1958 Dodgers Bell Brand: MorrellMan's Bells

MorrellMan's Bells

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Weighted GPA 5.515
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Set Rating 5.515
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About this set: I started off thinking this was just one of the ugliest sets of cards I'd ever seen. Now that I've been putting it together, piece by piece, carefully examining each one as I add it to the set, I've concluded that it's still the fugliest set of cards I've ever seen.

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MorrellMan's Bells
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0919580010 ROY CAMPANELLA61829
0919580020 GINO CIMOLI SP679
0919580030 DON DRYSDALE6624
0919580040 JIM GILLIAM51349
0919580050 GIL HODGES61521
0919580060 SANDY KOUFAX51838
0919580070 JOHNNY PODRES SP5416
0919580080 PEE WEE REESE SP61117
0919580090 DUKE SNIDER SP5613
0919580100 DON ZIMMER51716
It doesn't reveal its true beauty until you can actually complete the set Mark!
Posted @ 9/25/2012 3:46 PM By griffinscards