NFL AP Defensive Player of the Year: recbball

recbball - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 8.830
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.830
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
0201690590591969 TOPPS DICK ANDERSON81835318353
AM58000216452012 TOPPS CHROME LUKE KUECHLY10330330
0201700590591970 TOPPS ALAN PAGE91071610716
02017124502451971 TOPPS JOE GREENE7363262363262
0201750120121975 TOPPS MEL BLOUNT8276136276136
0201760440441976 TOPPS HARVEY MARTIN81217112171
02017622002201976 TOPPS JACK LAMBERT8466165466165
02017625702571976 TOPPS RANDY GRADISHAR869506950
0201770290291977 TOPPS LEE ROY SELMON81999019990
02018019501951980 TOPPS LESTER HAYES9449449
02018243404341982 TOPPS LAWRENCE TAYLOR94917649176
0201830380381983 TOPPS MIKE SINGLETARY96687066870
02018338403841983 TOPPS KENNY EASLEY91041510415
02018411801181984 TOPPS DOUG BETTERS973187318
0265840580581984 TOPPS USFL REGGIE WHITE928742874
02018629902991986 TOPPS KEITH MILLARD9374374
02018638903891986 TOPPS BRUCE SMITH93712537125
0201880660661988 TOPPS PAT SWILLING10410410
0206890780781989 SCORE ROD WOODSON1040604060
02068924602461989 SCORE DEION SANDERS1034603460
02179167006701991 UPPER DECK BRYCE PAUP10380380
02279324102411993 SP DANA STUBBLEFIELD10340340
02749333103311993 ULTRA MICHAEL STRAHAN957665766
0227950990991995 SP WARREN SAPP1011701170
02279510301031995 SP DERRICK BROOKS1011401140
02579616401641996 BOWMAN?S BEST RAY LEWIS9259134259134
28639711601161997 SP AUTHENTIC JASON TAYLOR936213621
2863980230231998 SP AUTHENTIC CHARLES WOODSON91031510315
28630012201222000 SP AUTHENTIC BRIAN URLACHER9115102115102
22720220802082002 TOPPS CHROME ED REED935273527
28630312001202003 SP AUTHENTIC TROY POLAMALU 917541754
22720316901692003 TOPPS CHROME TERRELL SUGGS9143143
28630414601462004 SP AUTHENTIC BOB SANDERS8.5313313
M976000016872008 STADIUM CLUB JAMES HARRISON9119119
BI970003831042011 TOPPS CHROME J.J. WATT 10470470