1953 NBC Stars: Jean-Luc Picard Set #1

Jean-Luc Picard Set #1 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.510
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.510

About this set: The original set, which I purchased, was assembled primarily by Levi Bleam, from whom I purchsed it. His original set, rating 8.04, ranks as one of the greatest accomplishments in non-sports card collecting history. No other set came iwthini a full grde of it. The odd numbers in this series are almost impossible to obtain in high grade, and he had them all, including the Hope (PSA-9) and the Marx (PSA-8) cards. When a Hall of Fame is created for Story Card collectors, Levi Bleam should be voted in on the strength of this fabulous set alone.

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Jean-Luc Picard Set #1
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88395300101JACK LESCOULIE820
88395300303FLORENCE FREEMAN840
88395300404RALPH EDWARDS830
88395300505JIM BACKUS850
88395300606O.SOULE AND B.LUDDY860
88395300707CARL REINER840
88395300808GROUCHO MARX8.510
88395300909EVERETT MITCHELL850
883953010010DINAH SHORE840
883953011011BILLY WILLIAMS910
883953012012MORGAN BEATTY910
883953013013HOAGY CARMICHAEL920
883953014014RUSSELL ARMS8130
883953015015WILLIAM BENDIX830
883953016016AUDREY MEADOWS920
883953017017JOHNNY DUGAN920
883953018018PATRICIA WHEEL920
883953019019TOMMY BARTLETT820
883953020020MacDONALD CAREY8121
883953021021HARRY BABBITT830
883953023023ANN ELSTNER820
883953024024VIVIAN SMOLLEN940
883953025025STAN KENTON831
883953026026LES BROWN8.511
883953027027GEORGE HICKS910
883953028028JERI LOU JAMES920
883953029029KENNETH BANGHART840
883953030030BUZZ PODEWELL910
883953031031BUD COLLYER820
883953032032JACK McCOY8100
883953033033SID CAESAR831
883953034034ANNE WHITFIELD930
883953035035EZIO PINZA830
883953036036LUCILLE NORMAN930
883953038038BOB HASTINGS8180
883953039039DONALD CURTIS811
883953040040BILL CONRAD920
883953041041EDDIE FISHER840
883953042042MARK STEVENS910
883953043043NED WEVER840
883953044044CLIFF ARQUETTE980
883953045045GEORGE FENNEMAN830
883953046046TED MACK970
883953047047CARMEN DRAGON810
883953048048ARTHUR HUGHES950
883953049049HELEN STROHM830
883953050050LORETTA YOUNG8142
883953051051RICHARD HARKNESS850
883953052052JEFFREY LYNN920
883953053053LUCILLE WALL830
883953054054J. FRED MUGGS910
883953055055BETTY & JANE KEAN920
883953056056SUSAN LEVIN980
883953057057HELEN HALPIN920
883953058058RONNIE WALKEN960
883953059059ROBERT HARRIS910
883953060060VIRGINIA DWYER990
883953061061PHIL HARRIS910
883953062062ESTELLE PARSONS920
883953063063PAUL LAVALLE840
883953064064CLAUDIA MORGAN920
883953065065PATTI PAGE821
883953066066THE HAMILTON TRIO920
883953067067JEANNINE ROOSE830
883953068068ARLENE McQUADE940
883953069069TONY MARTIN820
883953070070DON HERBERT930
883953071071ARNOLD STANG840
883953072072KATHI NORRIS930
883953073073SAMMY KAYE910
883953074074JOSEPH KEARNS950
883953075075FRED ALLEN820
883953076076FLORENCE WILLIAMS950
883953077077BOB HAMILTON920
883953078078ELI MINTZ940
883953079079JACK BARRY810
883953080080CLAIRE NIESEN960
883953081081WALTER TETLY930
883953082082RHONDA WILLIAMS920
883953083083MARLIN PERKINS910
883953084084IMOGENE COCA920
883953085085MERRILL MUELLER920
883953086086SALLIE BROPHY1010
883953087087VERNA FELTON8190
883953088088HARRY HOLCOMBE8151
883953089089TOM DANDREA930
883953090090MARVIN MILLER920
883953091091DENNIS DAY820
883953092092PHYLLIS HILL950
883953093093WM. WATERMAN810
883953094094WESLEY MORGAN1010
883953095095BOB HOPE910
883953096096DAN GIBSON950