1936 Gallaher Sporting Personalities: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 7.938
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.938
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
49550000021G. WILSON811
49553600202H. HIBBS823
49550000033MR. BERTRAM MILLS721
49553600404LEN HARVEY832
49550000015MR. HERBERT CHAPMAN831
49553600606FRED DARLING920
49550000047LORD LONSDALE612
49553600808LORD DERBY722
49550000059MR. G. ALLISON811
495536010010H.H. AGA KHAN713
495500000611MR. IVOR ANTHONY911
495536012012LORD BURGHLEY713
495536013013F.E. WOOLLEY722
495500000714GORDON RICHARDS712
495536015015ALEX JAMES823
495500000816TED PHELPS721
495536017017J.B. HOBBS822
495536018018E. HENDREN822
495500000919MR. J.T. HOWCROFT713
495536020020SIR WALTER GILBEY722
495500001021G. DUCKWORTH920
495536022022MR. P.G.H. FENDER911
495536023023MR. F. DIXON812
495500001124J. GUTHRIE712
495500001225MR. E.H. TEMME831
495500001326MR. H.M. ABRAHAMS721
495500001427MR. D. HORN811
495536028028MR. TOM WEBSTER832
495500001529F. FOX811
495500001630J. SULLIVAN414
495536031031TOM FARNDON920
495536032032MELBOURNE INMAN930
495536033033MR. C.W.A. SCOTT910
495536034034SIR HARRY PRESTON910
495536035035R. STARLING821
495536036036DIXIE DEAN626
495536037037MR. F. FURLONG910
495536038038R.G. CASE811
495536039039C. BASTIN812
495536040040F. CHESTER911
495536041041KID BERG855
495536042042W. SPECK811
495500001743STEVE DONOGHUE712
495536044044MR. TOM WALLS811
495536045045SIR. M. CAMPBELL723
495536046046CAPT. G.E.T. EYSTON911
495500001848HON. DOROTHY PAGET721