1959 Fleer Ted Williams with Wax Pack: Brian's 1959 Fleer Ted Williams with Wax Pack Set

Brian's 1959 Fleer Ted Williams with Wax Pack Set - 3rd

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Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 9.238
Complete 98.77%
Set Rating 9.123
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Brian's 1959 Fleer Ted Williams with Wax Pack Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
06335900101THE EARLY YEARS9221221
06335900202TED'S IDOL9250250
06335900303PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT9291291
063359004041934-TED LEARNS THE FINE POINTS9340340
06335900505TED'S FAME SPREADS104040
06335900606TED TURNS PROFESSIONAL9290290
063359007071936-FROM MOUND TO PLATE9391391
063359008081937-FIRST FULL SEASON9312312
063359009091937-FIRST STEP TO THE MAJORS9581581
0633590100101938-GUNNING AS A PASTIME9352352
0633590110111938-FIRST SPRING TRAINING9395395
0633590120121939-BURNING UP THE MINORS9395395
0633590130131939-TED SHOWS HE WILL STAY9354354
063359014014OUTSTANDING ROOKIE OF 19399404404
0633590150151940-WILLIAMS LICKS SOPHOMORE JINX9352352
0633590160161941-WILLIAMS' GREATEST YEAR9440440
0633590170171941-HOW TED HIT .4009481481
0633590180181941-ALL STAR HERO9695695
0633590190191942-TED WINS TRIPLE CROWN9370370
0633590200201942-ON TO NAVAL TRAINING9613613
0633590210211943-HONORS FOR WILLIAMS9222222
0633590220221944-TED SOLOS9650650
0633590230231944-WILLIAMS WINS HIS WINGS9361361
0633590250251945-TED IS DISCHARGED9383383
0633590260261946-OFF TO A FLYING START9438438
0633590270271946-ONE MAN SHOW9311311
0633590280281946-THE WILLIAMS SHIFT9495495
0633590290291946-TED HITS FOR THE CYCLE9390390
0633590300301946-BEATING THE WILLIAMS SHIFT9372372
0633590310311946-SOX LOSE THE SERIES9460460
0633590320321946-MOST VALUABLE PLAYER9601601
0633590330331947-ANOTHER TRIPLE CROWN FOR TED9641641
0633590340341947-TED SETS RUNS-SCORED RECORD9634634
0633590350351948-THE SOX MISS THE PENNANT9551551
0633590360361948-BANNER YEAR FOR TED9433433
0633590370371949-SOX MISS OUT AGAIN9673673
0633590380381949-POWER RAMPAGE9415415
0633590390391950-GREAT START9593593
0633590400401950-TED CRASHES INTO WALL9280280
0633590410411950-TED RECOVERS9562562
0633590420421951-WILLIAMS SLOWED BY INJURY9602602
0633590430431951-LEADS OUTFIELDERS IN DOUBLE PLAY9552552
0633590440441952-BACK TO THE MARINES9666666
0633590450451952-FAREWELL TO BASEBALL9583583
0633590460461952 READY FOR COMBAT9523523
0633590470471953-TED CRASH LANDS JET9492492
0633590480481953-TED RETURNS9721721
0633590490491953-SMASH RETURN9633633
0633590500501954-SPRING INJURY9611611
0633590510511954-TED IS PATCHED UP9514514
0633590520521954-TED'S COMEBACK9536536
0633590530531954-TED'S COMEBACK IS A SUCCESS9573573
0633590540541954-FISHERMAN TED HOOKS A BIG ON9642642
0633590550551955-TED DECIDES RETIREMENT IS NO GO9612612
0633590560561955-2,000TH MAJOR LEAGUE HIT954105410
0633590570571956-TED REACHES 400TH HOMER9470470
0633590580581957-WILLIAMS HITS .3889696696
0633590590591957-HOT SEPTEMBER FOR TED9433433
0633590600601957-MORE RECORDS FOR TED9641641
0633590610611957-OUTFIELDER TED9500500
0633590620621958-6TH BATTING TITLE FOR TED9643643
063359063063TED'S ALL-STAR RECORD9673673
0633590640641958-DAUGHTER AND FAMOUS DADDY9675675
063359065065AUGUST 30,19589713713
063359067067TWO FAMOUS FISHERMEN9610610
063359068068TED SIGNS FOR 19599410410
063359069069A FUTURE TED WILLIAMS9834834
063359070070TED WILLIAMS & JIM THORPE9710710
063359071071TEDS HITTING FUNDAMENTALS #19655655
063359072072TEDS HITTING FUNDAMENTALS #29492492
063359073073TEDS HITTING FUNDAMENTALS #39815815
063359074074HERE'S HOW9511511
063359075075WILLIAMS' VALUE TO RED SOX9724724
063359077077TED RELAXES9733733
063359078078HONORS FOR WILLIAMS9330330
063359079079WHERE TED STANDS9382382
063359080080TED'S GOALS FOR 19599130130