1938 Goudey: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 17th

Current Statistics
Rank 17
Weighted GPA 7.273
Complete 56.25%
Set Rating 4.000
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About this set: This collector is just getting started on this one. The set to date contains 25 8's and 1 other with 21 missing. He hopes to collect the whole set in PSA 8.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0109382410241CHARLIE GEHRINGER870
0109382420242ERVIN FOX 
0109382430243JOE KUHEL 
0109382440244FRANK DeMAREE 
0109382450245FRANK PYTLAK 
0109382470247JOE VOSMIK841
0109382480248DICK BARTELL860
0109382490249JIMMY FOXX8132
0109382500250JOE DiMAGGIO43886
0109382510251BUMP HADLEY871
0109382520252ZEKE BONURA880
0109382530253HANK GREENBERG8110
0109382540254VAN LINGLE MUNGO 
0109382550255JULIUS SOLTERS 
0109382560256VERNON KENNEDY 
0109382570257AL LOPEZ 
0109382580258BOBBY DOERR 
0109382590259BILL WERBER 
0109382600260RUDY YORK 
0109382610261RIP RADCLIFF870
0109382620262JOE DUCKY MEDWICK8151
0109382630263MARVIN OWEN861
0109382640264BOB FELLER 
0109382650265CHARLIE GEHRINGER8121
0109382660266ERVIN FOX 
0109382670267JOE KUHEL8100
0109382680268FRANK DeMAREE861
0109382690269FRANK PYTLAK8111
0109382700270ERNIE LOMBARDI891
0109382710271JOE VOSMIK 
0109382720272DICK BARTELL8121
0109382730273JIMMY FOXX8191
0109382740274JOE DiMAGGIO 
0109382750275BUMP HADLEY862
0109382760276ZEKE BONURA862
0109382770277HANK GREENBERG 
0109382780278VAN LINGLE MUNGO 
0109382790279JULIUS SOLTERS852
0109382800280VERNON KENNEDY891
0109382810281AL LOPEZ8120
0109382820282BOBBY DOERR8121
0109382830283BILL WERBER861
0109382840284RUDY YORK 
0109382850285RIP RADCLIFF851
0109382860286DUCKY MEDWICK870
0109382870287MARVIN OWEN 
0109382880288BOB FELLER