1983 Uno Racing: The Stock Car Museum

The Stock Car Museum - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 10.000
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Set Rating 10.000
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About this set: This is another beautiful full bleed set which is also quite rare. The very first appearance of Dale Earnhardt in any card set.

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The Stock Car Museum
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
C6480000011TIM RICHMOND1020
C6480000022NEIL BONNETT1020
C6480000033TIM RICHMOND1050
C6480000044LAKE SPEED1020
C6480000055D.K. ULRICH1020
C6480000066TIM RICHMOND1020
C6480000088TIM RICHMOND1010
C6480000099TIM RICHMOND1020
C64800001010TIM RICHMOND1010
C64800001111BUDDY BAKER1020
C64800001212TIM RICHMOND1010
C64800001313KYLE PETTY1030
C64800001414LAKE SPEED1030
C64800001515TIM RICHMOND1020
C64800001616KYLE PETTY1040
C64800001717TIM RICHMOND1040
C64800001818TIM RICHMOND1030
C64883019019KYLE PETTY1050
C64883020020BUDDY BAKER1030
C64883021021BUDDY BAKER1030
C64883022022TIM RICHMOND1040
C64883023023RICHARD PETTY1060
C64883024024TIM RICHMOND1030
C64883025025BUDDY BAKER1060
C64883026026TIM RICHMOND1030
C64883027027DALE EARNHARDT10140
C64883028028DARRELL WALTRIP1050
C64883029029BOBBY ALLISON1020
C64883030030BUDDY BAKER1020