1923-24 William Patterson (V145-1): Northern Lights

Northern Lights - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 6.324
Complete 97.50%
Set Rating 5.767
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Northern Lights
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04192300101EDDIE GERARD4.513
04192300202FRANK NIGHBOR6.510
04192300303FRANK CLANCY632
04192300404JACK DARRAGH810
04192300505HARRY HELMAN592
04192300606GEORGE (BUCK) BOUCHER571
04192300707CLINT BENEDICT810
04192300808LIONEL HITCHMAN594
04192300909HARRY BROADBENT641
041923010010CY DENNENY641
041923011011SPRAGUE CLEGHORN665
041923012012SYLVIO MANTHA622
041923013013JOE MALONE611
041923014014AURIEL JOLIAT711
041923015015HOWIE MORENZ630
041923016016BILLY BOUCHER810
041923017017BILLY COUTU720
041923018018ODIE CLEGHORN5.524
041923019019GEORGES VEZINA4.5312
041923020020AMOS ARBOUR620
041923021021LLOYD ANDREWS632
041923022022RED STUART710
041923023023CECIL (BABE) DYE554
041923024024JACK ADAMS546
041923026026REG NOBLE7.510
041923027027STAN JACKSON631
041923028028JOHN ROSS ROACH575
041923029029VERNON FORBES623
041923030030SHORTY GREEN620
041923031031RED GREEN651
041923032032GOLDIE PRODGERS551
041923033033LEO REISE653
041923034034KEN RANDALL611
041923035035BILLY BURCH544
041923036036JESSE SPRING632
041923037037EDDIE BOUCHARD662
041923038038MICKEY ROACH583
041923039039CHAS. FRASER552
041923040040CORBETT DENENNY5.511