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About this set: The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players was a ten-part television series presented by the NFL Network in 2010. The series was based on a list of the top 100 National Football League players of all time, as compiled by a "blue-ribbon" panel assembled by the NFL Network. The members of the panel were current and former NFL coaches, players, executives, and members of the media. Each episode, broadcast each Thursday from September 3 to November 4, 2010, introduced a group of 10 players from the list, starting with the players ranked 100 through 91, and moving up the list each week. The final episode, premiering on November 4, 2010, introduced the top 10 players of all time according to the panel. Jerry Rice was chosen as the top player of all time, with Jim Brown as the second choice. The highest ranked defensive player, Lawrence Taylor, was ranked third. At the same time, the NFL Network also released a list based on fan voting, in which Rice was again ranked first, followed by Joe Montana, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders.

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02018616101611986 TOPPS JERRY RICE97455074550
0201580620621958 TOPPS JIM BROWN6562589562589
02018243404341982 TOPPS LAWRENCE TAYLOR94917649176
02018121602161981 TOPPS JOE MONTANA85289151352891513
02017614801481976 TOPPS WALTER PAYTON819115761911576
02015713801381957 TOPPS JOHNNY UNITAS6659638659638
0265840580581984 TOPPS USFL REGGIE WHITE928742874
2863980140141998 SP AUTHENTIC PEYTON MANNING94537845378
0201550970971955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN DON HUTSON7113123113123
0205660310311966 PHILADELPHIA DICK BUTKUS7171129171129
02018248604861982 TOPPS RONNIE LOTT93204632046
0201820510511982 TOPPS ANTHONY MUNOZ92233022330
02017124502451971 TOPPS JOE GREENE7364262364262
0208480340341948 LEAF SAMMY BAUGH5689877118
0201630440441963 TOPPS DAVID (DEACON) JONES81341613416
0202500450451950 BOWMAN OTTO GRAHAM68821488214
02068925702571989 SCORE BARRY SANDERS101086010860
02579616401641996 BOWMAN'S BEST RAY LEWIS9259134259134
0267350340341935 NATIONAL CHICLE BRONKO NAGURSKI521382138
0276910940941991 STADIUM CLUB BRETT FAVRE101195011950
28630011801182000 SP AUTHENTIC TOM BRADY 
0205660380381966 PHILADELPHIA GALE SAYERS7371334371334
0201840630631984 TOPPS JOHN ELWAY9170389170389
02017438303831974 TOPPS JOHN HANNAH81332013320
02018412301231984 TOPPS DAN MARINO926802762680276
0201630820821963 TOPPS BOB LILLY71519415194
0205640910911964 PHILADELPHIA MERLIN OLSEN83039030390
0278901010101T1990 SCORE SUPPLEMENTAL EMMITT SMITH933264653326465
02017622002201976 TOPPS JACK LAMBERT8466165466165
0201570850851957 TOPPS DICK (NIGHT TRAIN) LANE72309123091
02018638903891986 TOPPS BRUCE SMITH93712537125
02015913201321959 TOPPS JIM PARKER81242212422
020848001111948 LEAF SID LUCKMAN552476972
02068924602461989 SCORE DEION SANDERS1034603460
0208480540541948 LEAF CHUCK BEDNARIK58142432
0201570940941957 TOPPS RAYMOND BERRY6175193175193
097733006061933 GOUDEY SPORTS KINGS JIM THORPE33416234162
0203630720721963 FLEER LANCE ALWORTH7110114110114
0282520230231952 BOWMAN GINO MARCHETTI731266960
0201700900901970 TOPPS O.J. SIMPSON84529645296
0206890780781989 SCORE ROD WOODSON1040604060
020564003031964 PHILADELPHIA JOHN MACKEY880198019
0201700590591970 TOPPS ALAN PAGE91071610716
0201750120121975 TOPPS MEL BLOUNT8276136276136
2863970110111997 SP AUTHENTIC TONY GONZALEZ91225812258
02017220002001972 TOPPS ROGER STAUBACH7456361456361
0201630960961963 TOPPS RAY NITSCHKE7157116157116
097733004041933 GOUDEY SPORT KINGS HAROLD (RED) GRANGE24522845228
0201770500501977 TOPPS MIKE HAYNES81766517665
02017115601561971 TOPPS TERRY BRADSHAW7560460560460
02015711901191957 TOPPS BART STARR6338348338348
02018428002801984 TOPPS ERIC DICKERSON9142787142787
02017111401141971 TOPPS WILLIE LANIER82283722837
0201600560561960 TOPPS FORREST GREGG81391413914
02017939003901979 TOPPS EARL CAMPBELL8957294957294
02017218601861972 TOPPS GENE UPSHAW81524215242
0201830380381983 TOPPS MIKE SINGLETARY96687066870
0208480222221948 LEAF STEVE VAN BUREN6634843
0201620170171962 TOPPS MIKE DITKA71595415954
02017311501151973 TOPPS JACK HAM82798627986
22720122102212001 TOPPS CHROME LADAINIAN TOMLINSON984108410
02017615801581976 TOPPS RANDY WHITE8384141384141
02036119701971961 FLEER JIM OTTO895599559
0205640710711964 PHILADELPHIA HERB ADDERLEY81896618966
2863980180181998 SP AUTHENTIC RANDY MOSS93984939849
0201650460461965 TOPPS WILLIE BROWN762416241
02018115001501981 TOPPS KELLEN WINSLOW93737637376
0201770990991977 TOPPS MIKE WEBSTER91511915119
0201640900901964 TOPPS BOBBY BELL81061410614
022794003031994 SP MARSHALL FAULK925874132587413
0205650410411965 PHILADELPHIA PAUL WARFIELD81533315333
022796004041996 SP JONATHAN OGDEN956235623
02017930803081979 TOPPS OZZIE NEWSOME8397126397126
0202500430431950 BOWMAN MARION MOTLEY66713367133
02018438003801984 TOPPS DARRELL GREEN96086360863
0201730770771973 TOPPS ART SHELL82085120851
02017831503151978 TOPPS TONY DORSETT8942249942249
02068910901091989 SCORE BRUCE MATTHEWS1014901490
0202510910911951 BOWMAN EMLEN TUNNELL760446044
02068927002701989 SCORE TROY AIKMAN1080408040
0265840520521984 TOPPS USFL STEVE YOUNG8736271736271
0201720930931972 TOPPS TED HENDRICKS81764717647
020251004041951 BOWMAN NORM VAN BROCKLIN777587758
0201560440441956 TOPPS JOE SCHMIDT794869486
02018329402941983 TOPPS MARCUS ALLEN912611201261120
0205640720721964 PHILADELPHIA WILLIE DAVIS81986119861
0202500520521950 BOWMAN ELROY HIRSCH68515985159
22720220802082002 TOPPS CHROME ED REED935273527
0201550560561955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN ERNIE NEVERS7105110105110
08259934303431999 PACIFIC KURT WARNER91697516975
0201620900901962 TOPPS FRAN TARKENTON6276286276286
0206890180181989 SCORE MICHAEL IRVIN1034203420
0201590510511959 TOPPS SAM HUFF81642516425
0201560600601956 TOPPS LENNY MOORE71228212282
02759430003001994 PLAYOFF LARRY ALLEN842774277
0201550280281955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN MEL HEIN7116115116115
02279510301031995 SP DERRICK BROOKS1011401140
0201770290291977 TOPPS LEE ROY SELMON82009020090
02749333103311993 ULTRA MICHAEL STRAHAN957675767
02016512201221965 TOPPS JOE NAMATH6229222229222