8011931741 NETHER SHADOW81618Purchase from ABUgames
8011931731 NETTLING IMP81413Purchase from ABUgames
8011931761 NEVINYRRALS DISK81721Graded from own collection
8011931751 NIGHTMARE81710Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931711 NORTHERN PALADIN8.5112Purchase from ABUgames
8011931791 OBSIANUS GOLEM81222Purchase on eBay
8011931801 ORCISH ARTILLERY9204Graded from own collection
8011931811 ORCISH ORIFLAMME81520Purchase from Elemental Chess, Thanks
8011931821 PARALYZE9253Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011931831 PEARLED UNICORN92318Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011931841 PERSONAL INCARNATION81411Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011931851 PESTILENCE9213Graded from own collection
8011931871 PHANTASMAL TERRAIN9365Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011931881 PHANTOM MONSTER8.5224Purchase from ABUgames
8011931891 PIRATE SHIP7327Graded from own collection
8011931921 PLAGUE RATS9225Graded from own collection
8011931911 PLAINS910029PSA9, Version A, Without trees
PSA9, Version B, With trees
8011931901 PLATEAU 
8011931931 POWER LEAK9342Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011931941 POWER SINK10150Purchase on eBay
8011931951 POWER SURGE81910Purchase on eBay
8011931961 PRODIGAL SORCERER92715Graded from own collection
8011931971 PSIONIC BLAST83021Purchase from ABUgames
8011931981 PSYCHIC VENOM9274Graded from own collection
8011931991 PURELACE 
8011932011 RAGING RIVER 
8011932001 RAISE DEAD81421Graded from own collection
8011932021 RED ELEMENTAL BLAST81043Purchase from ABUgames
8011932031 RED WARD9162Graded from own collection
8011932041 REGENERATION91820Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011932051 REGROWTH92510Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011932061 RESURRECTION81412Purchase from ABUgames
8011932071 REVERSE DAMAGE 
8011932091 ROC OF KHER RIDGES81817Purchase on eBay
8011932111 ROD OF RUIN81618Purchase from ABUgames
8011932121 ROYAL ASSASSIN81125Graded from own collection
8011932131 SACRIFICE9223Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011932141 SAMITE HEALER92217Purchase from ABUgames
8011932151 SAVANNAH 
8011932161 SAVANNAH LIONS7640Graded from own collection
8011932171 SCATHE ZOMBIES92513Purchase on eBay
8011932181 SCAVENGING GHOUL8.5129Purchase from ABUgames
8011932191 SCRUBLAND7638Graded from own collection
8011932201 SCRYB SPRITES9305Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011932211 SEA SERPENT9151Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011932231 SENGIR VAMPIRE9263Graded from own collection
8011932241 SERRA ANGEL8.5231Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011932251 SHANODIN DRYADS92214Graded from own collection
8011932261 SHATTER92316Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011932271 SHIVAN DRAGON 
8011932281 SIMULACRUM8148Purchase from ABUgames
8011932291 SINKHOLE85135Graded from own collection
8011932301 SIRENS CALL81618Purchase from ABUgames
8011932321 SLEIGHT OF MIND82113Graded from own collection
8011932331 SMOKE 
8011932311 SOL RING82629Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011932341 SOUL NET9155Purchase from ABUgames
8011932351 SPELL BLAST91819Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011932361 STASIS 
8011932371 STEAL ARTIFACT82018Purchase from ABUgames
8011932381 STONE GIANT8.5321Purchase from ABUgames
8011932391 STONE RAIN990Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011932401 STREAM OF LIFE9215Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011932421 SWAMP10470PSA10, Version A, Low branch
PSA10, Version B, High branch
8011932431 SWORDS TO PLOWSHARE92010Purchase from ABUgames
8011932441 TAIGA 
8011932451 TERROR9329Purchase from Mega Mel, Thanks
8011932461 THE HIVE81324Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011932471 THICKET BASILISK9153Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011932481 THOUGHTLACE8.519Purchase from JDJ-Sapphire, Thanks
8011932491 THRONE OF BONE9202Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011932501 TIMBER WOLVES 
8011932511 TIME VAULT 
8011932521 TIME WALK 
8011932531 TIMETWISTER 
8011932541 TRANQUILITY81323Graded from own collection
8011932561 TSUNAMI81516Purchase from ABUgames
8011932571 TUNDRA 
8011932581 TUNNEL82017Purchase from ABUgames
8011932611 TWIDDLE92714Purchase from mtgobazaar, Thanks
8011932601 TWO-HEADED GIANT81315Purchase from ABUgames
8011932621 UNHOLY STRENGTH10210Purchase on eBay
8011932631 UNSUMMON9306Graded from own collection
8011932641 UTHDEN TROLL82217Purchase from ABUgames
8011932681 VOLCANIC ERUPTION7524Graded from own collection
8011932701 WALL OF AIR7.5138Graded from own collection
8011932711 WALL OF BONE81727Purchase from ABUgames
8011932721 WALL OF BRAMBLES8823Purchase from ABUgames
8011932731 WALL OF FIRE81216Graded from own collection
8011932741 WALL OF ICE9207Purchase from ABUgames
8011932751 WALL OF STONE8921Graded from own collection
8011932761 WALL OF SWORDS81325Graded from own collection
8011932771 WALL OF WATER81021Graded from own collection
8011932781 WALL OF WOOD81621Purchase on MCM
8011932791 WANDERLUST9257Graded from own collection
8011932801 WAR MAMMOTH92013Purchase from ABUgames
8011932811 WARP ARTIFACT 
8011932821 WATER ELEMENTAL81520Purchase from eBay
8011932831 WEAKNESS92122Purchase from Club Kunitar, Thanks
8011932841 WEB 
8011932851 WHEEL OF FORTUNE 
8011932861 WHITE KNIGHT81822Purchase from ABUgames
8011932871 WHITE WARD9174Purchase from xtsk, Thanks
8011932881 WILD GROWTH92219Purchase on eBay
8011932891 WILL-O-THE-WISP82213Graded from own collection
8011932901 WINTER ORB 
8011932911 WOODEN SPHERE81222Purchase from ABUgames
8011932921 WORD OF COMMAND 
8011932941 ZOMBIE MASTER81912Purchase on MCM