Frank Gifford Basic Set: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 8.071
Complete 66.67%
Set Rating 5.256
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0292520160161952 BOWMAN LARGE FRANK GIFFORD8219
0282520160161952 BOWMAN SMALL FRANK GIFFORD8204
0202530430431953 BOWMAN FRANK GIFFORD 
0202540550551954 BOWMAN FRANK GIFFORD 
020255007071955 BOWMAN FRANK GIFFORD 
0201560530531956 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD 
0201570880881957 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD817513
0201580730731958 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD8703
0201590200201959 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD9330
0201600740741960 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD89411
02016210401041962 TOPPS FRANK GIFFORD8501
02056411701171964 PHILADELPHIA FRANK GIFFORD813830