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About this set: Long live Da Bears. Need your help with the ones I'm missing.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
T202000008STUB1933 CHICAGO 23/N.Y. GIANTS 21110
T20234M099STUB1934 N.Y. GIANTS 30/CHICAGO 13310The "Sneakers" game
U20240M089FULL1940 CHICAGO 73/WASHINGTON 0210the biggest blowout in NFL history 73 - 0
T206000021STUB1941 CHICAGO 33/GREEN BAY 14220NFL Divisional Playoff
T202000005STUB1941 CHICAGO 37/N.Y. GIANTS 9440
T202000001STUB1942 WASHINGTON 14/CHICAGO 6210
U20243M199FULL1943 CHICAGO 41/WASHINGTON 21210
U20246M159FULL1946 CHICAGO 24/N.Y. GIANTS 14510
U206000021FULL1950 LOS ANGELES 24/CHICAGO 14110
U202000002FULL1956 N.Y. GIANTS 47/CHICAGO 7410
U20263M299FULL1963 CHICAGO 14/N.Y. GIANTS 10412
U206000006FULL1977 DALLAS 37/CHICAGO 7413NFC Divisional Playoff
T206000023STUB1984 CHICAGO 23/WASHINGTON 19110NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000048FULL1984 S.F. 49ERS 23/CHICAGO 0610NFC Championship
U206000020FULL1985 CHICAGO 21/N.Y. GIANTS 0110NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000005FULL1985 CHICAGO 24/LOS ANGELES 0110NFC Championship
U20086A269FULL1986 CHICAGO 46/NEW ENGLAND 10820autographed by Richard Dent MVP
T206000018STUB1986 WASHINGTON 27/CHICAGO 13510NFC Divisional Playoff
U20688A109FULL1987 WASHINGTON 21/CHICAGO 17910NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000022FULL1988 CHICAGO 20/PHILADELPHIA 12510The Fog Bowl NFC Divisional Playoff
U20289A089FULL1988 S.F. 49ERS 28/CHICAGO 3110NFC Championship
U206000041FULL1990 CHICAGO 16/NEW ORLEANS 6110NFC Wild Card
T206000016STUB1990 N.Y. GIANTS 31/CHICAGO 34MK10NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000037FULL1991 DALLAS 17/CHICAGO 13610NFC Wild Card
T206000022STUB1994 CHICAGO 35/MINNESOTA 18110NFC Wild Card
U206000019FULL1994 S.F. 49ERS 44/CHICAGO 15410NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000028FULL2001 PHILADELPHIA 33/CHICAGO 19610NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000004FULL2005 CAROLINA 29/CHICAGO 21820NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000001FULL2006 CHICAGO 27/SEATTLE 24910NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000001FULL2006 CHICAGO 39/NEW ORLEANS 145311NFC Championship
U206000017FULL2010 CHICAGO 35/SEATTLE 24711NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000004FULL2010 GREEN BAY 21/CHICAGO 14832NFC Championship