1965-66 Topps: dr.alex

dr.alex - 6th

Current Statistics
Rank 6
Weighted GPA 8.162
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.162
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04016500101TOE BLAKE8211
04016500202GUMP WORSLEY8155
04016500303JACQUES LAPERRIERE84617
04016500404JEAN-GUY TALBOT8196
04016500505TED HARRIS8237
04016500606JEAN BELIVEAU85816
04016500707DICK DUFF8295
04016500808CLAUDE PROVOST8344
04016500909RED BERENSON82811
040165010010JOHN FERGUSON83110
040165011011PUNCH IMLACH8193
040165012012TERRY SAWCHUK84312
040165013013BOB BAUN9231
040165014014KENT DOUGLAS85013
040165015015RED KELLY8.5310I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165016016JIM PAPPIN8.5312I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040165017017DAVE KEON961
040165018018BOB PULFORD8296
040165019019GEORGE ARMSTRONG84511
040165020020ORLAND KURTENBACH8.5211I have a Psa8 if you're interested
040165021021ED GIACOMIN8538Thank-you Cesare
040165022022HARRY HOWELL940
040165023023ROD SEILING8226
040165024024MIKE MCMAHON8254
040165025025JEAN RATELLE83917
040165026026DOUG ROBINSON8215
040165027027VIC HADFIELD9100I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
040165028028GARRY PETERS9100
040165029029DON MARSHALL83812
040165030030BILL HICKE9121I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
040165031031GERRY CHEEVERS87617Thanks Rob
040165032032LEO BOIVIN83710
040165033033ALBERT LANGLOIS8377
040165034034MURRAY OLIVER8469
040165035035TOM WILLIAMS9120I have a Psa8 if you''re interested
040165036036RON SCHOCK8203
040165037037ED WESTFALL8.559I have a Psa 8 if you're interested.
040165038038GARY DORNHOEFER970
040165039039BOB DILLABOUGH8175
040165040040PAUL POPIEL84812
040165041041SID ABEL83310
040165042042ROGER CROZIER8298
040165043043DOUG BARKLEY8.524
040165044044BILL GADSBY83015
040165045045BRYAN WATSON9121I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165046046BOB MCCORD8369
040165047047ALEX DELVECCHIO8323
040165048048ANDY BATHGATE9101
040165049049NORM ULLMAN8367
040165050050AB MCDONALD8385
040165051051PAUL HENDERSON8244I have a Psa8 (OC) if you're interested
040165052052PIT MARTIN84411
040165053053BILLY HARRIS8311
040165054054BILLY REAY83518I have another psa 8 if you're interested
040165055055GLENN HALL8214
040165056056PIERRE PILOTE83010
040165057057AL MCNEIL8213
040165058058CAMILLE HENRY9113
040165059059BOBBY HULL9221
040165060060STAN MIKITA87712
040165061061KEN WHARRAM8.537
040165062062BILL(RED) HAY8.547
040165063063FRED STANFIELD83719
040165064064DENNIS HULL87113
040165065065KEN HODGE8255Thank-you Cesare
040165066066CHECKLIST CARD8275Thank-you Cesare
040165067067CHARLIE HODGE8298
040165068068TERRY HARPER8253
040165069069J.C. TREMBLAY8356
040165070070BOBBY ROUSSEAU971I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
040165071071HENRI RICHARD9120
040165072072DAVE BALON83412
040165073073RALPH BACKSTROM8.5214I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165074074JIM ROBERTS8357
040165075075CLAUDE LAROSE83912
040165076076Y.COURNOYER RC89214Thanks Rob
040165077077JOHNNY BOWER9140
040165078078CARL BREWER9101
040165079079TIM HORTON8239
040165080080MARCEL PRONOVOST84313
040165081081FRANK MAHOVLICH84514
040165082082RON ELLIS8358
040165083083LARRY JEFFREY8.5115I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165084084PETER STEMKOWSKI8.5413I have a Psan8 if you're interested
040165085085EDDIE JOYAL82814
040165086086MIKE WALTON83814
040165087087GEORGE SULLIVAN83111
040165088088DON SIMMONS83913I have another PSA 8 if you're interested.
040165089089JIM NEILSON8347
040165090090ARNIE BROWN8329
040165091091ROD GILBERT83513
040165092092PHIL GOYETTE8199
040165093093BOB NEVIN84610
040165094094JOHN MCKENZIE991I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165095095TED TAYLOR981I have a Psa8 if you're interested
040165096096MILT SCHMIDT CO990I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040165097097ED JOHNSTON8258
040165098098TED GREEN8279
040165099099DON AWREY82010
0401651000100BOB WOYTOWICH9151I have a Psa8 if you''re interesred
0401651010101JOHNNY BUCYK8.5110I have a Psa7 if you''re interesred
0401651020102DEAN PRENTICE8234
0401651030103RON STEWART8257
0401651040104REG FLEMING8213
0401651050105PARKER MACDONALD8269
0401651060106HANK BASSEN82911
0401651070107GARY BERGMAN9131
0401651080108GORDIE HOWE8585
0401651090109FLOYD SMITH8.518
0401651100110BRUCE MACGREGOR9102I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
0401651110111RON MURPHY83510
0401651120112DON MCKENNEY971I have a PSA 8 if you're interested
0401651130113DENIS DEJORDY9260I have a Psa8 if you''re interested
0401651140114ELMER VASKO8175
0401651150115MATT RAVLICH9160
0401651160116PHIL ESPOSITO89015
0401651170117CHICO MAKI8209
0401651180118DOUG MOHNS8326
0401651190119ERIC NESTERENKO84112
0401651200120PAT STAPLETON82414I have a PSA 7 if you're interested
0401651210121CHECKLIST CARD8184
0401651220122GORDIE HOWE 600 SP8466Thank-you Cesare
0401651230123TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS8516
0401651240124CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS8508
0401651250125DETROIT RED WINGS8162
0401651260126MONTREAL CANADIENS85611
0401651270127NEW YORK RANGERS71910
0401651280128BRUINS TEAM8332