1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A: dpeck100

dpeck100 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 10.750
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Set Rating 10.750
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
47208200101ANDRE THE GIANT930
47208200202HULK HOGAN9140
47200000353MIL MASCARAS930
47200000164TED DIBIASE1020
47208200505THE JUNKYARD DOG1010
47208200606DUSTY RHODES1010
47200000117JACK BRISCO1010
47200000038HARLEY RACE931
47200000229DORY FUNK JR.1020
472000000810TERRY FUNK1050
472082011011NICK BOCKWINKEL1050
472000001812BOB BACKLUND1020
472000000113BRUNO SAMMARTINO1010
472000002114PEDRO MORALES1010
472000001915DON MURACO1020
472000001216BILL DUNDEE1010
472000002017STEVE OLSONOSKI1040
472000001318TOMMY RICH1030
472000002519ANGELO MOSCA9120
472000000220BRUISER BRODY1030
472000003621THE FABULOUS MOOLAH930
472000000422WAHOO MCDANIEL9121
472000000923BILLY ROBINSON1020
472000002624IVAN KOLOFF9120
472000001025TONY ATLAS1010
472000000526PAT PATTERSON1030
472082027027RIC FLAIR1060
472000001528IVAN PUTSKI920
472000002329DICK MURDOCH950
472082030030THE CRUSHER8163
472000000731KEN PATERA1030
472000001732ERNIE LADD990
472082033033DICK THE BRUISER1030
472082034034JERRY LAWLER1030
472000001435COWBOY BILL WATTS1010
472000002436THE DESTROYER960
The new scans really make this set pop. Great job!
Posted @ 2/17/2016 7:07 PM By kingnascar
The Fabulous Moolah PSA 9 was added on 12/29/2015.
Posted @ 1/4/2016 3:35 PM By dpeck100
The Bob Backlund PSA 10 was added on 1/29/2015.
Posted @ 1/29/2015 7:35 AM By dpeck100
Great collection! Jealous. LOL
Posted @ 5/27/2014 1:51 PM By kmt56
It has been over two years since I have had an upgrade to my set. The Bruiser Brody PSA 10 was added on 12/17/2013. The hunt continues.
Posted @ 12/17/2013 5:22 AM By dpeck100
BOOM!!! You did it, congrats on your award from PSA for 2013!
Posted @ 6/24/2013 10:48 AM By missions1
Thank you guys for the kind words. There is still a lot of room for improvement. I still have a long way to go!
Posted @ 3/9/2012 2:38 PM By dpeck100
WOW! Amazing job my friend!
Posted @ 3/8/2012 6:05 PM By kingbeeswax
This set is a stunner. The highest grade available in 33 of 36 cards in the set. Nice work, MCADAMS.
Posted @ 6/5/2011 6:14 PM By michael_c_adams