NFL AP Offensive Rookies of the Year: recbball

recbball - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 9.104
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.104
Retired Statistics (8/10/2015)
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 9.104
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.104
recbball's Sets
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
0201700520521970 TOPPS MEL FARR870327032
02017019501951970 TOPPS EARL MCCULLOUCH844184418
02017026002601970 TOPPS CALVIN HILL8261413255
02017123502351971 TOPPS DENNIS SHAW748624862
0201720850851972 TOPPS JOHN BROCKINGTON892439243
0201730890891973 TOPPS FRANCO HARRIS83939339393
02017411301131974 TOPPS CHUCK FOREMAN888298829
0201750100101975 TOPPS DON WOODS819281928
02017642904291976 TOPPS MIKE THOMAS820342034
02017734003401977 TOPPS SAMMIE WHITE848344834
02017831503151978 TOPPS TONY DORSETT8944253944253
02017939003901979 TOPPS EARL CAMPBELL8963301963301
02018017001701980 TOPPS OTTIS ANDERSON91223512235
02018110001001981 TOPPS BILLY SIMS92253622536
02018241004101982 TOPPS GEORGE ROGERS980318031
02018329402941983 TOPPS MARCUS ALLEN912671201267120
02018428002801984 TOPPS ERIC DICKERSON9143787143787
02018535803581985 TOPPS LOUIS LIPPS91041810418
02018626002601986 TOPPS EDDIE BROWN947144714
02018727402741987 TOPPS RUEBEN MAYES915171517
02018819101911988 TOPPS TROY STRADFORD8.5210210
02068923602361989 SCORE JOHN STEPHENS10400400
02068925702571989 SCORE BARRY SANDERS101092010920
0278901010101T1990 SCORE SUPPLEMENTAL EMMITT SMITH933304653330465
02760000424351991 STADIUM CLUB LEONARD RUSSELL93535
02689246104611992 PRO SET CARL PICKENS98282
022793006061993 SP JEROME BETTIS970197219
022794003031994 SP MARSHALL FAULK925884162588416
0227950180181995 SP CURTIS MARTIN92246722467
022796005051996 SP EDDIE GEORGE92532525325
2863970100101997 SP AUTHENTIC WARRICK DUNN8.541094109
2863980180181998 SP AUTHENTIC RANDY MOSS93994939949
2863990940941999 SP AUTHENTIC EDGERRIN JAMES8394155394155
28630016401642000 SP AUTHENTIC MIKE ANDERSON992449244
22720127902792001 TOPPS CHROME ANTHONY THOMAS8717717
22720218101812002 TOPPS CHROME CLINTON PORTIS969126912
22720320302032003 TOPPS CHROME ANQUAN BOLDIN10150150
22720416601662004 TOPPS CHROME BEN ROETHLISBERGER91199911999
22720519701972005 TOPPS CHROME CARNELL WILLIAMS1011201120
22720622302232006 TOPPS CHROME VINCE YOUNG968606860
2272071810TC1812007 TOPPS CHROME ADRIAN PETERSON1019001900
V512000008TC1662008 TOPPS CHROME MATT RYAN1029102910
Z219000003TC1552009 TOPPS CHROME PERCY HARVIN10200200
BE49000001C1502010 TOPPS CHROME SAM BRADFORD109901170
BI9700000812011 TOPPS CHROME CAM NEWTON 10390490
AM580000072002012 TOPPS CHROME ROBERT GRIFFIN III 1035603660
MP960000391312013 TOPPS CHROME EDDIE LACY 10990990