1955 Red Man Tobacco with Tab: Brian's 1955 Red Man Tobacco Set With Tabs

Brian's 1955 Red Man Tobacco Set With Tabs - 8th

Current Statistics
Rank 8
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.224
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.224
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Brian's 1955 Red Man Tobacco Set With Tabs
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
79805500101RAY BOONE8102
79805500111RICHIE ASHBURN8102
79805500212DEL CRANDALL8164
79805500202JIM BUSBY8173
79805500303ED WHITEY FORD8192
79805500313GIL HODGES8131
79805500414BROOKS LAWRENCE8.524
79805500404NELSON FOX920
79805500505BOB GRIM8.516
79805500515JOHNNY LOGAN875
79805500606JACK HARSHMAN8105
79805500616SAL MAGLIE8180
79805500707JIM HEGAN8.544
79805500717WILLIE MAYS8256
79805500808BOB LEMON8104
79805500818DON MUELLER8102
79805500919BILL SARNI8155
79805500909IRV NOREN8101
798055010010BOB PORTERFIELD8142
798055010110WARREN SPAHN8162
798055011011AL ROSEN8137
798055011111HENRY THOMPSON8113
798055012112HOYT WILHELM6.5326
798055012012MICKEY VERNON881
798055013113JOHNNY ANTONELLI8144
798055013013VIC WERTZ8180
798055014114CARL ERSKINE8155
798055014014EARLY WYNN8103
798055015015BOBBY AVILA8174
798055015115GRANNY HAMNER891
798055016016LARRY YOGI BERRA8173
798055016116TED KLUSZEWSKI8123
798055017017JOE COLEMAN8166
798055017117PEE WEE REESE8183
798055018118AL SCHOENDIENST8.511
798055018018LARRY DOBY71515
798055019119DUKE SNIDER8220
798055019019JACKIE JENSEN8201
798055020120FRANK THOMAS8183
798055020020PETE RUNNELS851
798055021021JIM PIERSALL8171
798055021121RAY JABLONSKI910
798055022022HANK BAUER970
798055022122JAMES RHODES881
798055023023CHICO CARRASQUEL8121
798055023123GUS BELL8134
798055024124CURT SIMMONS920
798055024024ORESTES MINOSO8232
798055025125MARVIN GRISSOM893
798055025025SANDY CONSUEGRA894