1965-66 Topps: dr.alex

dr.alex - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 8.153
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.153
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04016500101TOE BLAKE8190
04016500202GUMP WORSLEY8143
04016500303JACQUES LAPERRIERE84516
04016500404JEAN-GUY TALBOT8193
04016500505TED HARRIS8236
04016500606JEAN BELIVEAU85715
04016500707DICK DUFF8275
04016500808CLAUDE PROVOST8343
04016500909RED BERENSON82710
040165010010JOHN FERGUSON8299
040165011011PUNCH IMLACH8173
040165012012TERRY SAWCHUK84011
040165013013BOB BAUN9231
040165014014KENT DOUGLAS8468
040165015015RED KELLY8.538I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165016016JIM PAPPIN8.528I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040165017017DAVE KEON950
040165018018BOB PULFORD8265
040165019019GEORGE ARMSTRONG8418
040165020020ORLAND KURTENBACH83710
040165021021ED GIACOMIN8498Thank-you Cesare
040165022022HARRY HOWELL940
040165023023ROD SEILING8216
040165024024MIKE MCMAHON8253
040165025025JEAN RATELLE83615
040165026026DOUG ROBINSON8185
040165027027VIC HADFIELD9100I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
040165028028GARRY PETERS990
040165029029DON MARSHALL8369
040165030030BILL HICKE990I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040165031031GERRY CHEEVERS87116Thanks Rob
040165032032LEO BOIVIN8359
040165033033ALBERT LANGLOIS8357
040165034034MURRAY OLIVER8458
040165035035TOM WILLIAMS990I have a Psa8 if you''re interested
040165036036RON SCHOCK8202
040165037037ED WESTFALL8.547I have a Psa 8 if you're interested.
040165038038GARY DORNHOEFER960
040165039039BOB DILLABOUGH8153
040165040040PAUL POPIEL84510
040165041041SID ABEL83210
040165042042ROGER CROZIER8286
040165043043DOUG BARKLEY8.523
040165044044BILL GADSBY82912
040165045045BRYAN WATSON83813
040165046046BOB MCCORD8368
040165047047ALEX DELVECCHIO8293
040165048048ANDY BATHGATE970
040165049049NORM ULLMAN8356
040165050050AB MCDONALD8364
040165051051PAUL HENDERSON8234I have a Psa8 (OC) if you're interested
040165052052PIT MARTIN8438
040165053053BILLY HARRIS8301
040165054054BILLY REAY83116
040165055055GLENN HALL8163
040165056056PIERRE PILOTE8297
040165057057AL MCNEIL8212
040165058058CAMILLE HENRY991
040165059059BOBBY HULL9191
040165060060STAN MIKITA87511
040165061061KEN WHARRAM8.534
040165062062BILL(RED) HAY8.535
040165063063FRED STANFIELD83618
040165064064DENNIS HULL86511
040165065065KEN HODGE8193Thank-you Cesare
040165066066CHECKLIST CARD8274Thank-you Cesare
040165067067CHARLIE HODGE8286
040165068068TERRY HARPER8212
040165069069J.C. TREMBLAY8345
040165070070BOBBY ROUSSEAU970I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
040165071071HENRI RICHARD9120
040165072072DAVE BALON83410
040165073073RALPH BACKSTROM8.5213I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165074074JIM ROBERTS8316
040165075075CLAUDE LAROSE8389
040165076076Y.COURNOYER RC88713Thanks Rob
040165077077JOHNNY BOWER9100
040165078078CARL BREWER971
040165079079TIM HORTON8237
040165080080MARCEL PRONOVOST84210
040165081081FRANK MAHOVLICH84213
040165082082RON ELLIS8355
040165083083LARRY JEFFREY8.5112I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165084084PETER STEMKOWSKI8.548I have a Psan8 if you're interested
040165085085EDDIE JOYAL82411
040165086086MIKE WALTON83611
040165087087GEORGE SULLIVAN8299
040165088088DON SIMMONS83910I have another PSA 8 if you're interested.
040165089089JIM NEILSON8337
040165090090ARNIE BROWN8329
040165091091ROD GILBERT83512
040165092092PHIL GOYETTE8198
040165093093BOB NEVIN8447
040165094094JOHN MCKENZIE951I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165095095TED TAYLOR970I have a Psa8 if you're interested
040165096096MILT SCHMIDT CO970I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165097097ED JOHNSTON8237
040165098098TED GREEN8268
040165099099DON AWREY8155
0401651000100BOB WOYTOWICH9140I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
0401651010101JOHNNY BUCYK8.519I have a Psa7 if you''re interesred
0401651020102DEAN PRENTICE8233
0401651030103RON STEWART8256
0401651040104REG FLEMING8163
0401651050105PARKER MACDONALD8226
0401651060106HANK BASSEN8259
0401651070107GARY BERGMAN9110
0401651080108GORDIE HOWE8584
0401651090109FLOYD SMITH8.518
0401651100110BRUCE MACGREGOR9102I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
0401651110111RON MURPHY8329
0401651120112DON MCKENNEY970I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
0401651130113DENIS DEJORDY9250I have a Psa8 if you''re interested
0401651140114ELMER VASKO8154
0401651150115MATT RAVLICH9160
0401651160116PHIL ESPOSITO88714
0401651170117CHICO MAKI8207
0401651180118DOUG MOHNS8284
0401651190119ERIC NESTERENKO83711
0401651200120PAT STAPLETON82313I have a PSA 7 if you're interested
0401651210121CHECKLIST CARD8173
0401651220122GORDIE HOWE 600 SP8474Thank-you Cesare
0401651230123TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS8506
0401651240124CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS8506
0401651250125DETROIT RED WINGS8151
0401651260126MONTREAL CANADIENS8529
0401651270127NEW YORK RANGERS71810
0401651280128BRUINS TEAM8322