1966 Topps Batman B Series: Brian's 1966 Topps Batman "B" Puzzle Back Set

Brian's 1966 Topps Batman "B" Puzzle Back Set - 2nd

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.716
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Set Rating 8.716
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Brian's 1966 Topps Batman "B" Puzzle Back Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
88086600101THE JOKER'S ICY JEST8123236
88086600202THE PENGUIN PREVAILS8101101
88080000043HYDRO-FOIL HOTSPOT95060
88080000304BRANDED BOY WONDER8.51121
88080000315CAGED BY THE CATWOMAN8.52021
88080000056CANAPE FOR A COBRA95051
88086600707THE GRIM GLADIATOR890172
88086600808SNARING THE SHEIK91010
88080000079BASHED ON A BILLBOARD92040
880866010010AMPHIBIOUS ATTACKERS882193
880866011011TO ROBIN'S RESCUE8152152
880800001012RENEGADE ROULETTE94182
880866013013BATMAN'S COFFIN8181181
880866014014NEANDERTHAL NEMESIS890143
880866015015JOKER WISHES ROBIN WELL8162162
880866016016PENNED BY THE PENGUIN94040
880866017017PREHISTORIC PERIL8151151
880866018018THE PENGUIN'S PREY8160212
880866019019CORNERED ON A CLIFF880183
880866020020DISTORTED DYNAMIC DUO844115
880866021021TOLL OF TORTURE91121
880866022022ROUTING THE RIDDLER89191
880866023023THE JOKER'S JUGGERNAUT852132
880866024024FANGS OF THE PHANTOM8101101
880866025025DRAGGED FROM DEATH'S DOOR91111
880866026026JACK FROST'S JINX851102
880866027027PASTING THE PAINTER8143143
880866028028CONCRETE CONQUEST93040
880800001929A WRETCHED RIDDLE95070
880800002030JOSTLED BY THE JOKER91030
880866031031BATMAN BUCKS BADMAN87272
880866032032FROZEN BY FROST8214214
880866033033GASSED BY A GERANIUM8101235
880866034034A FATAL JOUST95050
880866035035HOLY RODENTS8120202
880866036036A PRESSING POSITION93061
880866037037RIDDLER ON THE ROOF8166166
880866038038BEWARE THE BAT-A-RANG93040
880866039039CAUGHT IN A CAVERN8122252
880800002940BATMAN BAILS OUT8.51214
880866041041AQUATIC ATTACK91010
880866042042INHOSPITABLE HATTER84040
880866043043THE PERILOUS PENNY8110171
880800003644RIDDLER ROBS A RAINBOW93040