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About this set: PSA Set Registry #1 Set This 45 card set is one of the rarest sets in the racing card world. These cards were given out to kids at various NASCAR tracks throughout 1989. With black borders on the front, these cards are difficult to obtain in high grade. Cards 1-5 and the checklist are much rarer than the rest of the print run. There is no card number 13 in this set as the number 13 is considered unlucky in stock car racing. Card number 1 Lee Petty can be found without the word "NASCAR on the back and is among one of the rarest NASCAR cards in existence. I didn't pick up my first card from this set until 1998 at a racing collectibles show in Daytona at the old mall. Since then, with the creation of ebay, I have managed to pick up several cards and sets. I also own a set once owned by NASCAR Hall of Famer Cotton Owens who is featured in this set. GPA - 9.533 PSA 10 - 28 PSA 9 - 13 PSA 8 - 4 Rookie Cards - 41 NASCAR Hall of Famers - 10

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The Stock Car Museum
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
A2538900202FRED LORENZEN92020
A2530000093TOM PISTONE83131
A2530000104TINY LUND95050
A2530000115PAUL GOLDSMITH94040
A2530000126DICK HUTCHERSON101010
A2530000137LOUISE SMITH95050
A2530000149BOB WELBORN96060
A25300001510BOB FLOCK93030
A25300001611FONTY FLOCK94040
A25300001712TIM FLOCK101010
A25300001914ETHEL MOBLEY93030
A25300002015COTTON OWENS99090
A25389016016DAVID PEARSON102020
A25300002117GLEN WOOD102020
A25389018018BOBBY ISAAC99090
A25300002219JOE LEE JOHNSON101010
A25300002320G.C. SPENCER101010
A25389021021JACK SMITH103030
A25389022022FRANK MUNDY104040
A25389023023BILL REXFORD101010
A25300002424DICK RATHMANN101010
A25300002525BILL BLAIR107070
A25300002626DAREL DIERINGER97070
A25300002727SPEEDY THOMPSON104040
A25300002828DONALD THOMAS104040
A25300002929MARVIN PANCH104040
A25300003030BUDDY SHUMAN102020
A25389031031NEIL CASTLES103030
A25389032032BUCK BAKER103030
A25300000133CURTIS TURNER102020
A25300000234LARRY FRANK103030
A25389035035LEE ROY YARBOROUGH106060
A25300000336RALPH LIGUORI103030
A25389037037WENDELL SCOTT105050
A25389038038JIM PASCHAL104040
A25300000439JOHNNY ALLEN107070
A25389040040JIMMIE LEWALLEN97070
A25300000541MAURICE PETTY104040
A25300000642NELSON STACY97070
A25300000844EDWIN MATTHEWS/BANJO104040
A25389045045PETE HAMILTON102020