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NBA Top 50 Rookies : Greatest Show on Earth

Greatest Show on Earth

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About this set: Certainly these 50 players, in any historic sense, would comprise -- with apologies to Barnum and Bailey -- the Greatest Show on Earth. With Mikan, Cousy, The Big O, Elgin, Mr. Clutch, The Big Dipper, and Michael, not to mention Luke, these are the greatest players to lace up the Cons. People have felt others are missing, including Dominique, Lanier, English, King, McAdoo, Hayward and some of the early pioneers such as Davies, Wanzer, Pollard and many of the current phenoms. I'm sure the team will be increased as the years go on, and many will be included. Unfortunately, they chose 50 and not 100 million, otherwise I would be there. Enjoy!

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Greatest Show on Earth
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0301690250251969-70 TOPPS KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR9171 
0301710290291971-72 TOPPS NATE ARCHIBALD9221Rookie-HOF
0301570100101957-58 TOPPS PAUL ARIZIN8372 
030386007071986-87 FLEER CHARLES BARKLEY101480 
03017117001701971-72 TOPPS RICK BARRY9377Rookie-HOF
030361003031961-62 FLEER ELGIN BAYLOR990 
0301690550551969-70 TOPPS DAVE BING9160 
030361008081961-62 FLEER WILT CHAMBERLAIN9313 
0301570170171957-58 TOPPS BOB COUSY8.513 
0301710470471971-72 TOPPS DAVE COWENS9661Rookie-HOF
0301690400401969-70 TOPPS BILLY CUNNINGHAM9110 
0301690850851969-70 TOPPS DAVE DEBUSSCHERE9110 
0303860260261986-87 FLEER CLYDE DREXLER102340 
03017219501951972-73 TOPPS JULIUS ERVING91320 
0303860320321986-87 FLEER PATRICK EWING10980 
0301690980981969-70 TOPPS WALT FRAZIER9121 
03017419601961974-75 TOPPS GEORGE GERVIN9353 
0303610160161961-62 FLEER HAL GREER9191 
0301690200201969-70 TOPPS JOHN HAVLICEK9221 
0301690750751969-70 TOPPS ELVIN HAYES9270 
0303610230231961-62 FLEER SAM JONES1020 
0303860570571986-87 FLEER MICHAEL JORDAN102460 
0301690450451969-70 TOPPS JERRY LUCAS9131 
0303860680681986-87 FLEER KARL MALONE101500 
03017525402541975-76 TOPPS MOSES MALONE10220 
03017012301231970-71 TOPPS PETE MARAVICH9702 
0301810750E751981-82 TOPPS KEVIN MCHALE10460 
0302480690691948 BOWMAN GEORGE MIKAN941 
0301690800801969-70 TOPPS EARL MONROE9210 
0303860820821986-87 FLEER HAKEEM OLAJUWON102160 
031792001011992-93 UPPER DECK SHAQUILLE ONEAL102080 
03017711101111977-78 TOPPS ROBERT PARISH91629 
0301570240241957-58 TOPPS BOB PETTIT8.521 
0303880200201988-89 FLEER SCOTTIE PIPPEN101520 
0301690600601969-70 TOPPS WILLIS REED9240 
0303610360361961-62 FLEER OSCAR ROBERTSON1010 
03088913801381989-90 HOOPS DAVID ROBINSON105420 
0301570770771957-58 TOPPS BILL RUSSELL930 
0301570130131957-58 TOPPS DOLPH SCHAYES920 
030157005051957-58 TOPPS BILL SHARMAN940 
03038811501151988-89 FLEER JOHN STOCKTON104660 
03038610901091986-87 FLEER ISIAH THOMAS101340 
0301690100101969-70 TOPPS NATE THURMOND9230 
0301690560561969-70 TOPPS WES UNSELD9160 
0301740390391974-75 TOPPS BILL WALTON9833 
0303610430431961-62 FLEER JERRY WEST1030 
0303610440441961-62 FLEER LENNY WILKINS1030 
03038613101311986-87 FLEER JAMES WORTHY10890 
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