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1996 Leaf Steel Gold Promo Baseball
1999 Topps All-Topps Mystery Finest Baseball
1999 Topps New Breed Baseball
1999 Topps Picture Perfect Baseball
1999 Topps Record Numbers Baseball
1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous Football
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champions (1981) 
1999 Topps Green Bay Packers
2000 Topps Green Bay Packers 
2003 Topps Green Bay Packers
1983 Topps New England Patriots
King Clancy Memorial Trophy Winners Hockey
Norris Trophy Winners Autographs Hockey
1974-75 O-Pee-Chee Atlanta Flames 
1981-1989 Donruss Wax Packs - Any Series Baseball
1981-1989 Fleer Wax Packs - Any Series Baseball
1990-1999 Topps Cello Packs - Any Series Baseball
2003 SP Authentic Sign of a Champion Platinum Misc Sports
2003 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Platinum Misc Sports
2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection Misc Sports
1955 Mother's Cookies Sports Cars Non-Sports
1959 Parkhurst Old Time Cars Non-Sports
1948 World Series Games 1-6 Tickets
1954 World Series Games 1-4 Tickets
20th Century Super Bowl Tickets (1967-1999)

New Set Composites Online
1966 Bazooka Hand Cut Singles Baseball
Atlanta Braves World Series Champions (1995) 
Anaheim Angels World Series Champions (2002) 
Florida Marlins World Series Champions (2003) 
Evan Gattis Basic Set 
Evan Gattis Master Set 
1952 Topps Philadelphia Athletics 
1984 Topps Chicago Cubs 
1996-Present Topps Mickey Mantle #7 - Master Baseball
1972 Topps HOF Football
1974 Topps HOF Football
Chicago Bears #1 Draft Picks (1936-present) 
Rob Gronkowski Basic Set 
Rob Gronkowski Master Set 
Greg Pruitt Basic Set 
Greg Pruitt Master Set 
Rick Upchurch Basic Set 
Rick Upchurch Master Set 
Joe Washington Basic Set 
Joe Washington Master Set 
Louis Wright Basic Set 
Louis Wright Master Set 
1960-1969 Decade of Patriots  
1935-36 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens (V304C) 
1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Montreal Canadiens 
1971-72 Topps Philadelphia Flyers 
1974-75 Topps Philadelphia Flyers 
1975-76 Topps Philadelphia Flyers 
1953-1993 Topps Cello Packs - Any Series Baseball 
1951-1999 Topps Wax Packs - Any Series Baseball 
Manuel Francisco dos Santos Master Set 
Len Harvey Master Set 
Ferenc Puskas Master Set 
1978 T.V. Sports, Inc. Victory Sports Photo Portrait Series Non-Sports
NCAA Game of the Century Tickets

New Set Composites Online
1982 Donruss - Master Baseball
1983 Donruss - Master Baseball
1986 Donruss - Master Baseball
1987 Donruss - Master Baseball
1988 Donruss - Master Baseball
1989 Donruss - Master Baseball
St. Louis Cardinals World Series Champions (2006)
St. Louis Cardinals World Series Champions (2011) 
San Francisco Giants World Series Champions (2010)
San Francisco Giants World Series Champions (2012)
San Francisco Giants World Series Champions (2014)
Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champions (2008) 
Chicago White Sox World Series Champions (2005) 
New York Yankees World Series Champions (2009) 
1925 Dominion Chocolate (V31) Football
1990 Fleer - Master Football
2006 Topps - Master Football
1969-70 O-Pee-Chee 4 in 1 Singles Hockey
1953 A & J Donaldson Ltd. Sport Favourites Misc Sports
1896 American Pepsin Presidents PE7-15 Non-Sports
1896 American Pepsin White Squadron Warships PE7-23 Non-Sports
1935 Warriors of the World (R170) Non-Sports
1948 Topps Magic Photos Movie Stars Non-Sports
1950 Novel Candy Super Circus Stories (R722-7) Non-Sports
1974 Topps Six Million Dollar Man Mexico Test Issue Non-Sports
1979 Star Trek Manor Bread Non-Sports
1979 Star Trek the Motion Picture UK/Ireland Non-Sports
Pokemon Wizards Black Star Promos (1999-2002) Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
1967 Dexter Press Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball
1967 Dexter Press San Francisco Giants Baseball
1993 Ultra Dennis Eckersley Baseball
1999 Finest Refractors Baseball
2013 Topps Cut to the Chase Baseball
2013 Topps Desert Camo Baseball
1970-1981 Topps Montreal Expos Team Cards Baseball
2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Autographs Baseball
2014 Topps Archives Major League Autographs Baseball
Miguel Dilone Basic Set 
Miguel Dilone Master Set 
Billy Hamilton Basic Set 
Billy Hamilton Master Set 
Joe Rudi Basic Set 
Joe Rudi Master Set 
Gary Payton Basic Set 
Gary Payton Master Set 
1982 Topps HOF Football
1990 Topps HOF Football
1993 Topps HOF Football
2011 SP Authentic Autograph Gold Football
Rick Middleton Basic Set 
Rick Middleton Master Set 
1934 Gallaher Champions Misc Sports
1950 Kiddy's Favourites Popular Boxers - Name in Black Misc Sports
1888 D. Buchner & Co. Police Inspectors & Captains (N228) Non-Sports
1962 A-1 Dollisdale Tea Do You Know About Shipping & Trees Non-Sports
1966 Browne's Tea Tropical Birds Non-Sports
1970 Anglo Confectionery Ltd. UFO Non-Sports
1983 Star Wars Return of the Jedi Album Stickers Non-Sports
1999 Pokemon Fossil 1st Edition Non-Sports
1999 Pokemon Jungle 1st Edition Non-Sports
1999 Topps WCW Embossed Double Side-Chrome Non-Sports
1999 WCW/nWo Little Caesars Lenticular Non-Sports
2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st Edition Non-Sports
2000 Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Non-Sports
2000 Pokemon Team Rocket 1st Edition Non-Sports
2014 Star Trek TOS Portfolio Prints Autographs Non-Sports

New Set Composites Online
2014 Gold Glove Award Winners Baseball
2014 Silver Slugger Award Winners Baseball
Randy Gradishar Super Set
1971-72 Topps Chicago Blackhawks 
1971-72 Topps St. Louis Blues 
1971-72 Topps Vancouver Canucks 
1971-72 Topps California Golden Seals 
1971-72 Topps Toronto Maple Leafs 
1971-72 Topps Pittsburgh Penguins 
Landon Donovan Master Set 
Ben Hogan Master Set
Phil Mickelson Master Set
Gary Player Basic Set
Sam Snead Master Set
Tom Watson Basic Set

New Set Composites Online
1951 Topps Blue Back with Wax Pack Baseball
1956 Kahn's Wieners Baseball
1966 Fleer Match Baseball Game Baseball
1987 Our Own Tea Discs Panels Baseball
1992 Ultra All-Stars Baseball
1997 Topps Gallery Peter Max Baseball
2000 Starting Lineup All-Century Team Baseball
2012 Topps Yankees Great Book Set Baseball
2014 Topps Heritage 1965 U.S. Postage Stamp Baseball
Hall of Fame Managers First Year Issue Baseball
1986 Fleer Future Hall of Famers Autographs Baseball
1984 Topps Cleveland Indians
1985 Topps Cleveland Indians
1988 Topps Cleveland Indians
2014 Topps Boston Red Sox 
2009-10 Panini Crown Royale Basketball
1976-77 Topps HOF Basketball
1948-49 Bowman Boston Celtics 
1970-71 Topps Boston Celtics 
1971-72 Topps Boston Celtics
1972-73 Topps Boston Celtics
1973-74 Topps Boston Celtics
1974-75 Topps Boston Celtics
1975-76 Topps Boston Celtics
1979-80 Topps Boston Celtics
1970-1979 Topps Decade of Celtics 
1984 Topps HOF Football
1951 Bowman New York Giants 
1953 Bowman New York Giants 
1954 Bowman New York Giants 
1957 Topps New York Giants 
1961 Fleer New York Giants 
1961 Topps New York Giants
1962 Topps New York Giants
1963 Topps New York Giants
1966 Philadelphia New York Giants
1967 Philadelphia New York Giants 
1991-92 Upper Deck Brett Hull Heroes French Hockey
1993-94 Topps Premier Black Gold Hockey
1999 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky Living Legend Hockey
1975-76 O-Pee-Chee Washington Capitals
1975-76 Topps Washington Capitals 
1977-78 O-Pee-Chee Washington Capitals 
1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Washington Capitals 
1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Atlanta Flames 
1975-1989 Topps Cello Packs - Any Series Baseball Packs
1901 Ogden's Ltd. Guinea Gold Tennis Misc Sports
1912 Cohen Weenen & Co. Famous Boxers Without Makers Name Misc Sports
1909 Murad College Series - Basic (T51) Misc Sports
1909-10 Murad College Series - Master (T51) Misc Sports
2001 SP Authentic Tour Swatch Gold Misc Sport
2001 Upper Deck Golf Tour Gear Shirt/Hat Misc Sport
2010 Upper Deck MLS Misc Sports
2011 Upper Deck MLS Misc Sports
2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Misc Sports
1888 Allen & Ginter World's Racers (N32) Non-Sports
1934 Godfrey Philips Film Stars Postcards Non-Sports
1957 F279-18 Quaker Pack-O-Ten Warplanes Blank Back Non-Sports
1974 A & BC Kung Fu Non-Sports
1979 Donruss CHIPs Non-Sports
1982 Cosmos Non-Sports
1983 Donruss Knight Rider Non-Sports
2004 Upper Deck U.S. History The Presidents Non-Sports
2012 Topps Heritage WWE Allen & Ginter Mini Non-Sports
2012 Upper Deck Marvel Premier Non-Sports
2014 Pokemon XY Non-Sports
Seattle Seahawks Home Games (2013) Tickets
PSA's Top 10 World Series Tickets of All Time Tickets

New Set Composites Online
1948 Menko Crude Portraits JCM94 Baseball
1949 Karuta Betto Box JK4 Baseball
1951 Osato Gangu JGA11 Baseball
1953 Karuta JK22 Baseball
1959 Menko Marusho JCM38b Baseball
1964 Rawlings Glove Box Panels Baseball
1978 Yamakatsu Baseball
1988 Star Cal Ripken Jr. Glossy Baseball
1995 Fleer Baseball
2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini - Master Baseball
2014 Topps Heritage Baseball
Ed Brinkman Basic Set 
Ed Brinkman Master Set 
Chris Carpenter Basic Set 
Chris Carpenter Master Set 
Ron LeFlore Basic Set 
Ron LeFlore Master Set 
Mickey Mantle Basic Topps Set 
Mickey Manter Master Topps Set 
Andre Thornton Basic Set 
Andre Thornton Master Set 
Dennis Johnson Basic Set
Dennis Johnson Master Set 
1970-1979 Topps Decade of Cavaliers
1961 Topps CFL Transfers Football
1970's Topps Hall of Fame Rookies Football
Richard Dent Basic Set 
Richard Dent Master Set 
Richard Dent Basic Topps Set
Richard Dent Master Topps Set 
Johnny Manziel Basic Set
Johnny Manziel Master Set 
Joe Montana Super Set 
Lawrence Taylor Basic Set
Johnny Manziel Rookie Set
1965 Philadelphia New York Giants
1983 Topps Denver Broncos 
2003 Topps Dallas Cowboys 
2006 Topps Dallas Cowboys 
2005-06 Upper Deck Phenomenal Beginnings Gold Hockey
Steve Yzerman Rookie Set
1986 Miller Press PGA Tour Misc Sports
Bobby Moore Master Set
Gerd Muller Master Set
Andre Agassi Basic Set
Roger Federer Basic Set 
Rafael Nadal Basic Set
Pete Sampras Basic Set
Ellsworth Vines Master Set
L.A. Times Charity Football Game (1946-1962)Tickets
Dale Earnhardt Jr., Daytona - Race Wins Tickets
Tony Stewart, Daytona- Race Wins Tickets