Pro Football Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers: The Radke Collection

The Radke Collection - 17th

Current Statistics
Rank 17
Weighted GPA 6.643
Complete 87.50%
Set Rating 5.813
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The Radke Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0267350240241935 NATIONAL CHICLE CLARKE HINKLE437125
020250009091950 BOWMAN TONY CANADEO543158
0202550700701955 BOWMAN JIM RINGO8OC89139
0201550970971955 TOPPS ALL-AMERICAN DON HUTSON5108406
02015711901191957 TOPPS BART STARR6338349
02015715101511957 TOPPS PAUL HORNUNG 
02015915501551959 TOPPS JIM TAYLOR7185194
0201600560561960 TOPPS FORREST GREGG813914
0201610450451961 TOPPS HENRY JORDAN77971
0201630950951963 TOPPS WILLIE WOOD7147155
0201630960961963 TOPPS RAY NITSCHKE7157117
0205640710711964 PHILADELPHIA HERB ADDERLY692408
0205640720721964 PHILADELPHIA WILLIE DAVIS7140259
02017931003101979 TOPPS JAMES LOFTON9965
0265840580581984 TOPPS USFL REGGIE WHITE92894