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1957-58 Topps: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 8.298
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.298
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About this set: This ultra-difficult set to complete in psa 8 or better is now complete with 77 psa 8s and 3 8.5s including 2 pop 1s with none higher. Thanks to the undisputed King of Vintage Basketball, Mike Rakosi, for selling me the pop 3 Fleming and for finsding me the cards I needed to complete the set.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
03015700101NAT CLIFTON8110 
03015700202GEORGE YARDLEY8120 
03015700303NEIL JOHNSTON8142 
03015700404CARL BRAUN8200 
03015700505BILL SHARMAN8295 
03015700606GEORGE KING8221 
03015700707KENNY SEARS8262 
03015700808DICK RICKETTS8180 
03015700909JACK NICHOLS8290 
030157010010PAUL ARIZIN8372 
030157011011CHUCK NOBLE8181 
030157012012SLATER MARTIN8.551 
030157013013DOLPH SCHAYES8383 
030157014014DICK ATHA8205 
030157015015FRANK RAMSEY8170 
030157016016DICK McGUIRE8160 
030157017017BOB COUSY8334 
030157018018LARRY FOUST8200 
030157019019TOM HEINSOHN8261 
030157020020BILL THIEBEN8120 
030157021021DON MEINEKE8191 
030157022022TOM MARSHALL8290 
030157023023DICK GARMAKER8190 
030157024024BOB PETTIT8433 
030157025025JIM KREBS8162 
030157026026GENE SHUE8331 
030157027027ED MACAULEY8300 
030157028028VERN MIKKELSEN8181 
030157029029WILLIE NAULIS8191 
030157030030WALTER DUKES8171 
030157031031DAVE PIONTEK8285 
030157032032JOHN KERR8293 
030157033033LARRY COSTELLO8297 
030157034034WOODY SAULDSBERRY8251 
030157035035RAY FELIX8183 
030157036036ERNIE BECK882 
030157037037CLIFF HAGAN8276 
030157038038GUY SPARROW8275 
030157039039JIM LOSCUTOFF8161 
030157040040ARNIE RISEN8141 
030157041041JOE GRABOSKI8150 
030157042042MAURICE STOKES8403 
030157043043ROD HUNDLEY8274 
030157044044TOM GOLA8241 
030157045045MED PARK8192 
030157046046MEL HUTCHINS890 
030157047047LARRY FRIEND8161 
030157048048LENNIE ROSENBLUTH8263 
030157049049WALT DAVIS8261 
030157050050RICHIE REGAN8203 
030157051051FRANK SELVY8253 
030157052052ART SPOELSTRA8252 
030157053053BOB HOPKINS8351 
030157054054EARL LLOYD8201 
030157055055PHIL JORDAN8194 
030157056056BOB HOUBREGS8274 
030157057057LOU TSIOROPOULAS8.511 
030157058058ED CONLIN8213 
030157059059AL BIANCHI8211 
030157060060GEORGE DEMPSEY8151 
030157061061CHUCK SHARE8181 
030157062062HARRY GALLATIN8.510 
030157063063BOB HARRISON8140 
030157064064BOB BURROW8151 
030157065065WIN WILFONG8301 
030157066066JACK McMAHON8343 
030157067067JACK GEORGE890 
030157068068CHARLIE TYRA8152 
030157069069RON SOBIE8171 
030157070070JACK COLEMAN8161 
030157071071JACK TWYMAN8222 
030157072072PAUL SEYMOUR8150 
030157073073JIM PAXSON8200 
030157074074BOB LEONARD8251 
030157075075ANDY PHILLIP8101 
030157076076JOE HOLUP8214 
030157077077BILL RUSSELL8445 
030157078078CLYDE LOVELLETTE8201 
030157079079ED FLEMING873 
030157080080DICK SCHNITTKER8121 
AWESOME set of RARE cards !!!
Posted @ 2/2/2009 3:55 PM By vertigoxl
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