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About this set: I would like to tell you how I came to the checklist for the players. In THE CHICAGO BEARS A 75-YEAR CELEBRATION by Richard Whittingham on pages 136-139 it lists the all-decade teams for the Bears from the '20's to the '80's. The book states the all-decade teams were decided by a poll of pro football historians, sportswriters and broadcasters, and other authorities on the history of the team. To cut down on the checklist I eliminated anyone that did not have at least one AP or pro-bowl appearance. I used the website to look up each player's post season accomplishments. For the decade of the '90's, I had to put that together myself, using the formula from the previous decades, be the best at your position for the decade and have at least one AP or pro-bowl appearance.

ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
097733004041933 GOUDEY SPORT KINGS RED GRANGE24724247242
0267350230231935 NATIONAL CHICLE BEATTIE FEATHERS43814738147
0267350340341935 NATIONAL CHICLE BRONKO NAGURSKI521392139
0267350350351935 NATIONAL CHICLE LUKE JOHNSOS316561656
0202480230231948 BOWMAN DON KINDT634393439
0202480360361948 BOWMAN CLYDE (BULLDOG) TURNER633393339
020848001111948 LEAF SID LUCKMAN557567481
0208480131131948 LEAF JOHNNY LUJACK619253740
0208480191191948 LEAF GEORGE MCAFEE658626464
0208480230231948 LEAF KEN KAVANAUGH637434146
0208480271271948 LEAF FRED DAVIS625303337
0208480370371948 LEAF GEORGE CONNER651435748
0202500630631950 BOWMAN BILL WIGHTKIN6.5287287
0202510500501951 BOWMAN RAY BRAY8309309
0202510510511951 BOWMAN ED SPRINKLE8264264
086400000421951 TOPPS MAGIC BILL WADE 663154
0282520480481952 BOWMAN GEORGE HALAS724307956
0292520760761952 BOWMAN HERMAN CLARK745184518
0282520990991952 BOWMAN JOE STYDAHAR712102820
02925212101211952 BOWMAN FRED WILLIAMS738264834
020254004041954 BOWMAN DOUG ATKINS768736873
0202540230231954 BOWMAN GEORGE BLANDA7135118135118
0202550330331955 BOWMAN HARLON HILL870107010
0202550530531955 BOWMAN ED BROWN8755755
0202550870871955 BOWMAN RICK CASARES8577577
0201560470471956 TOPPS BILL GEORGE896149614
0201560710711956 TOPPS STAN JONES8634634
0201570790791957 TOPPS J.C. CAROLINE884108410
02015710501051957 TOPPS LARRY STRICKLAND8453453
02015811401141958 TOPPS WILLIE GALIMORE770317031
02015910601061959 TOPPS JOE FORTUNATO81052110521
0201600190191960 TOPPS ERICH BARNES8726726
0201610110111961 TOPPS JOHNNY MORRIS8429429
0201620170171962 TOPPS MIKE DITKA71645516455
0201620230231962 TOPPS RICHIE PETITBON7.5312312
0205640240241964 PHILADELPHIA MIKE PYLE851345134
0205640250251964 PHILADELPHIA ROOSEVELT TAYLOR892309230
0205650220221965 PHILADELPHIA BOBBY JOE GREEN855175517
0205660310311966 PHILADELPHIA DICK BUTKUS7185146185146
0205660380381966 PHILADELPHIA GALE SAYERS7404375404375
0205670300301967 PHILADELPHIA DICK GORDON9140140
02056713001301967 PHILADELPHIA DAVE WHITSELL870207020
02017447404741974 TOPPS WALLY CHAMBERS9200200
02017614801481976 TOPPS WALTER PAYTON820786562078656
02017732103211977 TOPPS ALLAN ELLIS8175175
02017849704971978 TOPPS GARY FENCIK9758758
02018131603161981 TOPPS DAN HAMPTON91621216212
0201830330331983 TOPPS JIM MCMAHON95617856178
0201830380381983 TOPPS MIKE SINGLETARY97308173081
0201830410411983 TOPPS OTIS WILSON9605605
02018422202221984 TOPPS JIM COVERT91544415444
02018422402241984 TOPPS WILLIE GAULT  
0201850230231985 TOPPS TODD BELL817231723
0201850240241985 TOPPS RICHARD DENT91001710017
0201850320321985 TOPPS STEVE MCMICHAEL966136613
0201860170171986 TOPPS JAY HILGENBERG847214721
0201860250251986 TOPPS WILBER MARSHALL9524524
0201860270271986 TOPPS DAVE DUERSON9848848
0201880710711988 TOPPS NEAL ANDERSON10440440
02068924702471989 SCORE DONNELL WOOLFORD10280280
02060001644051990 SCORE MARK BORTZ71919
02060001654311990 SCORE SHAUN GAYLE8210210
08250000222161995 PACIFIC JAMES WILLIAMS93434
0227000093971996 SP WALT HARRIS84141
29950026002602000 BOWMAN CHROME MIKE BROWN9102102
28630012201222000 SP AUTHENTIC BRIAN URLACHER9118114118114
5904000002962002 UPPER DECK XL OLIN KREUTZ8.54444
02020000831202003 BOWMAN LANCE BRIGGS102020
22720625202522006 TOPPS CHROME DEVIN HESTER10200350
B480000059212006 TOPPS TOTAL ROBBIE GOULD82222
V512000011TC1912008 TOPPS CHROME MATT FORTE 1018201820