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About this set: This is the first perfect 10 set 1988 Maxx Charlotte Master set. What makes this set to tough to get perfect is the Mentions 100 Cover Card. This card is only available in the boxed factory set. To make it worse, the card is on top of the other cards in the box with absolutely no padding, making it very susceptible to damage. Combined with the vibration of being on top, very bad centering issues and a blue border, finding gem mint examples of this card is almost next to impossible. I bought this set in 1988 from Bill Elliott's souvenir trailer at Talladega. This was the very first racing card set I had ever seen and purchased it for $25. I remember my wife opening up the set as we were stuck in traffic leaving Talladega and showing me the cards. The 1988 Maxx Charlotte set contains more rookies than any other racing set.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
09158800101COVER CARD/1010290290
09158800111COVER CARD/100101010This card is only available in the boxed factory set. To make it worse, the...
09158800202RICHARD PETTY'S CAR10290290
09158800303J.D. MCDUFFIE10310310
09158800404CALE YARBOROUGH'S CAR10230230
09158800505DAVEY ALLISON10620620
09158800606RODNEY COMBS10170170
09158800707B.ALLISON/BONN/BODINE CARS10220220
09158800808MICKEY GIBBS10190190
09158800909DALE EARNHARDT'S CAR10240240
091588010010DARRELL WALTRIP10640640
091588011011STERLING MARLIN'S CAR10320320
091588012012BRAD TEAGUE10270270
091588013013DALE EARNHARDT'S CAR10260260
091588014014RUSTY WALLACE10820820
091588015015PIT ROW ACTION10310310
091588016016LARRY POLLARD10280280
091588017017DALE EARNHARDT'S CAR10330330
091588018018BENNY PARSONS' CAR10260260
091588019019CHECKLIST #110290290
091588020020NEIL BONNETT10400400
091588021021MARTINSVILLE SPEEDWAY10220220
091588022022BILL ELLIOTT'S CAR10250250
091588023023MICHAEL WALTRIP'S CAR10220220
091588024024TREVOR BOYS10230230
091588025025MORGAN SHEPHERD10240240
091588026026PHIL PARSONS W/MARCIA10290290
091588027027DARRELL WALTRIP IN PITS10230230
091588028028HUT STRICKLIN10360360
091588029029RICHARD CHILDRESS10290290
091588030030BOBBY ALLISON10370370
091588031031R.PETTY/R.RUDD CARS10220220
091588032032RICHMOND FAIRGROUNDS10260260
091588033033DERRIKE COPE10360360
091588034034NEIL BONNETT'S CAR10220220
091588036036CHECKLIST #2 CARD #43 IS IS DAYTONA INT'L 10150150
091588036136CHECKLIST #2 CARD #43 IS RICHARD PETTY10220220
091588037037LARRY PEARSON10330330
091588038038DALE EARNHARDT'S CAR10830830
091588039039DAVE PLETCHER10310310
091588040040DAVEY ALLISON ROY10320320
091588041041ALAN KULWICKI'S CAR10410410
091588042042JIMMY MEANS10220220
091588043043RICHARD PETTY10540540
091588044044DAVE MARCIS10220220
091588046046LAKE SPEED10310310
091588047047DAYTONA INT. SPEEDWAY10210210
091588048048MARK MARTIN1011201120
091588049049D.EARNHARDT/D.ALLISON CARS10340340
091588050050BILL ELLIOTT10470470
091588051051KEN RAGAN10220220
091588052052BOBBY HILLIN10200200
091588053053ALABAMA INT. SPEEDWAY10190190
091588054054DALE EARNHARDT'S CAR10540540
091588055055BUDDY BAKER10210210
091588056056CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY10290290
091588057057RICK WILSON CRASH10310310
091588058058ALAN KULWICKI10580580
091588059059BRETT BODINE10210210
091588060060RICHARD PETTY'S CAR10280280
091588061061DALE JARRETT10750750
091588062062R.WALLACE/G.BODINE CARS10230230
091588063063TERRY LABONTE10580580
091588064064DAVE MARCIS' CAR10180180
091588065065GREG SACKS10290290
091588066066JIMMY HORTON10330330
091588067067GEOFF BODINE10340340
091588068068RICK WILSON10290290
091588069169CHECKLIST #3 CARD #59, BRETT BODINE10220220
091588069069CHECKLIST #3 CARD #59, 1988 BEGINS!10110110
091588070070BILL ELLIOTT FF10260260
091588071071MARK STAHL10200200
091588072072HARRY RANIER/LUNDY SHOP10320320
091588073073PHOENIX INT. RACEWAY10250250
091588074074KEN SCHRADER10310310
091588075075DARRELL WALTRIP'S CAR10310310
091588076076BENNY PARSONS10140140
091588077077WATKINS GLEN INT.10250250
091588078078PHIL BARKDOLL10470470
091588079079SPEEDWAY CLUB/CHARLOTTE10260260
091588080080STERLING MARLIN10440440
091588081081KEN SCHRADER'S CAR10210210
091588082082RIVERSIDE INT./R.PETTY'S CAR10260260
091588083083BUDDY ARRINGTON10210210
091588084084D.EARNHARDT/R.PETTY CARS10200200
091588085085CONNIE SAYLOR10300300
091588087087D.EARNHARDT WC CHAMP10540540
091588088088KEN BOUCHARD MARRIED10220220
091588089089DAVEY ALLISON'S CAR10310310
091588090090CALE YARBOROUGH10300300
091588091091MICHIGAN INT. SPEEDWAY10190190
091588092092EDDIE BIERSCHWALE10310310
091588093093JIM SAUTER10260260
091588095095ERNIE IRVAN10370370
091588096096BUDDY BAKER'S CAR10240240
091588098098MICHAEL WALTRIP10500500
091588099099GREAT BODY10300300
091588099199DALE EARNHARDT PROMO10680680
0915881000100CHECKLIST #410250250
Awesome set! I have all but the 100 cover card. Would you consider selling it? Or sell the whole set?
Posted @ 1/24/2011 6:51 PM By bradsmith1