NBA Top 50 Rookies : aro13


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Rank 9
Weighted GPA 7.275
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.275
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About this set: I would like to complete this set with rookies in at least PSA 7 condition except for the modern players (post 1974) in which I would like at least PSA 8's.

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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0301690250251969-70 TOPPS KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR7312168
0301710290291971-72 TOPPS NATE ARCHIBALD7104158
0301570100101957-58 TOPPS PAUL ARIZIN76940
030386007071986-87 FLEER CHARLES BARKLEY91100152
03017117001701971-72 TOPPS RICK BARRY7219287
030361003031961-62 FLEER ELGIN BAYLOR712373
0301690550551969-70 TOPPS DAVE BING7152185
030361008081961-62 FLEER WILT CHAMBERLAIN7223205
0301570170171957-58 TOPPS BOB COUSY710238
0301710470471971-72 TOPPS DAVE COWENS8.5467
0301690400401969-70 TOPPS BILLY CUNNINGHAM7154130
0301690850851969-70 TOPPS DAVE DEBUSSCHERE811114
0303860260261986-87 FLEER CLYDE DREXLER91298236
03017219501951972-73 TOPPS JULIUS ERVING8719150
0303860320321986-87 FLEER PATRICK EWING991698
0301690980981969-70 TOPPS WALT FRAZIER7153156
03017419601961974-75 TOPPS GEORGE GERVIN822040
0303610160161961-62 FLEER HAL GREER7129161
0301690200201969-70 TOPPS JOHN HAVLICEK7249228
0301690750751969-70 TOPPS ELVIN HAYES7187197
0303610230231961-62 FLEER SAM JONES7132147
0303860570571986-87 FLEER MICHAEL JORDAN867742838
0301690450451969-70 TOPPS JERRY LUCAS7118156
0303860680681986-87 FLEER KARL MALONE91213150
03017525402541975-76 TOPPS MOSES MALONE930022
03017012301231970-71 TOPPS PETE MARAVICH7385441
0301810750E751981-82 TOPPS KEVIN MCHALE932946
0302480690691948 BOWMAN GEORGE MIKAN432154
0301690800801969-70 TOPPS EARL MONROE7.58186
0303860820821986-87 FLEER HAKEEM OLAJUWON91304220
031792001011992-93 UPPER DECK SHAQUILLE ONEAL92171210
03017711101111977-78 TOPPS ROBERT PARISH8560179
0301570240241957-58 TOPPS BOB PETTIT710751
0303880200201988-89 FLEER SCOTTIE PIPPEN101530
0301690600601969-70 TOPPS WILLIS REED816429
0303610360361961-62 FLEER OSCAR ROBERTSON7157108
03088913801381989-90 HOOPS DAVID ROBINSON92300546
0301570770771957-58 TOPPS BILL RUSSELL78051
0301570130131957-58 TOPPS DOLPH SCHAYES75642
030157005051957-58 TOPPS BILL SHARMAN77134
03038811501151988-89 FLEER JOHN STOCKTON92589480
03038610901091986-87 FLEER ISIAH THOMAS9648134
0301690100101969-70 TOPPS NATE THURMOND7143150
0301690560561969-70 TOPPS WES UNSELD7172179
0301740390391974-75 TOPPS BILL WALTON832493
0303610430431961-62 FLEER JERRY WEST7213165
0303610440441961-62 FLEER LENNY WILKINS7139153
03038613101311986-87 FLEER JAMES WORTHY946689
Very nice set!!! One day you should break the piggie bank open, splurge, and buy yourself a Mikan rookie to complete the set.
Posted @ 3/13/2010 9:47 AM By MarcB