All-Time Broncos: The Rocky Mountain Collection

The Rocky Mountain Collection - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 9.576
Complete 83.33%
Set Rating 7.524
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The Rocky Mountain Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02015710801081957 TOPPS BUD MCFADIN 
02036114701471961 FLEER LIONEL TAYLOR9314
02036115201521961 FLEER GOOSE GONSOULIN1060
02016817301731968 TOPPS FLOYD LITTLE1020
02017023102311970 TOPPS BILL THOMPSON 
02017210601061972 TOPPS LYLE ALZADO9853
0201740890891974 TOPPS RILEY ODOMS960
02017625702571976 TOPPS RANDY GRADISHAR10100
02017730103011977 TOPPS RICK UPCHURCH9184
02017824002401978 TOPPS TOM JACKSON91178
02017842004201978 TOPPS LOUIS WRIGHT9323
0201840630631984 TOPPS JOHN ELWAY10780
02018611901191986 TOPPS KARL MECKLENBURG9412
02018612201221986 TOPPS DENNIS SMITH81416Special thanks to KR at Elitecards
02018720702071987 TOPPS GARY ZIMMERMAN10340
02068926302631989 SCORE STEVE ATWATER101940
0227930750751993 SP JASON ELAM10510
02029413801381994 BOWMAN TOM NALEN10150
08559512601261995 SELECT CERTIFIED TERRELL DAVIS104700
02749536903691995 ULTRA ROD SMITH10130
2863970810811997 SP AUTHENTIC TREVOR PRYCE951
28639911101111999 SP AUTHENTIC CHAMP BAILEY 
28639913801381999 SP AUTHENTIC AL WILSON