PSA Set Registry Benefits

Benefits of PSA Set Registration

Building collections of trading cards can be rewarding and very pleasurable. Participating in the PSA Set Registry can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of comparing your cards to the greatest sets of all time, you also receive the following benefits:

Recognition for your cards. If your cards are in the top five best "All Time Finest" sets, your collection and, if you desire, your name will be listed in the PSA Set Registry at the top of the page listing all sets in that category. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector. Also note that while we will list the average grade of your set, we will not list the grades of the individual cards unless you have marked your set open for viewing.

Find Cards Faster
Access to the Shop button through the Set Registry. This amazing tool allows you to easily search and filter card listings from multiple sites at once, all within a single page view. To learn more, read the detailed How to Guide.

Exclusive Selling Privileges on Collectors CornerSM
PSA Set Registry members can upload their cards for sale on Collectors Corner. There are no listing fees. When your card sells, you pay a small selling fee. To list cards, you must have a PayPal account and a current subscription to the PSA Collectors Club. Collectors Corner features only cards certified by PSA. Buyers can avoid scouring through hundreds of raw cards listings or cards from other third-party grading services.  It's all PSA in one location and exclusive to our valued Set Registry members. And, selling cards on Collectors Corner means those cards are automatically loaded on, the #1 online source for collectors.

Build a Digital Album
The PSA Set Registry is home to the internet’s only digital card album. Members can easily create stylish albums for their collections that resemble classic cardboard trading card albums. To learn more, read our detailed How to Guide.

Free Submissions.  In order to encourage participation in the PSA Set Registry program when your set reaches 90% complete, you may be entitled to free grading for cards (including post-1998 autographed cards directly authenticated from the manufacturer) and tickets (effective 1/1/14).

If the set composition is 25-150 cards or tickets you are entitled to 1 free grading.
If the set composition is 151-500 cards or tickets you are entitled to 2 free gradings.
If the set composition is 500+ cards or tickets you are entitled to 3 free gradings.

1) Set must be 90% complete or better and the set must be 25 cards or more
2) Free grades do not necessarily need to be for cards within the set which qualifies for the free grades
3) Member must have a current PSA Collectors Club membership
4) Declared value(s) cannot exceed $499.00 per card
5) There is a maximum of 3 grades per year
6) Member must pay for P&H both ways
7) With each free submission approval, all items must be submitted at one time
8) Packs are not eligible for free grades
9) The free grading benefit can only be used one time per set
10) The free grading benefit cannot be used for PSA's dual grading service

If your set has reached 90% complete, please contact [email protected] with your name, address and phone number, the name of the set that qualifies. If you wish to send cards in for different service levels, i.e. crossover, regrade, raw, etc., please inform us when you request your submission form as separate submission forms are required for different types of services. (Note that cards which are autographed and dated pre-1998 will need to go through the “Card & Autograph Dual service” and do not qualify for the free gradings as noted in the Terms.) You will be sent by U.S. mail a submission form to be used exclusively for your free gradings.