1955-56 Parkhurst: Frozen Caribou's 1955-56 Parkies

Frozen Caribou's 1955-56 Parkies - 6th

Current Statistics
Rank 6
Weighted GPA 7.477
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.477
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About this set: This is by far the best set in the Parkhurst run between 1951 and 1963, and the toughest to complete in nr-mt or better.

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Frozen Caribou's 1955-56 Parkies
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04045500101HARRY LUMLEY7102
04045500202SID SMITH7135
04045500303TIM HORTON7.5217
04045500404GEORGE ARMSTRONG7121
04045500505RON STEWART7103
04045500606JOE KLUKAY8142
04045500707MARC REAUME7.516
04045500808JIM MORRISON8161
04045500909PARKER MACDONALD779
040455010010TOD SLOAN7127
040455011011JIM THOMSON8140
040455012012RUDY MIGAY8151
040455013013BRIAN CULLEN8100
040455014014HUGH BOLTON7.5211
040455015015ERIC NESTERENKO796
040455016016LARRY CAHAN72410
040455017017WILLIE MARSHALL8110
040455018018DICK DUFF71310
040455019019JACK CAFFERY7105
040455020020BILLY HARRIS7.5214
040455021021LORNE CHABOT OTG7106
040455022022HARVEY JACKSON OTG7193
040455023023TURK BRODA OTG7.526
040455024024JOE PRIMEAU OTG8131
040455025025GORDIE DRILLON OTG7138
040455026026CHUCK CONACHER OTG71712
040455027027SWEENEY SCHRINER OTG8101
040455028028SYL APPS OTG71813
040455029029TEEDER KENNEDY OTG72311
040455030030ACE BAILEY OTG8110
040455031031BABE PRATT OTG7168
040455032032HAROLD COTTON OTG7258
040455033033KING CLANCY8110
040455034034HAP DAY861
040455035035DON MARSHALL8140
040455036036JACKIE LECLAIR796
040455037037MAURICE RICHARD8150
040455038038DICKIE MOORE8111
040455039039KEN MOSDELL71011
040455040040FLOYD (BUSHER) CURRY7215
040455041041CALUM MACKAY8171
040455042042BERT OLMSTEAD8172
040455043043BERNIE GEOFFRION8152
040455044044JEAN BELIVEAU8210
040455045045DOUG HARVEY8191
040455046046BUTCH BOUCHARD8120
040455047047BUD MACPHERSON8100
040455048048DOLLARD ST.LAURENT8192
040455049049TOM JOHNSON8230
040455050050JACQUES PLANTE73211
040455051051PAUL MEGER8110
040455052052GERRY MCNEIL8252
040455053053JEAN-GUY TALBOT7114
040455054054BOB TURNER72610
040455055055NEWSY LALONDE OTG8112
040455056056GEORGES VEZINA OTG8160
040455057057HOWIE MORENZ OTG8131
040455058058AUREL JOLIAT OTG71813
040455060060SYLVIO MANTHA OTG893
040455061061BATTLESHIP LEDUC OTG8161
040455062062BABE SIEBERT OTG8161
040455063063BILL DURNAN OTG8132
040455064064KEN REARDON OTG8180
040455065065JOHNNY GAGNON OTG8161
040455066066BILLY REAY OTG8150
040455067067TOE BLAKE7155
040455068068FRANK SELKE7128
040455069069HUGH BEATS HODGE7146
040455070070LUM STOPS BOOM BOOM7185
040455071071PLANTE IS PROTECTED71613
040455073073RICHARD TESTS LUMLEY6137
040455074074BELIVEAU BATS PUCK8111
040455076076CURRY SCORES AGAIN8150
040455077077JAMMED ON THE BOARDS7152
040455078078MONTREAL FORUM7133
040455079079MAPLE LEAF GARDENS6159
This is a great set.Very hard to get or find high grade cards . Raw cards PSA is awful strict on give PSA 7's or 8's. I had this set but sold it. Keep it and don't sell it as in a few years(10) it will triple in price. Neil
Posted @ 3/20/2010 11:39 AM By ILIADITERICHS12
I second that but I am familiar with this set and I know its a bear of an accomplishment.Thanks for the scans.
Posted @ 3/20/2010 5:16 AM By jackstraw
What an accomplishment to complete this set! Congratulations. Though I'm not highly familar with vintage hockey memorabilia, I can see that this set has some attractive, colorful cards. A number of them have low populations. Finally, it is really terrific to see all these scans. Thanks for sharing these beauties. -Keith
Posted @ 3/18/2010 3:24 PM By Weinhold