1962 Topps Mars Attacks: Goodlieu's Disgusting Mars Attacks Set

Goodlieu's Disgusting Mars Attacks Set - 57th

Current Statistics
Rank 57
Weighted GPA 5.534
Complete 98.18%
Set Rating 5.095
Retired Statistics (1/5/2007)
Rank 24
Weighted GPA 5.534
Complete 98.18%
Set Rating 5.095
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About this set:  I am old enough to remember having a full set of these cards with lots of doubles wrapped in a rubber band only to be "Mugged" by the good nuns at Most Precious Blood grammer school in Astoria NY who confiscated them indicating they were "disgusting" and that I was well on my way to a fiery doom. I decided to have some fun and collect them again just because they bring back some great memories of my youth. But I will always be looking out for Sister Mary Elizabeth. 2322/43

Goodlieu's Disgusting Mars Attacks Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88236200101THE INVASION BEGINS565104
88236200404SAUCERS BLAST OUR JETS556153
88236200505WASHINGTON IN FLAMES67385
88236200606BURNING NAVY SHIPS8OC5786
88236200707DESTROYING BRIDGE549164
88236200909THE HUMAN TORCH534183
882362010010THE SKYSCRAPER TUMBLES551171
882362011011DESTROY THE CITY555178
882362012012DEATH IN THE COCKPIT550178
882362013013WATCHING FROM MARS543158
882362014014CHARRED BY MARTIANS538186
882362015015SAUCERS INVADE CHINA67790
882362016016PANIC IN PARLIAMENT668111
882362017017BEAST AND THE BEAUTY68290
882362018018SOLDIER FIGHTS BACK66271
882362019019BURNING FLESH676111
882362020020CRUSHED TO DEATH546180
882362021021PRIZE CAPTIVE550205
882362022022BURNING CATTLE673109
882362023023THE FROST RAY67988
882362024024THE SHRINKING RAY668123
882362025025CAPTURING A MARTIAN8OC7297
882362026026THE TIDAL WAVE66288
882362027027THE GIANT FLIES67295
882362028028HELPLESS VICTIM8OC6373
882362029029DEATH IN THE SHELTER8OC75104
882362031031THE MONSTER REACHES IN536200
882362032032ROBOT TERROR676102
882362033033REMOVING THE VICTIMS672117
882362034034TERROR IN THE RAILROAD67997
882362035035THE FLAME THROWERS538200
882362036036DESTROYING A DOG556212
882362037037CREEPING MENACE66997
882362038038VICTIMS OF THE BUG550185
882362039039ARMY OF GIANT INSECTS65374
882362040040HIGH VOLTAGE8OC6891
882362041041HORROR IN PARIS545185
882362042042HAIRY FIEND544145
882362043043BLASTING THE BUG548145
882362044044BATTLE IN THE AIR551195
882362046046BLAST OFF FOR MARS552198
882362047047EARTH BOMBS MARS550157
882362048048EARTHMEN LAND ON MARS548197
882362049049THE EARTHMEN CHARGE652111
882362050050SMASHING THE ENEMY553166
882362051051CRUSHING THE MARTIANS670107
882362052052GIANT ROBOT66179
882362053053MARTIAN CITY IN RUINS66797
882362054054MARS EXPLODES64845