1934-36 Diamond Stars - Basic: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 12th

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Rank 12
Weighted GPA 8.100
Complete 94.44%
Set Rating 7.295
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About this set: This collection consists of one PSA 9, 4 PSA 8.5s and 91 PSA 8s. 12 more to go for a PSA 8 or better set. The most interesting story of acquiring a card in this set was the day after a Superior Sportscard auction an ungraded nm-mt card of 108 Walter Berger had received no bids. Greg called and asked this collector if he was interested in buying it at the minimum bid. He said yes, sent it in to PSA and it did come back an 8. He believes that was one of the last, if not the last, ungraded sportscard auction that Superior had. For those of you not collecting then, collectors were so suspicious of mint or nm-mt cards being altered that top grade cards would receive no bids. Thanks PSA for making the hobby a vibrant one again.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01113500202AL SIMMONS891164
01113500303RABBIT MARANVILLE8111151
01113400404BUDDY MYER820151
01113500505TOM BRIDGES861162
01113400606MAX BISHOP850151
01113400717LEW FONSECA861151
01113400808JOE VOSMIK890309
01113400909MICKEY COCHRANE8100325
011134010010ROY MAHAFFEY860222
011134011011BILL DICKEY8101243
011134012012DIXIE WALKER850210
011134013013GEORGE BLAEHOLDER850110
011134014014BILL TERRY881194
011136016016LLOYD WANER870216
011135017017FRANKIE FRISCH8141182
011135018018CHICK HAFEY8102173
011134020020SHANTY HOGAN870193
011135022022JIMMY WILSON8.52020
011134023023BILL HALLAHAN81062
011134024024SPARKY ADAMS820140
011135025025WALTER BERGER8303303
011135026026PEPPER MARTIN8315427
011135027027PIE TRAYNOR8322322
011135028028AL LOPEZ8392392
011135029029ROBERT ROLFE8335335
011135030030HEINIE MANUSH8264487
011135031031KIKI CUYLER8456526
011135032032SAM RICE8382392
011135033033SCHOOLBOY ROWE8264264
011135034034STANLEY HACK8323333
011135035035EARLE AVERILL8387387
011135036136ERNIE LOMBARDI8142478
011135037037BILLIE URBANSKI8378388
011135038038BEN CHAPMAN8312312
011135039039CARL HUBBELL845144514
011135040040BLONDY RYAN8315315
011135041041HARVEY HENDRICK8254254
011135042042JIMMY DYKES8293294
011135043043TED LYONS843114311
011135044044ROGERS HORNSBY8568568
011135045045JO JO WHITE8273283
011135046046RED LUCAS8356356
011135047047CLIFF BOLTON8303303
011135048048RICK FERRELL8354354
011135049049BUCK JORDAN8357357
011135050050MEL OTT846154615
011135051051JOHN WHITEHEAD8295295
011135052052GEORGE STAINBACK8.55252
011135053053OSCAR MELILLO8272272
011135054154HANK GREENBURG844134914
011135055055TONY CUCCINELLO8365365
011135056056GUS SUHR95050
011135057057CY BLANTON8297297
011135058058GLENN MYATT8316316
011135059059JIM BOTTOMLEY8385385
011135060060CHARLEY RED RUFFING8245245
011135061061BILLY WERBER8293293
011135062062FRED M. FRANKHOUSE8.55353
011136063063STONEWALL JACKSON810368
011135064064JIMMIE FOXX8506506
011135065065ZEKE BONURA8325325
011135066066DUCKY MEDWICK8306306
011135067067MARVIN OWEN8345345
011135068068SAM LESLIE8396396
011135069069EARL GRACE8265265
011135070070HAL TROSKY8385385
011135071071OSSIE BLUEGE8343343
011135072072TONY PIET8.52121
011135073073FRITZ OSTERMUELLER8206379
011135074074TONY LAZZERI82334710
011135075075IRVING BURNS829123913
011135076076BILL ROGELL83174111
011135077077CHARLIE GEHRINGER8204518
011135078078JOE KUHEL82374011
011135079079WILLIS HUDLIN8194307
011135080080LOUIS CHIOZZA8283408
011135081081BILL DeLANCEY8212303
011135082082JOHN BABICH8134274
011135083083PAUL WANER82474819
011135084084SAM BYRD880203
011135085085JULIUS SOLTERS810132
011135086086FRANK CROSETTI830183
011136087087STEVE O'NEAL8186196
011136088088GEO. SELKIRK8141151
011135089089JOE STRIPP830175
011136090090RAY HAYWORTH8121131
011136091091BUCKY HARRIS8103124
011135092092ETHAN ALLEN830193
011136093093ALVIN CROWDER8183183
011136094094WES FERRELL8123133
011136095095LUKE APPLING8202212
011136096096LEW RIGGS8153173
011135097097AL LOPEZ820110
011136098098SCHOOLBOY ROWE8101121
011136099099PIE TRAYNOR881121
0111351000100EARL AVERILL850160
0111351010101DICK BARTELL840161
0111361020102VAN MUNGO84171
0111361040104ROBERT ROLFE8122122
0111351050105ERNIE LOMBARDI850123
0111361060106RED LUCAS86292
0111351080108WALTER BERGER850140