1969 Topps Room 222 Black & White: Brian's Topps 1969 Room 222 Black & White Set

Brian's Topps 1969 Room 222 Black & White Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.917
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Set Rating 8.511
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Brian's Topps 1969 Room 222 Black & White Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
83236900111PETE DIXON910
83236900212LIZ MCINTYRE810
83236900313REGARDS RICHIE811
83236900414SEYMOUR KAUFMAN910
83236900515ALICE JOHNSON623
83236900616ALICE JOHNSON820
83236900717SEYMOUR KAUFMAN820
83236900818PETE DIXON820
83236900919SEYMOUR KAUFMAN730
832300000210REGARDS RICHIE7MC10
832369011111WALT WHITMAN H.S.830
832369012112PETE DIXON920
832369013113PETE DIXON910
832369014114PETE DIXON811
832369015115ALICE JOHNSON520
832369016116ALICE JOHNSON811
832369017117PETER DIXON820
832300000118PETE DIXON 
832300000319REGARDS RICHIE820
832300000420REGARDS RICHIE7OC20
832369021121ALICE JOHNSON910
832300000522SEYMOUR KAUFMAN920
832369023123REGARDS RICHIE8.511
832369024124SEYMOUR KAUFMAN830
832369025125ALICE JOHNSON811
832369026126SEYMOUR KAUFMAN910
832369027127SEYMOUR KAUFMAN910
832369028128PETE DIXON830
832369029129PETE DIXON821
832369030130ALICE JOHNSON610
832369031131ALICE JOHNSON831
832369032132PETE DIXON910
832300000633LIZ MCINTYRE830
832369034134LIZ MCINTYRE830
832369035135PETE DIXON821
832369036136ALICE JOHNSON910
832369037137JASON ALLEN820
832369038138PETE DIXON820
832369039139SEYMOUR KAUFMAN820
832369040140LIZ MCINTYRE521
832300000741JASON ALLEN910
832369042142PETE DIXON820
832369043143PETE DIXON 
832369044144PETE DIXON830