1948 Bowman: Heifetz


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About this set: I would like to thank many people who made this set possible, including but not limited to Dave, Robert, Harold, Steve, Jim, Arthur, Ralph, Kris, but most importantly, to Lisa who went willingly into the world of the trekkies. This was extremely difficult to assemble and like most other collectors, I am interested in improving it.

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Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
03024800101ERNIE CALVERLEY94040
03024800202RALPH HAMILTON8190190
03024800303GALE BISHOP94040
03024800404FRED LEWIS92020
03024800505SINGLE CUT OFF POST92020
03024800606BOB FEERICK94040
03024800707JOHN LOGAN94040
03024800808MEL RIEBE101010
03024800909ANDY PHILLIP92020
030248010010BOB DAVIES101010
030248011011SINGLE CUT WITH96060
030248012012KENNY SAILORS94040
030248013013PAUL ARMSTRONG96060
030248014014HOWARD DALLMAR101010
030248015015BRUCE HALE94141
030248016016SID HERTZBERG95050
030248017017SINGLE CUT92020
030248018018EPHRAIM ROCHA95050
030248019019EDDIE EHLERS9100100
030248020020ELLIS (GENE) VANCE94040
030248021021ANDREW LEVANE96060
030248022022EARL SHANNON92020
030248023023DOUBLE CUT OFF POST96161
030248024024LEO KLIER98181
030248025025GEORGE SENESKY93030
030248026026PRICE BROOKFIELD91010
030248027027JOHN NORLANDER98080
030248028028DON PUTMAN92020
030248029029DOUBLE POST94040
030248030030JACK GARFINKEL91010
030248031031CHARLES GILMUR91010
030248032032WILLIAM HOLZMAN96060
030248033033JACK SMILEY8.51111
030248034034JOE FULKS92020
030248035035SCREEN PLAY95050
030248036036HAL TIDRICK8140140
030248037037DON CARLSON93030
030248038038HARRY JEANETTE95050
030248039039RAY KUKA101010
030248040040STAN MIASEK94040
030248041041DOUBLE SCREEN WITH91010
030248042042GEORGE NOSTRAND91010
030248043043CHARLES HALBERT92020
030248044044ARNIE JOHNSON91010
030248045045BOB DOLL91010
030248046046HORACE McKINNEY101010
030248047047OUT OF BOUNDS92020
030248048048ED SADOWSKI93030
030248049049BOB KINNEY8150150
030248050050CHARLES BLACK8130130
030248051051JACK DWAN93030
030248052052CORNELIUS SIMMONS92020
030248053053OUT OF BOUNDS91010
030248054054JOHN PALMER92020
030248055055MAX ZASLOFSKY93030
030248056056LEE ROY ROBBINS93030
030248057057ARTHUR SPECTOR93030
030248058058ARNIE RISEN92020
030248059059OUT OF BOUNDS PLAY93030
030248060060ARIEL MAUGHAN8.53131
030248061061DICK O'KEEFE93131
030248062062HERMAN SCHAEFER93030
030248063063JOHN MAHNKEN8140140
030248064064TOMMY BYRNES101010
030248065065HELD BALL PLAY91010
030248066066JIM POLLARD95050
030248067067LEO JOHN MOGUS92020
030248068068LEE KNOREK91010
030248069069GEORGE MIKAN94141
030248070070WALTER BUDKO93030
030248071071GUARDS DOWN PLAY101010
030248072072CARL BRAUN92020
Mike This Is a Grate Set,,, HOF Set For All time!!! Only The Best Take Care Brent Slavik
Posted @ 10/18/2016 4:56 PM By BCCSLAVIK
Michael, I hit return by accident in the last post so, Incredible set that belongs in the Basketball Hall of Fame or maybe the Smithsonian?!. Mind boggling! Take care, mike (vtwood)
Posted @ 11/21/2014 7:18 PM By vtwood
Posted @ 11/21/2014 7:16 PM By vtwood
This is absolutely one of the finest sets ever assembled in the history of the entire hobby.
Posted @ 2/10/2014 4:44 PM By DFco
Absolutely amazing set Mike. It's probably asking a lot, but photos of these cards would make such a great addition as I'm sure they are fantastic specimens.
Posted @ 1/14/2010 1:08 PM By dsky
Mike is a classic collector and a credit to the hobby. He is not only always looking to improve his own sets but is always willing to help other collectors improve theirs. This is an unbelievable set that Mike has and one of the best assemnled in any sport.
Posted @ 9/27/2009 5:01 PM By jdc122