1966 Donruss Monkees Set B: Brian's 1966 Donruss Monkees B Set

Brian's 1966 Donruss Monkees B Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Brian's 1966 Donruss Monkees B Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
81866600121BTHE MONKEES811
81866600222BDAVY JONES842
81866600323BTHE MONKEES613
81866600424BPETER TORK841
81866600525BTHE MONKEES911
81866600626BDAVY JONES840
81866600727BTHE MONKEES910
81866600828BTHE MONKEES920
81866600929BMICHAEL NESMITH722
818666010210BMICHAEL NESMITH821
818666011211BMICKY DOLENZ840
818666012212BMONKEES MOBILE831
818666014214BTHE MONKEES940
818666015215BMICHAEL NESMITH731
818666016216BTHE MONKEES840
818666017217BTHE MONKEES841
818666018218BMICHAEL NESMITH851
818666019219BPETER TORK820
818666020220BTHE MONKEES732
818666021221BTHE MONKEES910
818666022222BMONKEES MOBILE8.510
818666023223BPETER TORK830
818666024224BTHE MONKEES821
818666025225BTHE MONKEES713
818666026226BTHE MONKEES830
818666027227BPETER TORK8.511
818666028228BPETER TORK910
818666029229BTHE MONKEES6.525
818666030230BTHE MONKEES8.514
818666031231BTHE MONKEES842
818666032232BTHE MONKEES8.532
818666033233BTHE MONKEES831
818666034234BTHE MONKEES840
818666035235BTHE MONKEES823
818666036236BTHE MONKEES821
818666037237BTHE MONKEES910
818666038238BTHE MONKEES910
818666039239BTHE MONKEES910
818666040240BTHE MONKEES821
818666041241BMONKEES MOBILE820
818666042242BTHE MONKEES920
818666043243BTHE MONKEES940
818666044244BTHE MONKEES840