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Vintage Player Sets (Pre-1970) (1,539)
Herb Adderley Basic Set (8) Tom Landry Master Set (2)
Herb Adderley Master Set (5) Dick Lane Basic Set (9)
Lance Alworth Basic Set (16) Dick Lane Master Set (5)
Lance Alworth Master Set (5) Yale Lary Basic Set (8)
Jon Arnett Basic Set (4) Yale Lary Master Set (3)
Jon Arnett Master Set (1) Dante Lavelli Master Set (5)
Doug Atkins Basic Set (4) Bobby Layne Master Set (9)
Doug Atkins Master Set (1) Dick Lebeau Basic Set (4)
Erich Barnes Basic Set (1) Dick Lebeau Master Set (3)
Erich Barnes Master Set (1) Woodley Lewis Basic Set  (2)
Dick Bass Basic Set (2) Woodley Lewis Master Set  (1)
Dick Bass Master Set (1) Bob Lilly Basic Set (10)
Sammy Baugh Basic Set (11) Bob Lilly Master Set (4)
Sammy Baugh Master Set (6) Paul Lowe Basic Set  (3)
Chuck Bednarik Basic Set (7) Paul Lowe Master Set  (2)
Chuck Bednarik Master Set (5) Sid Luckman Master Set (7)
Bobby Bell Basic Set (6) John Mackey Basic Set (4)
Bobby Bell Master Set (5) John Mackey Master Set (2)
Raymond Berry Basic Set (8) Gino Marchetti Basic Set (7)
Raymond Berry Master Set (1) Gino Marchetti Master Set (3)
George Blanda Basic Set (15) Jim Marshall Basic Set (5)
George Blanda Master Set (8) Jim Marshall Master Set (5)
John Brodie Basic Set (10) Ollie Matson Basic Set (10)
John Brodie Master Set (6) Ollie Matson Master Set (2)
Bill Brown Basic Set (3) Don Maynard Basic Set (13)
Bill Brown Master Set (1) Don Maynard Master Set (7)
Bob Brown Basic Set (5) Mike McCormack Basic Set (11)
Bob Brown Master Set (2) Mike McCormack Master Set (1)
Jim Brown Basic Set (40) Tommy McDonald Basic Set (6)
Jim Brown Master Set (15) Tommy McDonald Master Set (1)
Roosevelt Brown Basic Set (11) Hugh McElhenny Basic Set (12)
Roosevelt Brown Master Set (7) Hugh McElhenny Master Set (6)
Buck Buchanan Basic Set (5) Max McGee Basic Set (7)
Buck Buchanan Master Set (3) Max McGee Master Set (6)
Ron Bull Basic Set (3) Ed Meador Basic Set (3)
Ron Bull Master Set (2) Ed Meador Master Set (2)
Nick Buoniconti Basic Set (6) Don Meredith Basic Set (7)
Nick Buoniconti Master Set (4) Don Meredith Master Set (3)
Dick Butkus Basic Set (33) Bobby Mitchell Basic Set (10)
Dick Butkus Master Set (13) Bobby Mitchell Master Set (3)
Billy Cannon Basic Set (7) Ron Mix Basic Set (11)
Gino Cappelletti Master Set (5) Ron Mix Master Set (5)
Jack Christiansen Basic Set (6) Lenny Moore Basic Set (8)
Gary Collins Basic Set (4) Lenny Moore Master Set (4)
Gary Collins Master Set (1) Tom Moore Basic Set (4)
Charley Conerly Master Set (8) Tom Moore Master Set (1)
George Conner Basic Set (5) Earl Morrall Basic Set (9)
George Conner Master Set (3) Earl Morrall Master Set (6)
Lou Creekmur Basic Set (6) Marion Motley Master Set (9)
Lou Creekmur Master Set (2) Jim Nance Basic Set (2)
Carroll Dale Basic Set (1) Jim Nance Master Set (1)
Carroll Dale Master Set (1) Ray Nitschke Basic Set (17)
Ben Davidson Basic Set (4) Ray Nitschke Master Set (9)
Ben Davidson Master Set (1) Leo Nomellini Basic Set (8)
Willie Davis Basic Set (10) Leo Nomellini Master Set (2)
Willie Davis Master Set (3) Merlin Olsen Basic Set (8)
Len Dawson Basic Set (11) Merlin Olsen Master Set (5)
Len Dawson Master Set (6) Jim Otto Basic Set (7)
Bob Dee Basic Set (2) Jim Otto Master Set (2)
Bob Dee Master Set (2) Vito Babe Parilli Basic Set (3)
Steve Delong Basic Set  (2) Vito Babe Parilli Master Set (2)
Steve Delong Master Set  (2) Jim Parker Master Set (7)
Mike Ditka Basic Set (21) Joe Perry Basic Set (10)
Mike Ditka Master Set (10) Joe Perry Master Set (5)
Mike Ditka Super Set (1) Pete Pihos Basic Set (4)
Art Donovan Master Set (7) Pete Pihos Master Set (1)
Boyd Dowler Basic Set (6) Elijah Pitts Master Set  (3)
Boyd Dowler Master Set (3) Ray Renfro Basic Set (8)
Bill Dudley Basic Set (4) Ray Renfro Master Set (1)
Tom Fears Basic Set (5) Les Richter Basic Set (6)
Tom Fears Master Set (2) Les Richter Master Set (0)
Bill Forester Basic Set (8) Jim Ringo Basic Set (11)
Bill Forester Master Set (3) Jim Ringo Master Set (6)
Roman Gabriel Basic Set (4) Johnny Robinson Basic Set (4)
Roman Gabriel Master Set (2) Johnny Robinson Master Set (3)
Willie Galimore Basic Set (2) Andy Robustelli Basic Set (9)
Willie Galimore Master Set (1) Andy Robustelli Master Set (4)
Bill George Basic Set (7) Tobin Rote Basic Set (1)
Bill George Master Set (3) Tobin Rote Master Set (1)
Frank Gifford Basic Set (9) Andy Russell Basic Set (10)
Frank Gifford Master Set (6) Andy Russell Master Set (3)
Bill Glass Master Set (2) Frank Ryan Basic Set (2)
Jim Grabowski Basic Set (2) Frank Ryan Master Set (1)
Jim Grabowski Master Set (1) Gale Sayers Basic Set (34)
Otto Graham Master Set (11) Gale Sayers Master Set (10)
Dave Grayson Basic Set (1) Joe Schmidt Basic Set (4)
Dave Grayson Master Set (1) Joe Schmidt Master Set (4)
Forrest Gregg Basic Set (9) Tom Sestak Basic Set (2)
Forrest Gregg Master Set (7) Tom Sestak Master Set (0)
Lou Groza Basic Set (13) Billy Shaw Basic Set (5)
Lou Groza Master Set (7) Norm Snead Basic Set (3)
John Hadl Basic Set (9) Norm Snead Master Set (1)
John Hadl Master Set (5) Bob St. Clair Basic Set (8)
Dave Hanner Basic Set (6) Bob St. Clair Master Set (4)
Dave Hanner Master Set (0) Bart Starr Basic Set (30)
Bob Hayes Basic Set (9) Bart Starr Master Set (9)
Bob Hayes Master Set (3) Ernie Stautner Basic Set (8)
Gene Hickerson Basic Set (6) Ernie Stautner Master Set (1)
Gene Hickerson Master Set (3) Mike Stratton Basic Set (3)
Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch Basic Set (6) Mike Stratton Master Set (1)
Paul Hornung Basic Set (14) Fran Tarkenton Basic Set (22)
Paul Hornung Master Set (10) Fran Tarkenton Master Set (11)
Sam Huff Basic Set (9) Jim Taylor Basic Set (14)
Sam Huff Master Set (3) Jim Taylor Master Set (7)
Dick James Basic Set  (1) Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston Master Set (3)
Dick James Master Set  (1) Y.A. Tittle Basic Set (11)
Jimmy Johnson Basic Set (5) Y.A. Tittle Master Set (6)
Jimmy Johnson Master Set (3) Charley Trippi Basic Set (5)
John Henry Johnson Basic Set (6) Emlen Tunnel Basic Set (10)
John Henry Johnson Master Set (2) Emlen Tunnel Master Set (4)
David Deacon Jones Basic Set (6) Clyde "Bulldog" Turner Basic Set (2)
David Deacon Jones Master Set (2) Clyde "Bulldog" Turner Master Set (2)
Stan Jones Basic Set (7) Johnny Unitas Basic Set (32)
Stan Jones Master Set (4) Johnny Unitas Master Set (10)
Henry Jordan Basic Set (12) Norm Van Brocklin Master Set (5)
Henry Jordan Master Set (5) Steve Van Buren Basic Set (3)
Lee Roy Jordan Basic Set (6) Steve Van Buren Master Set (1)
Lee Roy Jordan Master Set (4) Doak Walker Basic Set (3)
Sonny Jurgensen Basic Set (10) Doak Walker Master Set (2)
Sonny Jurgensen Master Set (3) Bob Waterfield Basic Set (4)
Joe Kapp Basic Set (4) Bob Waterfield Master Set (0)
Joe Kapp Master Set (1) Dave Wilcox Basic Set (5)
Leroy Kelly Basic Set (11) Dave Wilcox Master Set (4)
Leroy Kelly Master Set (5) Jerrel Wilson Basic Set (3)
Jack Kemp Basic Set (12) Jerrel Wilson Master Set (3)
Jack Kemp Master Set (6) Larry Wilson Basic Set (5)
Billy Kilmer Basic Set (6) Larry Wilson Master Set (2)
Billy Kilmer Master Set (5) Willie Wood Basic Set (7)
Dave Kocourek Basic Set  (2) Willie Wood Master Set (5)
Dave Kocourek Master Set  (2) Ernie Wright Basic Set  (3)
Jerry Kramer Basic Set (8) Ernie Wright Master Set  (2)
Jerry Kramer Master Set (6) Sid Youngelman Basic Set (4)
Daryle Lamonica Basic Set (6) Sid Youngelman Master Set (0)
Daryle Lamonica Master Set (2)
Modern Player Sets (1970-Present) (3,229)
Dan Abramowicz Basic Set (4) Ronnie Lott Master Set (5)
Dan Abramowicz Master Set (4) Ronnie Lott Basic Topps Set (5)
Troy Aikman Basic Set (2) Ronnie Lott Master Topps Set (2)
Troy Aikman Basic & Collector Issues Set (6) John Lynch Basic Set  (2)
Troy Aikman Master Set (19) John Lynch Master Set  (2)
Troy Aikman Basic Topps Set (6) Tom Mack Basic Set (4)
Troy Aikman Master Topps Set (4) Tom Mack Master Set (3)
Shaun Alexander Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Archie Manning Basic Set (12)
Shaun Alexander Master Set (2) Archie Manning Master Set (10)
Marcus Allen Basic & Collector Issues Set (5) Eli Manning Basic Set (3)
Marcus Allen Master Set (13) Eli Manning Master Set (11)
Marcus Allen Basic Topps Set (4) Peyton Manning Basic Set (7)
Marcus Allen Master Topps Set (2) Peyton Manning Basic & Collector Issues Set (14)
Mike Alstott Basic Set (1) Peyton Manning Master Set (33)
Mike Alstott Master Set (1) Peyton Manning Basic Topps Set (13)
Lyle Alzado Basic Set (8) Peyton Manning Master Topps Set (7)
Lyle Alzado Master Set (2) Johnny Manziel Basic Set (0)
Ken Anderson Basic Set (4) Johnny Manziel Master Set (0)
Ken Anderson Master Set (3) Dan Marino Basic & Collector Issues Set (14)
Lavar Arrington Master Set (0) Dan Marino Master Set (24)
Lem Barney Basic Set (4) Dan Marino Basic Topps Set (27)
Lem Barney Master Set (2) Dan Marino Master Topps Set (14)
Steve Bartkowski Basic Set  (2) Curtis Martin Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Steve Bartkowski Master Set  (2) Curtis Martin Master Set (5)
Rolf Benirschke Basic Set (3) Harvey Martin Basic Set (7)
Rolf Benirschke Master Set (2) Harvey Martin Master Set (1)
Bob Berry Basic Set  (1) Ryan Mathews Basic Set (3)
Bob Berry Master Set  (1) Ryan Mathews Master Set (1)
Elvin Bethea Basic Set (6) Clay Matthews Basic Set (0)
Elvin Bethea Master Set (2) Clay Matthews Master Set (0)
Jerome Bettis Basic & Collector Issues Set (3) John Matuszak Basic Set (5)
Jerome Bettis Master Set (6) John Matuszak Master Set (2)
Fred Biletnikoff Basic Set (13) Larry McCutcheon Master Set (1)
Fred Biletnikoff Master Set (8) O.J. McDuffie Basic Set  (1)
Drew Bledsoe Basic Set (2) O.J. McDuffie Master Set  (1)
Drew Bledsoe Master Set (5) Darren McFadden Basic Set (0)
Rocky Bleier Basic Set (11) Darren McFadden Master Set (1)
Rocky Bleier Master Set (4) Reggie McKenzie Basic Set (2)
Mel Blount Basic Set (14) Reggie McKenzie Master Set (2)
Mel Blount Master Set (6) Jim McMahon Basic Set  (2)
David Boston Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Jim McMahon Master Set  (2)
David Boston Master Set (1) Donovan McNabb Basic & Collector Issues Set (1)
Brian Bosworth Basic Set (2) Donovan McNabb Master Set (4)
Brian Bosworth Master Set (2) Steve McNair Basic Set (4)
Sam Bradford Basic Set (2) Steve McNair Master Set (5)
Sam Bradford Master Set (4) Von Miller Basic Set (1)
Terry Bradshaw Basic Set  (50) Von Miller Master Set (1)
Terry Bradshaw Master Set (17) Stump Mitchell Basic Set (0)
Terry Bradshaw Master Topps Set (3) Stump Mitchell Master Set (1)
Tom Brady Basic Set (4) Art Monk Basic Set (2)
Tom Brady Basic & Collector Issues Set (11) Art Monk Master Set (2)
Tom Brady Master Set (12) Joe Montana Basic Set (25)
Tom Brady Basic Topps Set (10) Joe Montana Basic & Collector Issues Set (16)
Tom Brady Master Topps Set (3) Joe Montana Master Set (27)
Cliff Branch Basic Set (6) Joe Montana Super Set (3)
Cliff Branch Master Set (7) Joe Montana Basic Topps Set (53)
Robert Brazile Basic Set (1) Joe Montana Master Topps Set (18)
Robert Brazile Master Set (0) Warren Moon Basic Set (0)
Drew Brees Basic Set (2) Warren Moon Master Set (7)
Drew Brees Basic & Collector Issues Set (3) Warren Moon Basic Topps Set (2)
Drew Brees Master Set (9) Warren Moon Master Topps Set (0)
Drew Brees Basic Topps Set  (4) Nat Moore Basic Set (4)
Drew Brees Master Topps Set  (3) Nat Moore Master Set (2)
Tim Brown Basic Set (2) Mercury Morris Basic Set (6)
Tim Brown Master Set (4) Mercury Morris Master Set (3)
Willie Brown Basic Set (3) Randy Moss Basic & Collector Issues Set (1)
Willie Brown Master Set (3) Randy Moss Master Set (8)
Isaac Bruce Basic Set (1) Chuck Muncie Basic Set (3)
Isaac Bruce Basic & Collector Issues Set (1) Chuck Muncie Master Set (2)
Isaac Bruce Master Set (2) Eddie Murray Basic Set (1)
Mark Brunell Basic Set (0) Eddie Murray Master Set (1)
Mark Brunell Master Set (2) Joe Namath Basic Set (32)
Dez Bryant Basic Set (3) Joe Namath Basic & Collector Issues Set (4)
Dez Bryant Master Set (1) Joe Namath Master Set (12)
Jarrod Bunch Basic Set (1) Tony Nathan Basic Set (2)
Jarrod Bunch Master Set (2) Tony Nathan Master Set (2)
Reggie Bush Basic Set (1) Ozzie Newsome Basic Set (10)
Reggie Bush Master Set (5) Ozzie Newsome Master Set (10)
Earl Campbell Master Set (13) Cam Newton Basic Set (4)
Harold Carmichael Basic Set (8) Cam Newton Master Set (6)
Harold Carmichael Master Set (3) Haloti Ngata Basic Set (1)
Harry Carson Basic Set (4) Haloti Ngata Master Set (2)
Harry Carson Master Set (0) Jay Novacek Basic Set (0)
Dave Casper Basic Set (5) Jay Novacek Master Set (1)
Dave Casper Master Set (3) Terrell Owens Basic Set (0)
Wes Chandler Basic Set (3) Terrell Owens Master Set (1)
Wes Chandler Master Set (2) Carson Palmer Basic Set (0)
Dwight Clark Basic Set  (2) Carson Palmer Master Set (2)
Dwight Clark Master Set  (1) Alan Page Basic Set (12)
Mark Clayton Basic Set (2) Alan Page Master Set (6)
Mark Clayton Master Set (4) Willie Parker Basic Set (0)
Tim Couch Basic & Collector Issues Set (4) Willie Parker Master Set (1)
Tim Couch Master Set (6) Dennis Partee Basic Set  (2)
Roger Craig Basic Set (1) Dennie Partee Master Set  (2)
Roger Craig Master Set (1) Joe Paterno (Coach) Master Set (0)
Roger Craig Basic Topps Set (1) Walter Payton Basic Set (90)
Roger Craig Master Topps Set (1) Walter Payton Master Set  (32)
Joe Cribbs Master Set (1) Walter Payton Master Topps Set (21)
Nolan Cromwell Basic Set (1) Drew Pearson Basic Set (12)
Nolan Cromwell Master Set (1) Drew Pearson Master Set (2)
Eric Crouch Basic Set (0) Rodney Peete Basic Set  (0)
Eric Crouch Master Set (1) Rodney Peete Master Set  (0)
Larry Csonka Basic Set (22) Chad Pennington Basic Set (2)
Larry Csonka Master Set (11) Chad Pennington Master Set (2)
Curley Culp Basic Set (1) William Perry Basic Set  (0)
Curley Culp Master Set (0) William Perry Master Set (1)
Daunte Culpepper Basic & Collector Issues Set (1) Adrian L. Peterson Basic Set (4)
Daunte Culpepper Master Set (1) Adrian L. Peterson Master Set (5)
Randall Cunningham Basic Set (0) Patrick Peterson Basic Set (0)
Randall Cunningham Master Set (2) Patrick Peterson Master Set (0)
Mike Curtis Basic Set (0) Jake Plummer Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Mike Curtis Master Set (0) Jake Plummer Master Set (3)
Jay Cutler Basic Set (0) Jim Plunkett Basic Set (9)
Jay Cutler Master Set (2) Jim Plunkett Master Set (3)
Andy Dalton Basic Set (11) Troy Polamalu Basic Set (4)
Andy Dalton Master Set (5) Troy Polamalu Basic & Collector Issues Set (1)
Domanick Davis Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Troy Polamalu Master Set (2)
Domanick Davis Master Set (0) Troy Polamalu Basic Topps Set (0)
Terrell Davis Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Troy Polamalu Master Topps Set (0)
Terrell Davis Master Set (6) Peerless Price Basic & Collector Issues Set (1)
Dermontti Dawson Basic Set (1) Peerless Price Master Set (3)
Dermontti Dawson Master Set (1) Brady Quinn Basic Set (1)
Ron Dayne Basic Set  (0) Brady Quinn Master Set (1)
Ron Dayne Master Set  (4) Ahmad Rashad Basic Set (3)
Fred Dean Basic Set (5) Ahmad Rashad Master Set (3)
Fred Dean Master Set (3) Mel Renfro Basic Set (6)
Joe Delamielleure Basic Set (10) Mel Renfro Master Set (2)
Joe Delamielleure Master Set (1) Jerry Rice Basic Set  (9)
Joe Delaney Master Set  (4) Jerry Rice Basic & Collector Issues Set (13)
Tom Dempsey Basic Set (2) Jerry Rice Master Set (25)
Tom Dempsey Master Set (1) Jerry Rice Basic Topps Set (19)
Richard Dent Basic Set (1) Jerry Rice Master Topps Set (11)
Richard Dent Master Set (2) John Riggins Basic Set (13)
Richard Dent Basic Topps Set (1) John Riggins Master Set (7)
Richard Dent Master Topps Set (2) Isiah Robertson Basic Set (2)
Ty Detmer Basic Set (0) Isiah Robertson Master Set (2)
Ty Detmer Master Set (1) Aaron Rodgers Basic Set (3)
Eric Dickerson Basic & Collector Issues Set (7) Aaron Rodgers Master Set (7)
Eric Dickerson Master Set (7) Aaron Rodgers Basic Topps Set (9)
Eric Dickerson Basic Topps Set (2) Aaron Rodgers Master Topps Set (2)
Eric Dickerson Master Topps Set (1) Ben Roethlisberger Basic & Collector Issues Set (4)
Lynn Dickey Basic Set (2) Ben Roethlisberger Master Set (12)
Lynn Dickey Master Set (2) Ben Roethlisberger Basic Topps Set (7)
Dan Dierdorf Basic Set (1) Ben Roethlisberger Master Topps Set (3)
Dan Dierdorf Master Set (1) Tony Romo Basic Set (1)
Tony Dorsett Basic Set (28) Tony Romo Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Tony Dorsett Master Set (14) Tony Romo Master Set (4)
Tony Dorsett Basic Topps Set (24) Matt Ryan Basic Set (1)
Tony Dorsett Master Topps Set (8) Matt Ryan Master Set (3)
Fred Dryer Master Set (3) Rashaan Salaam Basic Set (0)
A.J. Duhe Basic Set (2) Rashaan Salaam Master Set (2)
A.J. Duhe Master Set (2) Mark Sanchez Basic Set (2)
Mark Duper Basic Set (2) Mark Sanchez Master Set (2)
Mark Duper Master Set (2) Barry Sanders Basic & Collector Issues Set (16)
Kevin Dyson Basic Set (0) Barry Sanders Master Set (20)
Kevin Dyson Master Set (0) Barry Sanders Basic Topps Set (11)
Kenny Easley Basic Set (1) Barry Sanders Master Topps Set (5)
Kenny Easley Master Set (0) Charlie Sanders Basic Set (3)
Braylon Edwards Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Charlie Sanders Master Set (1)
Braylon Edwards Master Set (1) Junior Seau Basic & Collector Issues Set (3)
Henry Ellard Basic Set (1) Junior Seau Master Set (5)
Henry Ellard Master Set (1) Lee Roy Selmon Basic Set (7)
Carl Eller Basic Set (5) Lee Roy Selmon Master Set (4)
Carl Eller Master Set (5) Sterling Sharpe Basic Set (3)
John Elway Basic & Collector Issues Set (7) Sterling Sharpe Master Set (3)
John Elway Master Set (21) Billy Shaw Master Set (2)
John Elway Basic Topps Set (19) Art Shell Basic Set (8)
John Elway Master Topps Set (6) Art Shell Master Set (5)
Boomer Esiason Basic Set (1) Donnie Shell Basic Set (7)
Boomer Esiason Master Set (2) Donnie Shell Master Set (3)
Norm Evans Basic Set (4) Don Shula (Coach) Basic Set (3)
Norm Evans Master Set (3) Don Shula (Coach) Master Set  (2)
Marshall Faulk Basic & Collector Issues Set (2) Phil Simms Basic & Collector Issues Set (3)
Marshall Faulk Master Set (10) Phil Simms Master Set (3)
Brett Favre Basic Set (10) O.J. Simpson Basic Set (21)
Brett Favre Basic & Collector Issues Set (22) O.J. Simpson Master Set (12)
Brett Favre Master Set (42) O.J. Simpson Master Topps Set (2)
Brett Favre Basic Topps Set (13) Billy Sims Master Set (5)
Brett Favre Master Topps Set (8) Mike Singletary Basic Set (2)
Joe Ferguson Master Set (2) Mike Singletary Master Set (5)
Larry Fitzgerald Basic & Collector Issues Set (0) Mike Singletary Basic Topps Set (4)
Larry Fitzgerald Master Set (1) Mike Singletary Master Topps Set (2)
Joe Flacco Basic Set (2) Brian Sipe Basic Set (3)
Joe Flacco Master Set (3) Brian Sipe Master Set (4)
Dan Fouts Basic Set (19) Brian Sipe Super Set (2)
Dan Fouts Master Set (9) Otis Sistrunk Basic Set (3)
Charlie Frye Basic & Collector Issues Set (1) Otis Sistrunk Master Set (2)
Charlie Frye Master Set (1) Jackie Slater Basic Set (2)
Tony Galbreath Basic Set (0) Jackie Slater Master Set (3)
Tony Galbreath Master Set (0) Akili Smith Basic Set (2)
Gary Garrison Basic Set (3) Akili Smith Master Set (3)
Gary Garrison Master Set (2) Bruce Smith Basic Set (1)
Eddie George Basic & Collector Issues Set (3) Bruce Smith Master Set (3)
Eddie George Master Set (6) Bruce Smith Basic Topps Set (2)
Randy Gradishar Basic Set (10) Bruce Smith Master Topps Set (1)
Randy Gradishar Master Set (5) Emmitt Smith Basic & Collector Issues Set (5)
Randy Gradishar Super Set (2) Emmitt Smith Master Set (21)
Darrell Green Basic Set  (2) Emmitt Smith Basic Topps Set (7)
Darrell Green Master Set  (1) Emmitt Smith Master Topps Set (3)
Darrell Green Basic Topps Set  (2) Jackie Smith Basic Set (3)
Darrell Green Master Topps Set  (2) Jackie Smith Master Set (2)
Hugh Green Basic Set (3) Troy Smith Basic Set (0)
Hugh Green Master Set (1) Troy Smith Master Set (1)
Joe Greene Basic Set (17) Steve Spurrier Basic Set (4)
Joe Greene Master Set (5) Ken Stabler Basic Set (16)
L.C. Greenwood Basic Set (13) Ken Stabler Master Set (9)
L.C. Greenwood Master Set (6) Matthew Stafford Basic Set (1)
Bob Griese Basic Set (19) Matthew Stafford Master Set (1)
Bob Griese Master Set (12) John Stallworth Basic Set (14)
Archie Griffin Basic Set (0) John Stallworth Master Set (4)
Archie Griffin Master Set (1) Roger Staubach Basic Set (42)
Quentin Griffin Master Set (0) Roger Staubach Master Set (23)
Robert Griffin III Basic Set  (3) Jan Stenerud Master Set (5)
Robert Griffin III Master Set  (3) Dwight Stephenson Basic Set (4)
Steve Grogan Basic Set (4) Dwight Stephenson Master Set (3)
Steve Grogan Master Set (2) Jonathan Stewart Basic Set (1)
Ray Guy Basic Set (10) Jonathan Stewart Master Set (2)
Ray Guy Master Set (2) Don Strock Basic Set (3)
Pat Haden Master Set (2) Don Strock Master Set  (2)
Charles Haley Basic Set  (0) Lynn Swann Basic Set (12)
Charles Haley Master Set  (1) Lynn Swann Master Set (5)
Jack Ham Basic Set (13) Walt Sweeney Basic Set  (2)
Jack Ham Master Set (7) Walt Sweeney Master Set (1)
Dan Hampton Basic Set (1) Jack Tatum Basic Set (5)
Dan Hampton Master Set (1) Jack Tatum Master Set (2)
Dan Hampton Basic Topps Set (2) Charley Taylor Basic Set (5)
Dan Hampton Master Topps Set (3) Charley Taylor Master Set (3)
Chris Hanburger Basic Set (2) Fred Taylor Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Chris Hanburger Master Set (1) Fred Taylor Master Set (5)
John Hannah Basic Set (7) Lawrence Taylor Basic Set (1)
John Hannah Master Set (3) Lawrence Taylor Basic & Collector Issues Set (10)
Joey Harrington Basic Set (0) Lawrence Taylor Master Set (13)
Joey Harrington Master Set (2) Lawrence Taylor Basic Topps (8)
Duriel Harris Basic Set (3) Lawrence Taylor Master Topps (2)
Duriel Harris Master Set (2) Otis Taylor Basic Set (7)
Franco Harris Basic Set (21) Otis Taylor Master Set (6)
Franco Harris Master Set (7) Tim Tebow Basic Set (2)
Marvin Harrison Basic & Collector Issues Set (6) Tim Tebow Master Set (4)
Marvin Harrison Master Set (6) Joe Theismann Basic Set (11)
Jim Hart Basic Set (4) Joe Theismann Master Set (7)
Jim Hart Master Set (2) Derrick Thomas Basic Set (4)
Mike Haynes Basic Set (6) Derrick Thomas Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Mike Haynes Master Set (3) Derrick Thomas Master Set (6)
Lester Hayes Basic Set (5) Derrick Thomas Basic Topps Set (2)
Lester Hayes Master set (2) Derrick Thomas Master Topps Set (2)
Garrison Hearst Basic Set (1) Emmitt Thomas Basic Set (3)
Garrison Hearst Master Set (1) Emmitt Thomas Master Set (3)
Ted Hendricks Basic Set (7) Thurman Thomas Basic Set (1)
Ted Hendricks Master Set (4) Thurman Thomas Master Set (3)
Devin Hester Basic Set (0) Thurman Thomas Basic Topps Set (1)
Devin Hester Master Set (0) Thurman Thomas Master Topps Set (0)
Calvin Hill Basic Set (3) Pat Tillman Master Set - An American Hero (6)
Calvin Hill Master Set (2) Andre Tippett Basic Set (2)
Tony Hill Basic Set (3) Andre Tippett Master Set (2)
Tony Hill Master Set (1) Billy Joe Tolliver Master Set (3)
Torry Holt Basic & Collector Issues Set (2) Ladainian Tomlinson Basic Set (1)
Torry Holt Master Set (4) Ladainian Tomlinson Master Set (1)
Fair Hooker Master Set (3) Gene Upshaw Basic Set (8)
Ken Houston Basic Set (5) Gene Upshaw Master Set (4)
Ken Houston Master Set (2) Brian Urlacher Basic & Collector Issues Set (3)
Scott Hunter Basic Set (1) Brian Urlacher Master Set (4)
Mark Ingram Basic Set  (0) Brian Urlacher Basic Topps Set (1)
Mark Ingram Master Set  (1) Brian Urlacher Master Topps Set (0)
Michael Irvin Basic Set (1) Mark van Eeghen Basic Set (1)
Michael Irvin Master Set (6) Mark van Eeghen Master Set (0)
DeSean Jackson Basic Set (1) Michael Vick Basic & Collector Issues Set (4)
DeSean Jackson Master Set (1) Michael Vick Master Set (5)
Rickey Jackson Basic Set (1) Michael Vick Basic Topps Set (0)
Rickey Jackson Master Set (1) Michael Vick Master Topps Set (1)
Edgerrin James Basic & Collector Issues Set (1) Phil Villapiano Basic Set (4)
Edgerrin James Master Set (3) Phil Villapiano Master Set (2)
LaMichael James Basic Set  (1) Herschel Walker Basic Set (2)
LaMichael James Master Set  (1) Herschel Walker Basic & Collector Issues Set (3)
Sebastian Janikowski Basic Set (0) Herschel Walker Master Set (3)
Sebastian Janikowski Master Set (2) Hines Ward Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
John Jefferson Basic Set (2) Hines Ward Master Set (3)
John Jefferson Master Set (3) Andre Ware Basic Set  (1)
Roy Jefferson Basic Set (1) Andre Ware Master Set  (2)
Roy Jefferson Master Set (0) DeMarcus Ware Basic Set  (0)
Dave Jennings Basic Set (1) DeMarcus Ware Master Set  (1)
Dave Jennings Master Set (0) Paul Warfield Basic Set (14)
Calvin Johnson Basic Set (1) Paul Warfield Master Set (9)
Calvin Johnson Master Set (2) Kurt Warner Basic & Collector Issues Set (1)
Daryl Johnston Basic Set (1) Kurt Warner Master Set (6)
Daryl Johnston Master Set (3) Russ Washington Basic Set  (4)
Charlie Joiner Basic Set (10) Russ Washington Master Set  (3)
Charlie Joiner Master Set (7) J.J. Watt Basic Set (0)
Bert Jones Basic Set (2) J.J. Watt Master Set (1)
Bert Jones Master Set (2) Mike Webster Basic Set (15)
Ed (Too Tall) Jones Basic Set (13) Mike Webster Master Set (9)
Ed (Too Tall) Jones Master Set (4) Roger Wehrli Basic Set (3)
Jevon Kearse Basic Set (1) Roger Wehrli Master Set (1)
Jevon Kearse Master Set (1) Chris Weinke Basic Set (0)
Louie Kelcher Basic Set  (3) Chris Weinke Master Set (1)
Louie Kelcher Master Set  (4) Wes Welker Basic Set (0)
Jim Kelly (QB) Basic & Collector Issues Set (4) Wes Welker Master Set (0)
Jim Kelly (QB) Master Set (4) Danny White Basic Set (12)
Jon Kitna Basic & Collector Issues Set (1) Danny White Master Set (3)
Jon Kitna Master Set (2) Randy White Basic Set (17)
Kevin Kolb Basic Set (1) Randy White Master Set (5)
Kevin Kolb Master Set (1) Reggie White Basic & Collector Issues Set (4)
Bernie Kosar Master Set (4) Reggie White Master Set (13)
Paul Krause Basic Set (7) Cadillac Williams Master Set (0)
Paul Krause Master Set (3) Demetrius Williams Basic Set (0)
Bob Kuechenberg Basic Set (6) Demetrius Williams Master Set (2)
Bob Kuechenberg Master Set (3) Ricky Williams Basic & Collector Issues Set (2)
Jack Lambert Basic Set (21) Ricky Williams Master Set (5)
Jack Lambert Master Set (8) Russell WIlson Basic Set (4)
Jack Lambert Master Topps Set (5) Russell Wilson Master Set (4)
Jim Langer Basic Set (7) Kellen Winslow Basic Set (13)
Jim Langer Master Set (5) Kellen Winslow Master Set (8)
Willie Lanier Basic Set (4) Jason Witten Basic Set (0)
Willie Lanier Master Set (4) Jason Witten Master Set (1)
Steve Largent Basic & Collector Issues Set (15) David Woodley Basic Set (5)
Steve Largent Master Set (14) Charles Woodson Basic Set (0)
Steve Largent Basic Topps Set (20) Charles Woodson Master Set (1)
Steve Largent Master Topps Set (10) Rod Woodson Basic Set (1)
Matt Leinart Basic Set  (1) Rod Woodson Master Set (2)
Matt Leinart Master Set  (3) Rod Woodson Basic Topps Set (1)
D.D. Lewis Basic Set (5) Rod Woodson Master Topps Set (1)
D.D. Lewis Master Set (4) Rayfield Wright Basic Set (6)
Ray Lewis Basic Set (1) Rayfield Wright Master Set (4)
Ray Lewis Master Set (2) Ron Yary Basic Set (5)
Ray Lewis Basic Topps Set (1) Ron Yary Master Set (3)
Ray Lewis Master Topps Set (0) Garo Yepremian Basic Set (4)
Floyd Little Basic Set (9) Garo Yepremian Master Set (2)
Floyd Little Master Set (3) Steve Young Basic Set (3)
Larry Little Basic Set (8) Steve Young Basic & Collector Issues Set (11)
Larry Little Master Set (4) Steve Young Master Set (14)
Greg Lloyd Basic Set (0) Steve Young Basic Topps Set (6)
Greg Lloyd Master Set (2) Steve Young Master Topps Set (3)
Greg Lloyd Basic Topps Set (0) Vince Young Basic Set (1)
Greg Lloyd Master Topps Set (1) Vince Young Master Set (2)
James Lofton Master Set (2) Jack Youngblood Basic Set (5)
Howie Long Basic Set (2) Jack Youngblood Master Set (4)
Howie Long Master Set (3) Steve Zabel Basic Set (1)
Howie Long Basic Topps Set (2) Steve Zabel Master Set (1)
Howie Long Master Topps Set (1) Gary Zimmerman Basic Set (1)
Ronnie Lott Basic Set (3) Gary Zimmerman Master Set (1)