Y.A. Tittle Basic Set: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 8.155
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.155
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
020250005051950 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE8513
0202510320321951 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE8608
0292520170171952 BOWMAN LARGE Y.A. TITTLE8180
0282520170171952 BOWMAN SMALL Y.A. TITTLE8192
0202530560561953 BOWMAN Y. A. TITTLE8193
0202540420421954 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE8667
0202550720721955 BOWMAN Y.A. TITTLE8364
0201560860861956 TOPPS Y. A. TITTLE85919
0201570300301957 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE81168
0201580860861958 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE88010
02015913001301959 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE819850
02016011301131960 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE812821
0201610580581961 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE87619
02016210201021962 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE8472
0201630490491963 TOPPS Y.A. TITTLE8284
02056412401241964 PHILADELPHIA Y.A. TITTLE812129