1940-41 O-Pee-Chee (V301-2): Simgin

Simgin - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 6.617
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 6.617
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About this set: I am always looking to upgrade my sets and willing to trade or buy. I also have a lot of graded and ungraded vintage cards available to trade or sell. Please feel free to contact me.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0431000337101TOE BLAKE610
0431000364102CHARLIE SANDS610
0431000339103WALLY STANOWSKI541
0431000365104JACK ADAMS610
0431000389105JOHNNY MOWERS RC620
0431000390106JOHNNY QUILTY610
0431000413107BILLY TAYLOR521
0431000387108TURK BRODA610
0431000318109BINGO KAMPMAN5.521
0431000388110GORDIE DRILLON533
0431000391111DON METZ710
0431000366112PAUL HAYNES521
0431000340113GUS MARKER611
0431401140114ALEX SINGBUSH622
0431000392115ALEX MOTTER5.510
0431401160116KEN REARDON RC630
0431000446117PETE LANGELLE431
0431000338118SYL APPS610
0431000393119REG. HAMILTON611
0431000394120CLIFF RED GOUPILLE621
0431401210121JOE BENOIT810
0431401220122SWEENEY SCHRINER RC610
0431000445123JOE CARVETH422
0431401240124JACK STEWART RC336
0431401250125ELMER LACH RC6.511
0431401260126JACK SCHEWCHUK810
0431000273127NORMAN LARSON530
0431000170128DON GROSSO521
0431401290129LESTER DOUGLAS610
0431401300130TURK BRODA530
0431401310131MAX BENTLEY RC5.510
0431401320132MILT SCHMIDT RC541
0431000272133NICK METZ313
0431401340134JACK CRAWFORD810
0431000274135BILL BENSON610
0431401360136LYNN PATRICK520
0431000275137CULLY DAHLSTROM421
0431000276138MUD BRUNETEAU620
0431000277139DAVE KERR530
0431000278140BOB RED HERON423
0431000395141NICK METZ520
0431000279142OTT HELLER5.510
0431000294143PHIL HERGESHEIMER521
0431401440144TONY DEMERS530
0431000171145ARCHIE WILDER530
0431000280146SYL APPS530
0431401470147RAY GETLIFFE5.510
0431000281148LEX CHRISHOLM560
0431401490149EDDIE WISEMAN810
0431000282150PAUL GOODMAN RC610