1981 Donruss Golf: Springer's 1981 Donruss Golf Set

Springer's 1981 Donruss Golf Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: This set contains ALL PSA 9 with No Qalifiers or PSA 10. The set consists of the Top 60 golfers, as well as the Top 5 Stat Leaders.

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Springer's 1981 Donruss Golf Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0904810660 CHECKLIST10340The # 1 Checklist in the hobby! PSA10
0904810670 DAN POHL1080One crazy weekend at the La Jet!
0904810620 JACK NICKLAUS10540Will never forget THE putt at Augusta!
0904810630 JERRY PATE10350Jerry has a great smile, attitude & GAME!
0904810640 LEE TREVINO10740The Super Mex! Thanks for playing in Abilene.
0904810650 TOM WATSON1070FINISHED!!! Tom Watson, my friend.
09048100101TOM WATSON10190Tom, Thanks for the HELP cleaning birds!
09048100202LEE TREVINO10180Lee, Fairway Oaks Greens are FAST!
09048100303CURTIS STRANGE10150You were an awsome friend to the Hunters in Abilene!
09048100404ANDY BEAN1050We miss you big Red!
09048100505BEN CRENSHAW10170Sorry for keeping the tee box in SA's Pecan Valley!
09048100606JERRY PATE10280The West Texas Rehab thanks you!
09048100707GEORGE BURNS10210George Burns bought 2006
09048100808CRAIG STADLER10200Craig, you are a true Friend! Thanks for the support all those years!
09048100909MIKE REID10430Bought in Feb. 06
090481010010RAY FLOYD10110Ray, my wife still thinks you were the Hottest golfer at the Colonial!
090481011011LARRY NELSON10130The Quiet Man who just wins in Texas! Good guy.
090481012012BILL KRATZERT10160Bill, remember us in Abilene? We remember you.
090481013013JACK NICKLAUS101640Jack and Arnie. Arnie and Jack! The BEST
090481014014HOWARD TWITTY10150Howard Twitty purchased 2006
090481015015JOHN MAHAFFEY10110Wow, what a swing! Great college career!
090481016016BRUCE LIETZKE10260Played some great golf in Houston!
090481017017DOUG TEWELL10120RARE Doug Tewel found in January 06
090481018018DON POOLEY10480Thanks for playing/hunting in Big A!
090481019019BOB GILDER10200Bob Gilder has a great personality and was a PLUS to the Headquarters!
090481020020TOM KITE10670Tom, you should have gone hunting!
090481021021JIM COLBERT10130Jim, do remember the Abilene Dove Hunts?
090481022022MIKE SULLIVAN10230A rare card but even rarer friend of the Tournament!
090481023023BILL ROGERS10210My friend Bill Rogers r/c in PSA 10!
090481024024SCOTT SIMPSON10140A great golfer & bird hunter! Great smile.
090481025025LEONARD THOMPSON10150Thompson bought in 2006
090481026026PETER JACOBSEN10210
090481027027DAVID GRAHAM1030Dr. Bud Ramsay says hello! Great hunts.
090481028028GIL MORGAN10370One talented Dr. Morgan!
090481029029LON HINKLE10160Even the Big Man hunted in Abilene. We appreciate it Lon.
090481030030JOHNNY MILLER10240Johnny, the Highway Patrol is tough in Texas!
090481031031DAVE EICHELBERGER1080Only 1 to go!! We enjoyed your company Dave.
090481032032WAYNE LEVI1090One of the Hunting Headquarter's favorites!
090481033033KEITH FERGUS10120Keith, you were one of the best at the Border!
090481034034TOM PURTZER10110Tom Purtzer purchased 2006
090481035035JAY HAAS1080Rare Jay Haas PSA 10! Also a great friend of the Abilene Tour!
090481036036DAN HALLDORSON1050RARE Halldorson found in 2006
090481037037JEFF MITCHELL10190Jeff Mitchell, Texas made!
090481038038HALE IRWIN10530Hale, thanks for coming to West Texas!
090481039039MARK LYE10100Hope you had FUN Mark! Shooting birds and birdies!
090481040040GIBBY GILBERT10560
090481041041BOB MURPHY10680
090481042042CALVIN PEETE10360Calvin bought in 2006
090481043043PHIL HANCOCK10180Phil''s 81D in a PSA 10!
090481044044DAN POHL10150Nice ride back Dan! What a fun day in Anson,Tx.
090481045045JACK RENNER10570
090481046046FUZZY ZOELLER10760We had some fun Fuzzy!
090481047047TOM WEISKOPF10120Tom, Ras Allen says Hello!
090481048048JIM SIMONS1060Jim, you were a real trouper at the Sothwest Golf Classic.
090481049049ED SNEED1040Finally, the Elusive Sneed
090481050050HUBERT GREEN10230Hubie, we enjoyed your dressing up in Camo!
090481051051JACK NEWTON1070Tough Jack Newton in PSA 10!
090481052052ED FIORI10270Never missed a year shooting birds! Thanks.
090481053053D.A. WEIBRING10190One of the gentle souls of the sport!
090481054054J.C. SNEAD10160Yes, I miss you AND George A. J.C.!
090481055055GEORGE CADLE10240George, a hunter from Day 1! Great golfer too.
090481056056CHARLES COODY10380Charlie, never forget playing with U & Patty Berg!
090481057057DANNY EDWARDS10320Only see you in Camo Danny! Thanks for hunting with the crew.
090481058058LANNY WADKINS10170Lanny, an easy going guy with Lot's of talent. Thanks!
090481059059TERRY DIEHL10430San Antonio WINNER from '74! Hope you play on the Senior's Tour.
090481060060GEORGE ARCHER10230George was a great friend/hunter! Miss him.