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All-Time NFL Great Quarterbacks: Fight4OldDC

Fight4OldDC - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 9.038
Complete 93.55%
Set Rating 8.704
Retired Statistics (11/18/2010)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 9.038
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.038
Fight4OldDC's Sets

About this set: Im happy to unscreen my set for all to see! Thanks to everyone for helping me get here. Speial thanks to Jason, Craig, Marc, Scott, Andy and Rick. This has been a lifelong dream as I love the NFL. Please send me upgrade offers. I will pay absolute top dollar for any upgrades. Say hello if youd like as the best part of this has been meeting great people. I aspire to put together the best set ever and need your help. I also own a SGC 96 Nagurski and have season tickets to the Redskins, Ravens, Eagles and Panthers. Let me know if you are ever in Washington DC! Again thanks to all and let me know if I can ever help you as well.

Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
020848001111948 LEAF SID LUCKMAN850 
020848006161948 LEAF BOBBY LAYNE840 
0208480340341948 LEAF SAMMY BAUGH8.521 
020250005051950 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE920 
0202500450451950 BOWMAN OTTO GRAHAM970 
020251004041951 BOWMAN NORM VAN BROCKLIN940 
0202540230231954 BOWMAN GEORGE BLANDA9140 
02015711901191957 TOPPS BART STARR930 
02015713801381957 TOPPS JOHNNY UNITAS970 
0201580900901958 TOPPS SONNY JURGENSEN9100 
0201620900901962 TOPPS FRAN TARKENTON960 
0203630470471963 FLEER LEN DAWSON9220 
02016512201221965 TOPPS JOE NAMATH940 
02016819601961968 TOPPS BOB GRIESE9541 
02017115601561971 TOPPS TERRY BRADSHAW1030 
02017220002001972 TOPPS ROGER STAUBACH1020 
02017348704871973 TOPPS KENNY STABLER1010 
02017536703671975 TOPPS DAN FOUTS10230 
02018121602161981 TOPPS JOE MONTANA10800 
0201840630631984 TOPPS JOHN ELWAY10850 
02018412301231984 TOPPS DAN MARINO102730 
0265840360361984 TOPPS USFL JIM KELLY10230 
0265840520521984 TOPPS USFL STEVE YOUNG10170 
02018525102511985 TOPPS WARREN MOON10740 
02068927002701989 SCORE TROY AIKMAN107980 
0276910940941991 STADIUM CLUB BRETT FAVRE1011850 
2863980140141998 SP AUTHENTIC PEYTON MANNING10780 
08259934303431999 PACIFIC KURT WARNER10750 
28630011801182000 SP AUTHENTIC TOM BRADY10850 
22720519001902005 TOPPS CHROME AARON RODGERS   
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