1910 Imperial Tobacco Lacrosse Color (C60): Simgin

Simgin - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 5.303
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 5.303
Retired Statistics (2/28/2014)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 5.303
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 5.303
Simgin's Sets
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About this set: I am always looking to upgrade my sets and willing to trade or buy. I also have a lot of graded and ungraded vintage cards available to trade or sell. Please feel free to contact me.

ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
91290000451J. MUIR2.536
91290000292D. MUNDAY520
91290000463A.G. DILLON4.512
91291000404S. ROCKFORD610
91291000505J. MCCARTHY4.524
91290000476W. TOBIN4.521
91291000707C. GEORGE620
91290000388T. KEEGAN511
91290000029E. MCCARTHY422
912900004810M. QUINN511
912900004111J. BARRY520
912900000112M. MCINTYRE620
912900000513H. GOODWIN610
912900000414R. PRINGLE452
912900000315A. CURRIE5.510
912910016016T. GORMAN540
912910017017J. DOOLEY630
912910018018B. HUTTON620
912910019019J. SHEA5.510
912900000720J. POWERS610
912900002621H. GAUL610
912900006122E. BUTTERWORTH511
912900002423G. MARSH511
912900000624W. EASTWOOD620
912900006025J. WHITE511
912900002526A. MACMILLAN640
912900003027L. JOHNSTON620
912900004328B. BURNS630
912900004929D. CAMERON540
912910030030J. CLINGEN4.512
912910031031B. DEGAN4.513
912910032032F. DEGAN540
912910033033E. SOMMERVILLE710
912900003134D. PHALEN334
912900000835V. HASSELL630
912900002836F. CUMMINGS4.512
912910037037D. SUMNER5.510
912900005038B. ALLEN620
912900005139E. RAVEY521
912900003640V. GREEN4.511
912910041041F. RONAN530
912900004442T. BURNS3.515
912900003743J. BRENNAN5.510
912910044044A. DADE530
912900001145H. SCOTT471
912900001046J.B. KENNA620
912900004247J. O KANE610
912900000948C. MCKERROW433
912900001249A. KANE445
912910050050F. HOGAN6.510
912900005251G. ROBERTS620
912900003952F. SCOTT520
912900005353R. FINLAYSON434
912910054054N. NEVILLE511
912910055055J. WINTEMUTE5.510
912910056056T. GIFFORD610
912900005457C. GALBRAITH532
912900004058G. SPRING4.511
912910059059C. SPRING620
912900005560G. RENNIE541
912910061061A. GRAY5.521
912900001562W. TURNBULL620
912900003263L. TURNBULL462
912900001464T. RENNIE451
912900001365J. FEENEY6MC71
912900002766J. GIFFORD611
912910067067H. MURTON6.520
912910068068M. IONS523
912900005669R. KINSMAN710
912910070070N. FELKER610
912900001771J. MACKENZIE422
912900001672A. LANGLOIS454
912900005773J. METIVIER8MC30
912900001974A. DEBEAUMONT530
912910075075P. MORAN621
912910076076C. QUERRIE435
912910077077R. FORTIER456
912900001878J. BELANGER620
912900002179R. BERNARD455
912900005880L. FINET522
912900002081F. GRAYDON531
912900003482D. DURKIN521
912910083083J. MCCORMICK520
912910084084JOE MALONE620
912910085085JEFF MALONE610
912900003386P. ALAIN611
912900002287H. DECAIRE610
912910088088E. LACHAPELLE632
912910089089E. CLEMENT512
912910090090J. CATTARINICH620
912910091091E. GAUTHIER511
912910092092J. LAMOUREUX610
912910093093O. SECOURS610
912910094094E. DULUDE5.530
912910095095E. L HEUREUX620
912900002396F. GAGNON4.511
912910097097N. LALONDE630
912900005998G. DUSSEAULT4.512