1960-61 Topps: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 12th

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Weighted GPA 7.871
Complete 96.97%
Set Rating 7.757
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About this set: Results of submitting a raw set. Goal is every card psa 8 or better--pls. let me know if you have cards I can use

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04016000101LESTER PATRICK73225
04016000202PADDY MORAN8354
04016000303JOE MALONE8436
04016000404EARNIE JOHNSON8415
04016000505NELS STEWART8141
04016000606BILL HAY8208
04016000707EDDIE SHACK8222
04016000808CY DENNENY83812
04016000909JIM MORRISON8152
040160010010BILL COOK990
040160011011JOHNNY BUCYK8284
040160012012MURRAY BALFOUR8280
040160013013LEO LABINE8325
040160014014STAN MIKITA8445
040160015015GEORGE HAY8498
040160016016MERVYN DUTTON8427
040160017017DICKIE BOONE8274
040160018018GEORGE SULLIVAN8404
040160019019GEORGES VEZINA85414
040160020020EDDIE SHORE8434
040160021021ED LITZENBERGER8170
040160022022BILL GADSBY8213
040160023023ELMER VASKO 
040160024024CHARLIE BURNS8224
040160025025GLENN HALL8342
040160026026DIT CLAPPER8538
040160027027ART ROSS8466
040160028028JERRY TOPPAZZINI8323
040160029029FRANK BOUCHER84313
040160030030JACK EVANS8261
040160031031GUY GENDRON8234
040160032032CHUCK GARDINER85514
040160033033AB McDONALD8272
040160034034FRANK FREDRICKSON8388
040160035035FRANK NIGHBOR8398
040160036036GUMP WORSLEY8270
040160037037DEAN PRENTICE8343
040160038038HUGH LEHMAN8366
040160039039JACK McCARTAN61739
040160040040DON McKENNEY8314
040160041041RON MURPHY8250
040160042042ANDY HEBENTON8224
040160043043DON SIMMONS72312
040160044044HERB GARDINER8382
040160045045ANDY BATHGATE8151
040160046046CYCLONE TAYLOR8444
040160047047KING CLANCY74222
040160048048NEWSY LALONDE85112
040160049049HARRY HOWELL8226
040160050050KEN SCHINKEL8156
040160051051TOD SLOAN8335
040160052052DOUG MOHNS 
040160053053CAMILLE HENRY8131
040160054054BRONCO HORVATH8181
040160055055TINY THOMPSON8356
040160056056BOB ARMSTRONG8183
040160057057FERNY FLAMAN8131
040160058058BOBBY HULL8385
040160059059HOWIE MORENZ8514
040160060060DICK IRVIN8459
040160061061LOU FONTINATO61739
040160062062LEO BOIVIN8251
040160063063MOOSE GOHEEN8344
040160064064AL ARBOUR8203
040160065065PIERRE PILOTE8353
040160066066VIC STASIUK8240
Sorry the cert # is 50065056
Posted @ 3/19/2011 11:45 AM By rocbill94
Hi, if you sold a Frank Boucher #29, PSA 8 #50085068, please, remove it from your set. Thank you.
Posted @ 3/19/2011 11:29 AM By rocbill94